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"5 Fundamental Online Business Lessons Discovered In Over A Decade - [Video]"

business lessons

If I knew these lessons many years ago I could have saved myself a lot of waste of time and money. 

They lay a path you can follow to achieve success as fast as humanly possible.

Watch the video below for the first 5 Lessons.

Hi, This is Jack Sarlo

I’m going to show you the foundation of any successful online business.

You want to make money online but you’re not clear which path to take.

The key is to try a lot of different opportunities and methods until you find something you like.

For me that was affiliate marketing, for you it might be ecommerce, selling a service like web design, publishing and selling Kindle ebooks, Information marketing and so on.

What you don’t want to try are the ‘get rich quick’ formulas – after you try a few you should quickly identify them. 

They usually promise you’ll make a TON of money with NO work in just 60 Days or less… Those things don’t work, I know from experience and that of others.

But feel free to experiment and test things yourself, it’s the best way to learn.

As an affiliate I sold an antivirus software and I drove traffic from Google, by doing search engine optimization. That was my first online business, but since I was still a newbie I didn’t earned much.

The second lesson for you is that once you find something you like say NO to everything else.

You will see one make money online opportunity/formula/method after another every day, especially in your inbox.

You have to stay focused on the method you chose. I had to focus on affiliate marketing and give it my very best to maximize the amount of money I made.

You won’t get anywhere running around in circles chasing one thing after another.

Once you find something you like and give it your best constantly think of how you can improve, grow and take your business to the next level. That is how you increase the money you make.

I sold affiliate products, for me the the next level was to sell my own products.

As an affiliate marketer I won a Flip Camera in an affiliate contest and made a little bit more money over the years.

But in my case I realized that if I sold my own products from my own websites I had more control and I could make way more money.

So to recap – try a lot of things until you find something you like. Then say NO to everything else, stay focused. 

After you give it your best, figure out how to grow, improve and take it to the next level!

Once you find something you like acquire just enough knowledge you need and then apply what you learn immediately!

Make no excuses, take action and apply what you learn right away. That is how you see results and success fast.

Avoid excuses like: “will this work”, “what if people don’t like it”, “I need to learn more”, “I am not good enough”… and on and on.

You can always improve, tweak, modify and change things later on…

If you do nothing, nothing happens.

Learning is important but unless you apply what you learn as fast as humanly possible you won’t progress and get closert to achieving your goal.

In my case I wanted to teach people the same methods I used to drive traffic to my affiliate websites. So I build search engine optimization books, courses and even software.

As you grow yourself by learning new skills, and improving your current skills your income will grow as well!

To polish and master your skills learn by acquiring knowledge and information and then practice.

For example if you want to improve your copywriting skill buy a copywriting course and then start writing salesletters, emails and ads.

If you’re selling products there are many skills you can master like copywriting, building websites, traffic generation and so on…

Don’t expect anything to be easy. Even something as simple as writing an ebook can become complex. 

Look at everything you do in your business as a skill you can master. In this way you won’t become frustrated and give up.

Seek knowledge and practice and that is how you master new skills.

So let’s recap, first you want to find something you like to do. You want to improve your skills and abilities to get really good at it.

Now it’s time you set some goals for yourself. In this way you’ll work towards achieving a specific result. 

It won’t be a hobby anymore, you’ll get really serious about your business if you set a goal!

It helps to make a list of all the things you want to buy on a monthly and yearly basis. You’ll then have a number and it probably won’t be as large as you think. 

Perhaps $7,000 a month will get you all the things you want.

Whatever the number you want to make your goal realistic. If you never made $1000 or $2000 a month avoid setting your goal as $10,000 a month.

Based off other people’s success and the knowledge you gather you’ll probably know how much money you can potentially make with what you’re doing. 

For example there are affiliate marketers making $10,000 a month and more.

You need to believe you can accomplish your goal otherwise you’ll give you. Perhaps you have an idea or two of what you need to learn and do to make it happen.

If your goal is really big start with a smaller goal that you think you can achieve and then once you successful accomplish that goal set a bigger one.

It’s also important to specify an approximate time frame to achieve your goal. Think realistically how much can it take you to accomplish the goal.

Write down your goals, place them on your desk or your phone where you can see them often so you remember them.

Reading success and mindset books like ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’, will enable you to keep believing in your ability and stay mentally focused to accomplish your goals.

To make money on the Internet think long term, it won’t happen overnight. It may take between 2 to 5 years or more. 

A constant objective you should have throughout this time is to improve yourself by learning and mastering new skills.

Here are some other lessons I’ve learned throughout the years. 

The table of contents can be handy…

Table of Contents

How I Achieved More In
One Year Than In
One Decade!

personal achievement

The number one mistake I’ve made in all these years is not taking action right away.

When I tried to make money online I didn’t have a real job, so I used to rely mainly on free traffic methods and other cheap ways to build my business.

I never attended college or anything else after compulsory school. I always had a feeling a normal job was not for me. I knew there had to be something…

Anyway, to build an Internet business fast you need to invest some money. You don’t need much but you need some!

When you have some money everything is easier… 

You can hire freelancers, use paid traffic (much better than free traffic), buy tools and services (like autoresponders, tracking, etc.), invest in some products to learn and so on.

In fact without money I have no idea how you can build a successful Internet Business. 

I probably wasted at least 3 years trying to build a successful business with little or no money. 

I never heard about someone becoming successful using free traffic, free tools, free services… without investing a decent sum of money.

Once I got a normal job and I had some money to invest, maybe about $100-200 a month (most of that on paid traffic), everything changed. 

My progress skyrocketed overnight.

I was a snail…

And then I felt unstoppable, I exploded with energy.

I suggest you spend some time trying to answer this simple question:

What do I have to do to become successful?

In order to answer that question you need to become clear about what it means for you to become successful.

How much money do you want to make every month? Don’t just say $10,000 a month. 

Do you really need that much money? Be realistic, how much you actually need to make to enjoy your life?

Once you achieve this realistic goal you can make bigger goals.

Realistic goals are easier to achieve. 

If you set a BIG goal you may feel frustrated and confused because you have no idea how to accomplish it.

So spend time to try and answer that basic question, be brutally honest with yourself.

For me the answer was to find a real job, because that gave me some money that I could invest in my business. 

If I kept on my current path, with barely any money to invest I would have failed.

For you it may be something totally different, maybe you need to find a mentor, start a blog, change your niche… 

Be honest with yourself, what you NEED to do may not be what you like to do. It may be a hard thing to do. 

Thinking is important to build a successful business. You’re the captain of the ship, you have to decide what course to take to reach your destination. 

But thinking is not easy. I try to spend a few hours each week just to think.

For example…

If you’re still a beginner to this ‘make money online’ business then perhaps this might be a more appropriate question for you:

What do I have to do next to become successful?

Maybe you’ve build a website. The next thing you need to do might be ‘build a list’, or ‘produce some content’…

Thinking will give you ideas and the answers you need.

You Can Work Harder!

Once I made the decision that I really had to I started to see results. This increased my motivation and I started to work much harder. 

My schedule was like this: 

In case you’re wondering… I don’t go out partying or things like that. Only on Sunday evenings I go out a bit. 

Sometimes you have to sacrifice some things in order to accomplish your goals.

Strongly consider increasing the amount of work you do. I’m sure you can find an extra hour or two each day to spend it working in your business…

Ask yourself, what’s the most important to you: Watching a movie or funny Youtube videos, chatting on Facebook or success? 

If it is success and you really want it badly, then you can do some sacrifices.

This does not mean you should neglect your relationships, family, etc. 

But you can spend a bit less time on “entertainment” and use that time to work in your business.

I have many weaknesses, but I also have something good… persistence

For many years I made just a little bit of money each month, sometimes nothing, and nowhere close to what I want to make – but I did not give up.

Persistence is a good quality if you want to build an online business. Don’t expect success to happen overnight, think long term, maybe 2-5 years.

Dan Pena

If you want someone to motivate you, for real, so you achieve more and see success much faster I recommend only one man, Dan Pena

Read his content, watch his videos, learn all you can from him…

Does You Really Need To
Have A "Positive" Mindset?

All the advice you hear about the importance of having a positive mindset and all of that (which to me sounded like a waste of time) is actually good for you. 

It’s not B.S. because I have learnt and applied it and it really works.

When I started to read those books, and take them seriously, I started to work longer…

I spent time wiser, instead of playing video games or watching movies I worked in my business…

I started to think positively, but that I mean I no longer complained, blamed, or bursted in anger…

And this happened when I was still struggling to build my own business and achieve my goals. 

This change in mindset did not happen because I got rich or became successful.

These are some of the books I read about ‘Positive Mindset’, but there are many more…

Maximum Achievement
Maximum Achievement

Maximum Achievement  Brian Tracy

Strategies and Skills that Will Unlock Your Hidden Powers to Succeed.

The Power Of Positive Thinking
Power Of Positive Thinking

Power Of Positive Thinking – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

With the practical techniques outlined in this book, you can energize your life—and give yourself the initiative needed to carry out your ambitions and hopes.

Think And Grow Rich
Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich has been called the “Granddaddy of All Motivational Literature.”

Once you learn and apply the simple, basic techniques revealed here, you will have mastered the secret of true and lasting success.

Power of Your Subconscious Mind
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Joseph Murphy

His techniques are based on a simple principle:

If you believe in something without reservation and picture it in your mind, you can remove the subconscious obstacles that prevent you from achieving the results you want, and your belief can become a reality!

The Magic Story
The Magic Story

The Magic Story Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey

The Magic Story captured the imagination of people worldwide, inspiring them to reach for ever-greater levels of success.

Since its first publication, this timeless parable has sold tens of millions of copies.

Release Your Brakes
Release Your Brakes

Release Your Brakes – James Newman

A new approach to increased effectiveness and success. Instead of trying harder to do better release the wealth of unused potential which is available to you!

Tip: What I read is not necessarily what you should read. Read the books that you actually NEED right now

Maybe you’re already motivated and filled with energy, if so you don’t need to read motivation books.

Maybe you still need to learn the technical aspects of building a business, e.g. how to build a website or how to create a product… 

Learn books that teach you what you need to know right now.

Maybe your problem right now is time management, if so read ‘time management’ books.

Figure out your current problems and read books (or learn in some other ways, maybe through ecourses or videos) to solve those specific problems.

How To Overcome Inevitable
Failures And Obstacles

failtures obstacles

Since you’re not going to get paid for your work on a per hour basis you need to make sure you stay mentally strong. 

You can spend many weeks and months, maybe even years before you make some real money!

So you really have to avoid negative thinking that occurs due to stress and lack of results and success. 

But eventually you’ll make your first sale and then get your first cheque. 

You progressively grow and improve if you keep on pushing with courage and determination.

Whenever you try something new at first you’ll be pretty bad at it. 

But over time as you gain knowledge and improve your skill you become pretty good at it!

It’s the same thing with an Internet business. At first you’ll be pretty bad in all areas like copywriting, building websites, writing emails, building sales funnels, etc.

As you gain knowledge and improve the skills you’ll start to become good at it.

So don’t give up just because you don’t see results instantly.


To build a successful Internet business requires a lot of work and effort. 

Who tells you it’s easy is most likely trying to steal your money (by selling you their “get rich quick” system or formula).

Friends and family members will probably not understand you, so you may feel a bit lonely too. 

They may not believe in you and think you’re wasting your time, don’t let that put you down!

Even when you show them proof like your first cheque don’t expect too much encouragement or praise.

They want to see real results and real success!

Until then this is kind of a lonely journey.

But you shouldn’t care what others think.

Make a decision today that you’re going to do ANYTHING necessary (that’s not illegal or harmful to anyone, obviously…) to succeed!

With this new attitude if something goes wrong or terrible wrong you are not going to give up. If something you did failed you are not going to give up

If a customer, freelancer or a designer wasted 4 precious hours of your time you are not going to give up. If you lack a skill you are not going to give up.

Thoughts of giving up will surface from time to time but you should get rid of them and work harder. 

You will find solutions to problems and learn from something negative.

Every bad experience is a learning experience!

You are going to learn from each and every failure! I know failures feel really bad, I’ve failed way many times.

Imperfection Quote

We don’t learn Internet marketing at school – most of us do not have business skills – the Internet is like a laboratory and we’re the scientists experimenting ways to make money. 

Failure is almost inevitable.

Luckily, making money on the Internet is nothing new, it’s be done for more than a decade. 

So there’s already a lot of knowledge and wisdom available that you can learn from. 

Plenty of other people have done the “experiments”. they failed and learnt something from it. 

You are not a pioneer, if you put the required effort and commitment you can succeed.

Your mindset has to be firm and ready, so you will not give up. There’s always something to learn from each failure, if you try to find the lesson.

The way to succeed on the Internet is to constantly learn, improve your skills and take massive action! 

It’s going to happen that something doesn’t work out exactly as planned. 

The real problem is if you give up or quit altogether!

Interview any successful person and they all had more failures than success.

You Don't Have To Be Perfect

If you want to write a book or create a product it does not have to be perfect before you launch it.

If you want to write an article it does not have to be perfect before you put it online.

If you want to make a video you don’t have to make it perfect before you upload it!

Have No Fear! 

Learn more, do more. 

Imperfection is NOT going to kill your business.

If you have ideas but they’re just in your head don’t try to be perfect, don’t worry what others will think, don’t fear something bad will happen.

Just do it, do whatever it is you want to do!

Pick Just ONE Money
-Making Method
AND Stick With It

money making method

There are many ways to make money online. You can try adsense, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, selling your own products, sell advertising space, etc.

Those are some of the methods that actually work – but then there are methods you should totally avoid. I’ve give you examples of these in a seconds.

The problem is that most people move from one thing to the next too fast.

You are not to blame since probably your email inbox contains dozens or hundreds of emails each promising you a system or method to make a ton of money online.

What you have to do is figure out whether a specific method works now as well as in the long term. And focus on just one method at a time. 

Spend at least 3-6 months on the method before trying something new. That way you give it a really good try before deciding to abandon it for something else.

You have to spend time, energy and money on one method, give it all you can to make it work before trying something else.

Most importantly you want to find a method that is going to work just as good in the long term.

So if there is a method you like, let us say for example Kindle Publishing (publishing and selling ebooks on Amazon).

Ask a bit around, perhaps in forums, to discover the longevity of the system.

How likely is this method going to work in the next two to three years?

Because if it does not it will be an issue, you will then have to find something new to make money.

Pick One Method Only

Some methods to make money online are short term methods.

For example a method that uses youtube and affiliate programs may work well this year but if youtube decides to make some changes to their website the method may no longer work!

This is a very common problem that occurs with most money making formulas.

So you really have to know whether the method will stop working altogether within a year or two?

Most methods that depend on only one specific website or company to work (like the example of youtube) are more likely to become obsolete in a very short time.

In my opinion the most reliable way to make money online is to sell your own products and/or services.

Because you have complete control of everything. You won’t rely on ANYONE in particular. 

For example if you’re advertising your products on Youtube, even if Youtube’s website where to shut down completely, you’d have a ton of other options for advertising.

That gives you control!

So pick something that will work just as well or better in the future!

In reality most of the methods to make money online become useless after some time, because the Internet is an always evolving place, change happens quickly.

There are only a few methods to make money online that work well in the long term.

Affiliate marketing and selling your own products and/or services are the most reliable forms of making money online.

Before you try any method learn also if anyone else tried it already and  what results they got, if any! 

Don’t look at the testimonials on the website because if it’s a scam they can be fake! 

Instead search for forums, question and answer sites or groups like Facebook groups. Ask people on those sites.

There are some methods promising you will make a ton of money fast.

For example: “Proven system to make $10,000 a month within the next 90 days!” or “Make $300 a day while you sleep following this system in just 30 days”

If you’re new to making money online it’s very hard to not try at least a couple of these systems. 

Personally I bought dozens of these methods, and they’re basically all the same. 

The work you’d have to do is usually repetitive and does not make sense. It’s not easy, it’s very boring and it’s spammy. Worst of all they just don’t work.

They make it sound easy but it’s the opposite.

For example one method required I make a couple Youtube videos a day and upload them to Youtube. 

Then I’d had to comment as much as 15 times a day on other videos and leave a link to my video. Each video promoted an affiliate product.

This method totally failed for me and everyone else who has tried it.

Another method consisted of building a ton of blogs each day, put affiliate links on them, and then these blogs should “magically” start getting traffic from Google. Then wait for people to buy the affiliate products.

Get Rich Quick Scams

I call these methods scams, because their promises are misleading.

They waste your time and money and worst of all give you the wrong impression that you can get rich quickly and easy on the Internet (“working 4 hours a week from the beach”).

The truth is that the Internet is not the place to be if you want to get rich quick. 

You can get rich and very rich but almost no one got there very quick, certainly not in 30 or 60 days and not following the advice of some scammer!

So here is what to do:

First of all when you find a method you like (not a scam but a method that is proven to work now and in the long term) unsubscribe from all the other emails you are getting.

Avoid Get Rich Quick Formulas

You do not want to receive more emails trying to sell you something new.

They are a distraction.

And remember almost every method that sound too good to be true, with exaggerated claims of making a ton of money in a few months, is a SCAM!

Now focus on whatever method you chose.

Pick one money making method and stick with it until it works! That is how you really make money online. Stop trying one opportunity after another.

It may take a while before you find something that you truly want to do. Whatever you choose to do make sure you like it. 

If you at least don’t like what you do chances are very high you’ll give up! 

The KEY Idea You Need To
Adopt To Build A Profitable Business

profitable business

Many people think that SEO is the solution to make money online. 

Others think they need a huge list of subscribers, everyone thinks it’s one or the other technique, system or formula. 

They think they’re not making the kind of money they want or things are not working right because they’re not using the right technique, system or formula, or they need a NEW one.

They also buy all kinds of software.

If you visit Internet Marketing forums everyone talks about formulas and techniques, software and tools and everyone wants even more traffic! 

It’s like a casino, everyone trying different games in hopes something works and they make loads of money. 

Everyone is seeking the latest and greatest technique to make money fast! 

What’s missing? What’s the key? Why all these formulas and systems that promise you make a ton of money fast just don’t work? 

It’s because they don’t provide value to anyone!

value moneyYou need to provide real value to make any money.

It’s pointless to drive a ton of traffic if your visitors are not receiving any REAL value. 

If they buy a crappy product they’re complain and ask for a refund.

Whether you’re selling affiliate products, your own, or you’re blogging they KEY and basic idea is to provide high quality value! 

Do you give your visitors a worthless free ebook? Do you email them every day trying to sell them random products (that you don’t even know they’re actually good)

When was the last time you spent an hour thinking about your visitor’s real problems and needs? 

Have you ever thought about what product or service you can promote that will really make a difference in their lives.

I’m not blaming you. I just want you to realize that giving value and changing your prospect’s lives to the better is the KEY to make real money on the Internet.

It’s about that.

Think of that instead of trying to find the latest weird formula or system to get rich fast!

There’s always a NEW system, NEW formula, NEW technique, but real money is made when you provide real value, it does not matter what you do if it’s blogging, affiliate marketing or something else.

Give Real Value

This is the reason why spamming, get paid to click, get paid to surf and 90% of the make money online formulas don’t work.

It’s because they don’t provide any value to anyone. 

It’s also the reason why selling your own products and/or services and affiliate marketing are two of the best ways to make money. 

These methods provide the most value.

Value refers to the actual quality of the content. There are no tricks here, the information you provide in your ebooks, articles, videos, etc., is either really good or it’s not.

To create quality content (content refers to the information you provide in any format whether it’s a video, article, ebook, book, DVD, physical product, etc.) you have to put in effort and work a bit harder.

You can’t write an ebook in one evening.  You have to solve their problems and needs, provide real solutions and answers. 

Try to impact your prospect’s and customers’ lives in a positive way.

Think about your their needs and wants and provide them with solutions! 

When you have quality content and products everything becomes much easier.

It will be easier to get traffic, it will be easier to recruit joint ventures and affiliates, it will be easier to write ads and salesletters.

A great offer is easier to promote because everyone wants it. 

However if you’re trying to promote a low quality and low value product or service you’ll find it more difficult to write ads, get traffic or find partners to promote it. 

Everything is harder if the offer is of low quality and value, and you may never make as much money as you could. 

To make money online takes time, effort, energy and money.

No one buys low quality products (not even if they’re free) – you have to provide value first before getting paid. 

Shift your mindset to start thinking in terms of how can you give more value to your website visitors, prospects, subscribers and customers. 

This is an important principle that’s why I repeat it. 

Those who make lots of money online are thinking in terms of how can they add value to their customers lives and change it for the better. 

Many people think they aren’t making money online because Google hates their website and they’re not getting any traffic. 

Others blame facebook because after months of posting content they didn’t get any followers.

Many people think about tactics and techniques. They try to use the latest facebook technique, the latest methods to get twitter followers. 

Those that really succeed are thinking of value first.

What value are you contributing? What’s your offer? 

Think not how to make more money but how to give more value! 

If you have valuable products it’s easier to get attention, it’s easier to drive traffic to it (everyone wants it), it’s easier to get likes (everyone likes it).

If you lack value everything is harder and it should be. 

So unsubscribe from those emails promising the latest facebook technique to make $10,000 a month, and go and think of how you can add value and change someone’s life. 

Earn the right to make money by providing value – instead of trying lame techniques and tactics.

Here are some additional ways to provide more value to your prospects and customers.

You can also improve customer service in several different ways for example:

So remember that providing real value that helps people with their problems and issues is the foundation of a successful business!

Of course you also need a good business model to acquire customers and sell your products. We’ll discuss a proven business model in a later chapter.

I hope I gave you some good advice in case you feel stuck and frustrated…

If you have any comments or questions about making money online leave them below.

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More than 7 years ago Jack made his first few sales online as an affiliate marketer. His site ranked on Google for dozens of keywords, so later on, he built courses and software to teach his SEO “secrets”.

He also won a Flip Camera in an affiliate contest.

Now he reveals all the insights he’s discovered throughout the years about Internet marketing, in his free guides and products!

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