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"5 Fundamental Online Business Lessons Discovered In Over A Decade - [Video]"

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If I knew these lessons many years ago I could have saved myself a lot of waste of time and money. They lay a path you can follow to achieve success as fast as humanly possible.

Watch the video below.

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Hi, This is Jack Sarlo

I’m going to show you the foundation of any successful online business.

You want to make money online but you’re not clear which path to take.

The key is to try a lot of different opportunities and methods until you find something you like.

For me that was affiliate marketing, for you it might be ecommerce, selling a service like webdesign, publishing and selling Kindle ebooks, Information marketing and so on.

What you don’t want to try are the ‘get rich quick’ formulas – after you try a few you should quickly identify them. They usually promise you’ll make a TON of money with NO work in just 60 Days or less… Those things don’t work, I know from experience and that of others.

But feel free to experiment and test things yourself, it’s the best way to learn.

As an affiliate I sold an antivirus software and I drove traffic from Google, by doing search engine optimization. That was my first online business, but since I was still a newbie I didn’t earned much.

The second lesson for you is that once you find something you like say NO to everything else.

You will see one make money online opportunity/formula/method after another every day, especially in your inbox.

You have to stay focused on the method you chose. I had to focus on affiliate marketing and give it my very best to maximize the amount of money I made.

You won’t get anywhere running around in circles chasing one thing after another.

Once you find something you like and give it your best constantly think of how you can improve, grow and take your business to the next level. That is how you increase the money you make.

I sold affiliate products, for me the the next level was to sell my own products.

As an affiliate marketer I won a Flip Camera in an affiliate contest and made a little bit more money over the years.

But in my case I realized that if I sold my own products from my own websites I had more control and I could make way more money.

So to recap – try a lot of things until you find something you like. Then say NO to everything else, stay focused. After you give it your best, figure out how to grow, improve and take it to the next level!

Once you find something you like acquire just enough knowledge you need and then apply what you learn immediately!

Make no excuses, take action and apply what you learn right away. That is how you see results and success fast.

Avoid excuses like: “will this work”, “what if people don’t like it”, “I need to learn more”, “I am not good enough”… and on and on.

You can always improve, tweak, modify and change things later on…

If you do nothing, nothing happens.

Learning is important but unless you apply what you learn as fast as humanly possible you won’t progress and get closert to achieving your goal.

In my case I wanted to teach people the same methods I used to drive traffic to my affiliate websites. So I build search engine optimization books, courses and even software.

As you grow yourself by learning new skills, and improving your current skills your income will grow as well!

To polish and master your skills learn by acquiring knowledge and information and then practice.

For example if you want to improve your copywriting skill buy a copywriting course and then start writing salesletters, emails and ads.

If you’re selling products there are many skills you can master like copywriting, building websites, traffic generation and so on…

Don’t expect anything to be easy. Even something as simple as writing an ebook can become complex. Look at everything you do in your business as a skill you can master. In this way you won’t become frustrated and give up.

Seek knowledge and practice and that is how you master new skills.

So let’s recap, first you want to find something you like to do. You want to improve your skills and abilities to get really good at it.

Now it’s time you set some goals for yourself. In this way you’ll work towards achieving a specific result. It won’t be a hobby anymore, you’ll get really serious about your business if you set a goal!

It helps to make a list of all the things you want to buy on a monthly and yearly basis. You’ll then have a number and it probably won’t be as large as you think. Perhaps $7,000 a month will get you all the things you want.

Whatever the number you want to make your goal realistic. If you never made $1000 or $2000 a month avoid setting your goal as $10,000 a month.

Based off other people’s success and the knowledge you gather you’ll probably know how much money you can potentially make with what you’re doing. For example there are affiliate marketers making $10,000 a month and more.

You need to believe you can accomplish your goal otherwise you’ll give you. Perhaps you have an idea or two of what you need to learn and do to make it happen.

If your goal is really big start with a smaller goal that you think you can achieve and then once you successful accomplish that goal set a bigger one.

It’s also important to specify an approximate time frame to achieve your goal. Think realistically how much can it take you to accomplish the goal.

Write down your goals, place them on your desk or your phone where you can see them often so you remember them.

Reading success and mindset books like ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’, will enable you to keep believing in your ability and stay mentally focused to accomplish your goals.

To make money on the Internet think long term, it won’t happen overnight. It may take between 2 to 5 years or more. A constant objective you should have throughout this time is to improve yourself by learning and mastering new skills.

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Jack Sarlo

More than 7 years ago Jack made his first few sales online as an affiliate marketer. His site ranked on Google for dozens of keywords, so later on, he built courses and software to teach his SEO "secrets". He also won a Flip Camera in an affiliate contest.

Now he reveals all the insights he's discovered throughout the years about Internet marketing, in his free guides and products!

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