“Here’s Step-By-Step How To Build a Mega-Successful Information Business Selling Products Like Ebooks, Software, Home Study Courses, Video Training…
In Ultra Profitable Niches!

(Information products can also be used as a superb Marketing Tool to make selling almost unnecessarily regardless whether you have an online or offline business)

From: Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert

Here’s the 3 Step Process…

step-1Find a Profitable Niche

A market such as the Health market is where products are purchased and sold. A niche market is a topic within a market, such as Back Pain.

You want to sell your products or services in niche markets and it’s not only because they are less competitive.

step-2Create Products or Services

You want to create products or services your niche market prospects really need and want to buy.


Market and Sell Your Products and/or Services

You market and sell your products or services from your websites. To market means to generate interest (e.g. a free ebook), to sell means to ask them to buy (a salesletter).

Finally you drive Traffic (advertise) your marketing material. You promote your free ebook to your niche market prospects so they find you and become your customers.

But here’s the good part…

“Information Products are Also The
Secret To Sell
Any Product or
Service Effortlessly!“

You can build an entire business around Information Products, selling them for profit… but they’re also the secret to Market your products and services almost effortlessly (even if you have an offline business and just want to “get more orders” online).

Pay close attention now

When you give away a free report or a free ecourse you’re marketing using Information products (instead of selling them you give them away for free). Marketing is all about creating intense interest and desire in your products or services so much as to make selling almost easy.

As of 2004 I’ve been selling Information Products, so there’s plenty I can show you – take a look around. If you need to ask questions or provide feedback you can Contact Me, I would love that.

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Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo
Information Marketing Expert


Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Difference Between
Information Marketing and Selling?

Information Marketing primarily is all about creating high value interesting content (to get your prospects interested in you and your products). Selling is about asking them to buy. Primarily this is done using salesletters (short or long) with the help of your copywriting skills.

What are Information Products?

Information products are products that provide information to the customer. They can be sold digitally so customers download or consume them on the web such as ebooks, certain types of software, video tutorials or membership site. But the information can also be presented on physical formats like books, DVD’s, CD’s, Home Study Courses and so on.

How To Market Using Information Products?

Anything that contains information is regarded as an information product, this includes blog posts, articles, infographics, mind maps, ebooks, etc.

Using appropriate strategies these free info products can be utilized to market (create interest in) your other paid info products, services, etc.

Can You Provide an Example of
Marketing with Information Products?

When you drive traffic to a landing page (also known as a lead capture page) where you give away a FREE ebook for example, that’s called marketing. Within the ebook you put links (to your salesletter, they will do the selling) pointing to your paid product or services. The ebook and the landing page are the marketing material.

If you ask them for their name and email to send them the ebook by email you can then do more marketing of your product or service using email as well!

That’s just one way to use Information products to create intense desire (market) your products or services.

Besides Info-Business What are the
Other Ways to Make Money Online?

Which Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

I’ve written an entire post to answer that question!