Time-Tested and Proven
Copywriting Templates!

Jack Sarlo

Jack Sarlo

You have here 17 templates each include a professionally written headline, opening, guarantee and P.S.

Use these for landing pages like salesletters or optin pages.

Model them or just fill in the blanks and you'll create some really good copy!

So you have 17 Headlines, 17 Openings, 17 Guarantees and 17 P.S. (poscripts).


  • Template #1: How To _____ All the _____ You Ever Wanted... And _____... FOREVER!
  • Template #3: My Friends Thought I Was Crazy Until They Saw ________
  • Template #4: The Secrets Steps To ________With ________
  • Template #5: Which Of These ________ Problems Would You Like To End?
  • Template #6: "Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong About _____... Including How to _____ And Still Have Time To Goof Off On The Beach. (I'll Show You EXACTLY How, In Less Than _____ Minutes, Absolutely FREE!)"
  • Template #7: The Best-Kept Secret To Avoid _______ With The Help Of ________
  • Template #8: The Five Most Costly Mistakes In ________. How Many Are You Making Right Now?
  • Template #9: The Little-Known Secret Guide To Eliminate ________With ________!
  • Template #10: The Most Thorough And Complete Guide To ________!
  • Template #12: The Truth On the Best Method To Handle ________With The Help Of ________!

  • Template #13: Announcing: The New ________ That ________!
  • Template #14: Announcement: A Clever ______ Uncovers ___ Ideas To _____
  • Template #15: "How To ____ Your ___ and Keep Them ____ Using This Simple _____!"
  • Template #16: "Revealed: Transform Your ____ To Be __ As A ___ In _ Quick and Easy Steps!"
  • Template #17: This *Secret Combination* of Specific _______ Methods GUARANTEE You Will _____ In 8 Weeks!

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About Jack Sarlo

Jack Sarlo discovered it's possible to make money on the Internet way back in 2004.

After a lot of struggle he made his first sale as an affiliate - later he also won a Flip Camera for being one of the top affiliate marketers!

Jack then created his own Info-products, he sold software, ebooks and courses - and now he's revealing how you too can build your own Info-business!

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