“Here’s The 3 Step Process To
Sell Info Products Like eBooks,
eCourses, Video Training
For MEGA Online Profits!”

From: Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert

An info product (short for Information product) is typically a product that provides information. An example of an info product is a video course (a series of videos) that provides information to teach how to use ‘Adobe Photoshop’ to create stunning photos! This is not a fictitious example it is actually a real product.

Here’s the 3 Step Process…

Find a Profitable Niche

A market such as the Health market is where products are purchased and sold. A niche market is a category within a market, such as Back Pain.

You want to sell your products or services in niche markets (not to big and broad markets), and it’s not just because they are less competitive!

The hard part: Finding a profitable niche requires in-depth research, this is something you have to learn to do.

Create Products or Services

You want to create products or services your niche market prospects really need and will be eager to buy!

The hard part: Good research is required in order to create products or services your prospects really want! That way they will be eager to buy them.

Attract Prospects To You Then Sell Them Your Products or Services

To attract prospects you advertise your products using methods such as Google Adwords, solo ads, a banner ad, etc The whole point of advertising is to generate desire and interest in your product or service! This is called marketing!

The hard part: You need to create a strategy to attract prospects that want your product or service and repeatedly market to them until they buy. The strategy may vary depending on the traffic medium you’ll use to attract the prospects!

Selling is the process of asking your prospects to buy the product or service. This is typically done using a salesletter.

The hard part: You need to learn copywriting to improve your selling skills.

As of 2006 I’ve been selling Information Products in different profitable niches such as Internet Security and Search Marketing, on this website you can now discover and strengthen the necessary skills to build a profitable info-business!

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It will be a wise financial decision to invest your time and money to build and grow an Info Business because it’s one of the most profitable businesses on the Internet today!

Jack Sarlo
Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo