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Jack Sarlo

Jack Sarlo

On this page you'll discover how to find profitable niches.

A niche is basically the subject or topic of the type of products you want to sell.

For example if you want to sell piano related products that's the piano niche.

If you want to teach how to play table tennis, that's the 'table tennis' niche.

You don't just pick any niche randomly. You have to do appropriate research to uncover a niche that's both profitable and preferable also something you love!

Finding a profitable niche is the first step of the process to start an online business.

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Jack Sarlo discovered it's possible to make money on the Internet way back in 2004.

After a lot of struggle he made his first sale as an affiliate - later he also won a Flip Camera for being one of the top affiliate marketers!

Jack then created his own Info-products, he sold software, ebooks and courses - and now he's revealing how you too can build your own Info-business!

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