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These free guides are all about building websites that capture the attention and interest of your prospects and transform them into leads and customers (which is the goal of any business).

On this page, you’ll discover some of the best techniques to build high converting websites… which means websites that can convert visitors into leads and/or customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hosting & Domain

You’d need to buy a domain name and web hosting. Domain names cost about $12 per year and hosting costs about $7 per month.

Hosting prices vary.

You can see a speed and performance improvement if you switch from an ultra cheap hosting (e.g. $5 a month) to moderately priced hosting at about $15 per month.

To build your website you can use WordPress. It’s free. Then you can use one of the many free themes to give your website a nice layout and design.

There are also premium themes that cost some money.

Free themes don’t really look nice or professional. And to customize them isn’t easy.

Page Building Tools

So ideally you want to install a page building plugin such as Thrive Architect.

This is easily installed in your WordPress site. You’ll get free and premium (nicer and more featured-packed) themes. And the plugin allows you to customize your website as easy as ABC.

You can build optin pages, sales pages, blogs and other types of websites with a page builder. You can do pretty much everything so much easier.

But you need a page building plugin (that is easily installed in your WordPress site) to build a decent looking site.

There are many page building tools. Thrive Architect prices start from $67 for one website.

WordPress is highly recommended over other options such as Wix.com because you can customize your website very easy. 

There are thousands of plugins that can be installed very fast and most of them are free. 

They allow you to do pretty much anything.

SSL Certificate

This certificate will enable you to use https:// – that’s a secure website. Most hosting accounts give you this certificate for free.

Customizations & Fixes

From time to time you may need to customize a bit your website, or fix some issues. Even though page building tools are very easy to use and contain a lot of features, they’re not perfect.

You may need to hire a freelancer to help you. For minor issues this cost is usually about $20 – $40.

Order Processing

If you want to sell products you need a way to take orders. 

You can use free options such as Jvzoo. Or a fully features shopping cart such as Samcart which starts from $49 per month. 

The options you choose depends on your needs.

Graphic Design

If you need custom designs you can hire a freelancer. Once again prices depends on what you need. 

There are also free design tools like Canva.

The easiest way is to use a page building tool such as Thrive Architect, Divi Builder, Elementor, or any of the other page building tools. These are installed on your WordPress website.

They allow you to build a mobile friendly website easily. That’s also known as a responsive website.

This means your website will appear good on all devices whether it’s desktop, tablet or mobile.

A landing page is the page a visitors lands on after clicking on an ad, text link or from any other source of traffic.

The landing page can be any page on your website.

A squeeze page is a specific type of page that has one objective: To build your email list. It’s usually very short with little to no content. It’s sometimes called an optin page or lead magnet page.

Here’s an example:

squeeze page example
Squeeze Page Example

Website conversions refer to actions you want your visitors to take on your website.

These could be sales conversions if you want them to buy something on a particular page. Or lead conversions if the page has optin forms.

There are many tweaks and techniques to increase conversions such as writing better copy, improving site design, and so on. 

You can find more ways to improve conversions in my free guide.

You can build it using a page building tool such as Thrive Themes, Elementor, etc. There are many types of sales funnels such as a “Tripwire Sales Funnel”, “Free Plus Shipping Funnel”, and so on.

To use certain sales funnel features like one click upsells you’d have to use a payment processor such as SamCart that allows those options.


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