A Quick ‘Straight Talk’ Tip
of the Day!

Tip of the Day No. One: Seek and You’ll Find! – (tip from experience.)

No person and no product has all the answers, no one is a “god” This means you should SEARCH for whatever you want. If someone cannot deliver something, find the solution from somebody else.

So if a “guru” or someone perhaps on a forum recommends a product it does not mean there’s no alternatives. Regardless how much money they’re making, how much experience they have, etc they don’t know all the answers. A quick example: they may recommend Leadpages or Optinmonster to capture leads and subscribers.

But that does not mean you should use those software, there are other alternatives which are perhaps even better. Thriveleads, Convertplug, Ezpopups and much more. No product has all the features/benefits/solutions you need, if you search for something else usually you find what you want.

So the straight talk tip of the day: No ONE person or product will give you all the answers/solutions you need, keep searching elsewhere until you find it!


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