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Jack Sarlo

Jack Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert

From: Jack "Straight Talk" Sarlo

Do you want to discover how to create a massively successful Online Business?

Does the idea of selling digital products like ebooks, courses, software, membership sites, video courses for a LOT of money sound really G-O-O-D?

If you do then the following 3 Step Process will get you on the fast-track to accomplish that goal!

On this website you'll acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Some of the most important knowledge you'll want to acquire includes the following...

How to create products that your customers would absolutely want to buy!

How to market those products to increase your customers desire and interest for them! Then how to SELL your products using "tools" like salesletters or email marketing!

How to create different kinds of websites to promote, to market or to sell your products!

And then there's many skills to master, some of the most important include...

Website Conversion - this skill is required to create websites that attract people's attention and interest, and persuade them to become your subscribers or customers!

This include the ability to create eye-catching design, branding, highly desirable content, building email lists and writing good copy (Copywriting, which is a skill all by itself).

Copywriting - the ability to write words that persuade interested prospects to "tear their wallet open" and buy your product! The ability to write persuasive copy is probably the most useful and important skill to possess!

Traffic Generation - this is the ability to get website visitors to your websites. There's a gazillion ways to get website traffic - master one traffic method at a time, choose between solo ads, banner advertising, pay per click ads (e.g. Facebook ads, Google Adwords) and much more...

and there's more... but step by step you'll eventually reach the top of the mountain!

All these skills and the knowledge can be access on this website, for FREE!

Building a real online business takes time - it's a journey, there will be plenty of failures, tough times but also progress and success along the way...

But let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Let's discover an overview of the entire 3 Step Process, in realistic but simplistic terms...

Here's The 3 Step Process!

Find a Profitable Niche

When you start an online business you have to select a niche. This means what products are you going to sell?

Will you sell piano courses? Table tennis related products? It could be anything, really as long as the niche is profitable.

Suppose you love table tennis. That alone isn't a good enough reason to select that niche. You need to make sure the niche is profitable!

Many factors determine whether a niche is profitable or not.

For example, if people aren't buying table tennis related products online (for whatever reasons) - then it's worthless trying to sell those kind of products that they don't want to buy!

The key is: You have to make your research to discover whether a niche is truly profitable or not.

There are many techniques to analyze a niche and determine whether it's profitable or not!

Create Products
or Services

After you find a niche you obviously want to create products and/or services that your prospects need and want to buy!

Selling those products and/or services is how your business makes the money!

There are many ways to create products and there are many product formats (e.g. ebook, video tutorials, home study courses, audio programs, webinars, etc).

There are many techniques you can use to create products that your prospects would love to buy!

Market and Sell
Your Products
or Services

After you select a niche and create a product and/or services it's time to market and sell your product.

Marketing means you attract your customers to you - this is usually done by giving away something for free (e.g. a free video tutorial or a free ebook).

Marketing is all about making potential customers like you and generate desire and interest for your products or services.

Salesletters do the selling - selling is all about asking them to buy. Your Copywriting skill will help you write salesletters that will sell your products or services.

I've been doing this 3 Step process since 2006 and have sold products in more than one niche, such as Antivirus software and Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to discover and improve the skills required to build a successful online business then absorb everything you can find on this website!

Here's What To Do Next...

If you want to build a successful online business as fast as possible then...

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