How To Use Words As The
Ultimate Persuasion Tool!

Jack Sarlo

Jack Sarlo

Copywriting is probably the most important skill you can possess.

You use copywriting in almost everything you do - in emails, salesletters, ads, articles, blog posts, ebooks, etc. 

Copywriting is all about the ability to write words that generate interest, desire, command attention and persuade prospects to take action like buying or subscribing.

On this page you'll discover a lot of techniques to start improving this critical skill!

Hypnotic Words That Grab Your Readers by Their EyeBalls!
People unconsciously are attracted to these words... much like they unconciously are attracted to the number 7...

How To Make People Love Spending Money With You!
You can win people's hearts and wallets. It can be done, people love to buy from people they like, love and trust. We all love to go shopping at our favorite...

77 "Magnetic Words" That Glue People To The Screen!
Magnetic words touch people's emotions, or make them imagine things as they read. "like squirrels gathering as many nuts as they can so they can survive through the demanding winter...

3 Basic Writing Techniques Nobody Else Is Telling You!
There are specific techniques to use when writing ANYTHING online. Whether it's salesletter, article, email, blog post, press release doesn't matter...

57 Good-As-Gold Headlines You Can Swipe and "Steal"!

It doesn't take a genuis anymore to create a headline that grabs and keeps the attention. In this list of 57 headlines all you have to do is fill in the blanks...

4 RARE Secrets
To Write Killer Copy Fast!

(Watch this short video)

One of these little-known secrets is probably the best technique to become a really good copywriter as fast as humanly possible!

It's revealed in this short video - it's pretty simple and easy to do - it's the same technique I've used to be able to improve my copywriting skill!

Watch the video below:

Some Sample Copy
Jack Wrote As A Freelancer!

These are pdf files. Download free Adoble Reader to open these files.

Want to take a look at some copy I've written as a freelancer? Take a look below. For these projects I was given "bad written" copy and I had to rewrite it.

Niche: Alternative Medicine
Type: Letter promoting a product, sent to doctors
Download original - Download my rewrite

Niche: Internet Business
Type: Salesletter
Download original - Download my rewrite

Niche: Pets & dogs
Type: Short salesletter and copy
Download original - Download my rewrite

Niche: Pets & dogs
Type: Download Pages
Download original - Download my rewrite

Niche: Relationship
Type: Download Pages
Download original - Download my rewrite

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