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"How I Achieved More In One Year Than In One Decade!"

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The number one mistake I’ve made in all these years is not taking action right away.

When I tried to make money online I didn’t have a real job, so I used to rely mainly on free traffic methods and other cheap ways to build my business.

I never attended college or anything else after compulsory school. I always had a feeling a normal job was not for me. I knew there had to be something…

Anyway, to build an Internet business fast you need to invest some money. You don’t need much but you need some!

When you have some money everything is easier… 

You can hire freelancers, use paid traffic (much better than free traffic), buy tools and services (like autoresponders, tracking, etc.), invest in some products to learn and so on.

In fact without money I have no idea how you can build a successful Internet Business. 

I probably wasted at least 3 years trying to build a successful business with little or no money. 

I never heard about someone becoming successful using free traffic, free tools, free services… without investing a decent sum of money.

Once I got a normal job and I had some money to invest, maybe about $100-200 a month (most of that on paid traffic), everything changed. My progress skyrocketed overnight.

I was a snail…

And then I felt unstoppable, I exploded with energy.

I suggest you spend some time trying to answer this simple question:

What do I have to do to become successful?

In order to answer that question you need to become clear about what it means for you to become successful.

How much money do you want to make every month? Don’t just say $10,000 a month. Do you really need that much money? Be realistic, how much you actually need to make to enjoy your life?

Once you achieve this realistic goal you can make bigger goals.

Realistic goals are easier to achieve. If you set a BIG goal you may feel frustrated and confused because you have no idea how to accomplish it.

So spend time to try and answer that basic question, be brutally honest with yourself.

For me the answer was to find a real job, because that gave me some money that I could invest in my business. 

If I kept on my current path, with barely any money to invest I would have failed.

For you it may be something totally different, maybe you need to find a mentor, start a blog, change your niche… 

Be honest with yourself, what you NEED to do may not be what you like to do. It may be a hard thing to do. 

Thinking is important to build a successful business. You’re the captain of the ship, you have to decide what course to take to reach your destination. But thinking is not easy. I try to spend a few hours each week just to think.

For example…

  • What's working well in my business and what's not?
  • What are my current problems and what can I do to solve them?
  • How can I improve my products so they give more value?

If you’re still a beginner to this ‘make money online’ business then perhaps this might be a more appropriate question for you:

What do I have to do next to become successful?

Maybe you’ve build a website. The next thing you need to do might be ‘build a list’, or ‘produce some content’…

Thinking will give you ideas and the answers you need.

You Can Work Harder!

Once I made the decision that I really had to I started to see results. This increased my motivation and I started to work much harder. 

My schedule was like this: 

  • Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm I worked a regular job (since I had no education I was a cleaner).
  • Then from 5pm till 10:30pm I worked online in my business, of course I had breaks, I did not do 5 hours straight.
  • Saturdays I worked morning and sometimes evenings too. In the afternoon I did some reading or spent time thinking...
  • Sundays I worked a bit as well, much less than usual, either in the morning or in the evening.

In case you’re wondering… I don’t go out partying or things like that. Only on Sunday evenings I go out a bit. Sometimes you have to sacrifice some things in order to accomplish your goals.

Strongly consider increasing the amount of work you do. I’m sure you can find an extra hour or two each day to spend it working in your business…

Ask yourself, what’s the most important to you: Watching a movie or funny Youtube videos, chatting on Facebook or success? If it is success and you really want it badly, then you can do some sacrifices.

This does not mean you should neglect your relationships, family, etc. But you can spend a bit less time on “entertainment” and use that time to work in your business.

I have many weaknesses, but I also have something good… persistence. For many years I made just a little bit of money each month, sometimes nothing, and nowhere close to what I want to make – but I did not give up.

Persistence is a good quality if you want to build an online business. Don’t expect success to happen overnight, think long term, maybe 2-5 years.

Dan Pena

If you want someone to motivate you, for real, so you achieve more and see success much faster I recommend only one man, Dan Pena. Read his content, watch his videos, learn all you can from him…

Does You Really Need To
Have A "Positive" Mindset?

All the advice you hear about the importance of having a positive mindset and all of that (which to me sounded like a waste of time) is actually good for you. It’s not B.S. because I have learnt and applied it and it really works.

When I started to read those books, and take them seriously, I started to work longer…

I spent time wiser, instead of playing video games or watching movies I worked in my business…

I started to think positively, but that I mean I no longer complained, blamed, or bursted in anger…

And this happened when I was still struggling to build my own business and achieve my goals. This change in mindset did not happen because I got rich or became successful.

These are some of the books I read about ‘Positive Mindset’, but there are many more…

Tip: What I read is not necessarily what you should read. Read the books that you actually NEED right now. Maybe you're already motivated and filled with energy, if so you don't need to read motivation books.

Maybe you still need to learn the technical aspects of building a business, e.g. how to build a website or how to create a product... Learn books that teach you what you need to know right now.

Maybe your problem right now is time management, if so read 'time management' books.

Figure out your current problems and read books (or learn in some other ways, maybe through ecourses or videos) to solve those specific problems.

I hope I gave you some good advice in case you feel stuck and frustrated…

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Now he reveals all the insights he's discovered throughout the years about Internet marketing, in his free guides and products!

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