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"4 Rare Secrets To Write “Killer” Copy Fast! (Video)"

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If you want to write professional copy fast and easy these are 4 must-know secrets – 1 of them works like magic and it’s my “secret” weapon.

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This is Jack Sarlo. In this video you’ll discover 4 techniques to use to start writing copy like a professional copywriter fast.

Remember the better you are at writing copy the higher your conversion rates. Your copywriting skill is useful anytime you’re writing especially when you’re trying to ask your visitors for an action such as to buy or subscribe.

The first secret is to use appropriate words. The high level of difference between one word and another. For instance instead of saying ‘learn copywriting’ it’s much better to say ‘discover copywriting’.

Most associate the word ‘learn’ with long boring lessons at school. Saying ‘discover’ instead is more interesting.

Idioms, similes, proverbs and power words make dull and boring copy more interesting too, so use them in moderate quantities throughout your copy.

Secret No. 2 is the biggest secret of all. This is like magic. All you have to do is find successful sales letters, those that have sold a lot of products or services and write them down in your own handwriting. You can use your keyboard too. 

Update to video: (Note that it’s best to write on paper with a pen not a keyboard)

When you do this it’s like “cloning” the copywriter’s brain that wrote that one onto yours. You start writing great copy like him or her. However it’s best to study the sales letter and pay attention to what you’re writing. Try to understand the copywriter’s motives for using the words he chooses. Study the sales letter.

Pick one copywriter and start copying out all his sales letters.

Secret No. 3 is about having a huge number of templates. Templates allow you to create copy fast. Headlines, guarantees, openings, bullets, the P.S. section, etc.

You can download or bookmark sales letters that successful sold a lot of products and use them as templates. You can find for instance best-selling products at Clickbank or other marketplaces. You should not copy word for word anything.

Probably you know the highly successful book called “How To Win Friends And Influence People”. If you’re selling a cat ebook you can name it “How To Cure Cat And Make It More Happy”.

These are all places you can download for free templates.

You can download free swipe files and templates in the other guide I’ve made about swipe files!

Secret No. 4 will help you talk directly to your prospect’s hearth and soul. If you know your prospect’s problems, questions, interests and the more you know about them the better you can write your copy.

For instance if you know they have a particular problem you can show empathy with them. This allows you to connect deeper with them making your copy more than just a bunch of words.

Find specific problems they have. For instance in the make money online niche most are sick and tired of scams and the beach lifestyle everyone claims. Another common problem is what to email their list.

Make them understand you’re not trying to scam them but show them you’re interested in them and know what they want.

If you want to learn more about copywriting check out this free copywriting course I’ve made…

I’ve also made another free guide on how to write a sales letter!

Thanks for watching this video.

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