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"40 Free, Quick And Easy Content Idea Generators
(Part Two)"

content ideas part 2

This is part two of the content idea generation guide. You’re going to discover more ways or tools to come up with content ideas. Here’s the link to part one.

Remember in almost every method what you’re trying to do is find topic ideas.

Then you just have to write a really good quality blog post, audio or video about that topic. Give as much value and help your audience as much as you can. That’s the KEY to build a large audience that likes and trust you.

Of course these techniques can also be used to come up with content ideas for a paid product like an ebook or a video course.

If you want to know the specifics, like for example how long should your articles be, how often should you create content and much more, check the content creation guide.

For each content idea generator I list several websites as examples, but you can find more with the ‘Similar Sites’ Chrome plugin.

The table of contents can come in handy…

‘How To’ Websites

These type of websites contain guides about pretty much everything. So you can use their search box to find guides related to your niche for topic ideas.









You can find more with a Google search like “how to guides”. Here are some of the content ideas I found from these websites.

how to idea
how to idea 3
how to idea 1

So maybe we can create content about “wedding bouquets”, “winter wedding decorations” or “decorating beach wedding receptions”…

You can also look at these specific Youtube “How To” Channels. Use their search box to search for a keyword related to your niche e.g. wedding. You’ll then see a list of videos with topic ideas.






Online Courses

These type of websites allow you to take courses online but most of them are about about science and technology. The following contain courses on a broader range of topics:



You can also do a Google search for “online courses about keyword” e.g. online courses about wedding to find niche specific courses. Then once again you can look at the course title, description, table of contents or you might want to take the course itself if it’s free to explore it even further.

Here are two examples I found:

online courses 1
online courses

So we found two new topics, we can create content about “building a wedding website” or about “wedding videography”.

Digital Marketplace

You can take a look at existing information products within your niche for topic ideas. Digital marketplaces have a list of such products. Enter a keyword in the search box, e.g. wedding or check their categories to find products related to your niche.

Then look at the product title, description and sales pages for topic ideas.





Here are some examples of products related to wedding…

marketplace idea1

So those are two new topics. 

Here’s an example of a product description and the topics you can extract from it (which I highlighted).

So perhaps we can create content about “bridal mistakes”, “how to enjoy your wedding” or something about “wedding vendors”… Those are all ideas taken from the description of one product.

If the marketplace like for example Clickbank links to the product’s sales page take a look also at any bonuses offered with the product. Bonuses can give you content ideas too.


You can use a Theasurus to find a list of words related to wedding for topic ideas. Just search your keyword e.g. wedding. Then look at the Synonyms:

synonyms ideas

If you click on any word you’ll see more synonyms.

And at the bottom of the page there are more related words:

Power Thesaurus is another good one.


You can find online magazines related to your niche with a simple Google search for keyword magazines.

With the Google search for “wedding magazines” I managed to find completely free magazines about wedding, in pdf format.

And sometimes you can get ideas from the Table of Contents, like these:

magazine topic ideas

You can also search at Magazines.com You can get topic ideas from the magazine description.

Here’s an example:

Click image to see it bigger...

I highlighted the topic ideas, which include “saving money on your wedding”, “advice for brides to look and feel their best”, “planning an exotic destination wedding”, “honeymoon destinations”…


Brainstorming can be used to generate content ideas too and you can learn various techniques to brainstorm alone or with others.

This video reveals 6 techniques to brainstorm ideas, some are rather odd.

You can use mind mapping tools, a whiteboard, pen and paper, doodle, note cards and other tools to brainstorm ideas.

My brainstorming technique is to open a blank notepad file and write a keyword related to my niche e.g. wedding.

Then write every word that comes to my mind related to wedding. Let your mind wander, write down everything. Don’t fix grammar mistakes or punctuation. Write every thought that comes to your mind. Your mind will go from one idea to another and another all by itself.  

Eventually you’ll write something interesting! 

Wedding is not my niche, and I’m probably the least expert about it, but here’s an example:


wedding planner

wedding groom



wedding party

wedding church

wedding activities

what to wear for a wedding

can you wear something other than black?

how long a wedding takes?

wedding anniversary, what to do?

wedding gifts

wedding party ideas

honeymoon ideas

hair and makeup

bride dress

groom clothes

inviting guests

wedding photographers

wedding DJ

wedding car

marriage proposal

marriage preparations

I could go on and on… sooner or later I’ll write something that will spark a new content idea like “wedding DJ”. Perhaps we can create content about “wedding entertainment”.

Do Something Mindless

Research shows you’re more likely to have creative ideas when you’re doing something mindless or monotonous, like fishing, exercising, walking the dog, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, listening to Mozart (if you like it), showering, walking, daydreaming…

Give your mind a chance to wander and you can get those spontaneous ideas.

I personally think you’ll get better results if you actually think about the solutions you want e.g. content ideas while doing the mindless activities.

We’re usually busy all day long and don’t spend any real time for thinking. I heard a very successful entrepreneurs once say that he spends at least one hour just for thinking.

My current personal mindless activities are walking on the treadmill and taking a shower. Those are the times when I have absolutely nothing to do, so I can think as long as I want.

Competitor’s Websites

You can find out what content your competitors are publishing to get topic ideas. 

Note: If you don’t know who are your competitor just use Google to find out. Search for keywords a prospects would use, for example “wedding advice” or “wedding planning”… and then look at the paid ads and the top 10 search results.

After you perform several Google searches you’ll start to notice the same websites appear over and over again Those are some of the top competitors in your niche.

You can visit their website and look for their blog or other sections with content for ideas.

You can also use this Google search:

site: example.com

That will return a list of ALL pages from that website that Google has indexed. If they have a blog you can do a search for their blog too, like this: 

site: example.com/blog

That will return a list of all their blog posts. You can then look at their blog post titles for content ideas.

In the wedding niche a good example is https://www.theknot.com All their content is in this directory: https://www.theknot.com/content/all so we can do a Google search for site: theknot.com/content/all 

And we’ll see all their content pages that Google has indexed:

competitor ideas

We just found new topic ideas such as “planning wedding for newly engaged”, “making guest list” and “wedding registry”.

Ebook Directories

All you have to do is search for your topic e.g. wedding and take a look at the ebook titles for ideas. If a lot of ebooks are fiction, select non fiction from search filters or maybe the advanced search – every website has different options.

Of course you can also click on any ebook and read the description, or look at the table of contents (if available) – they can contain topic ideas too. You can also download the ebooks if they’re free and explore their table of contents and content itself for ideas.

Here’s a list of top ebook directories:

Amazon Kindle Books 

Many Books


Digi Libraries 




Ebooks 3000 


Google books 

The Free Library

There are more, you can find them with a google search for “ebook directories”.

You can also do a search for “keyword non fiction ebooks” e.g. wedding non fiction ebooks.

Here are some interesting ebook titles I found related to wedding.

So perhaps we can create content about “wedding on a shoestring budget”, “wedding etiquette”, “decorating wedding receiptions & ceremonies” or “advice for bridesmaids”.

Public Domain Content

Public domain content is not protected by any copyright law or other restriction and may be freely copied, shared, altered and republished by anyone.

Public domain content can be ebooks, images, music, etc.

So you can get content ideas and you can also use the actual content itself, for free

Sidenote: If you’re going to sell public domain content e.g. an ebook on Amazon Kindle or other platforms you have to read their rules – they may require you add some original content before you can sell it.

Here’s a list of sites with public domain content, you can find more with a simple Google search for “public domain ebooks”.

Sometimes it’s hard to find non fictions books related to your niche. You may have to play around with the search filters or advanced search to return good results.

Internet Archive

Europeana Collections 


Biodiversity Library  

Digital Public Library of America 


Here are some examples I found related to wedding.

public domain content
public domain content1

Book Stores

A lot of books are fiction, but you can find non fiction books related to your niche too. Just use the search box. You may have to use the advanced search or search filters to exclude fiction books. 

You can find more with this Google search “online book stores”.

Dummies – (all books are non fiction)




Barnes And Noble

Better World Books

Once you find good books you can also look at their description or table of contents if they provide it for content ideas.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets contain condensed information about specific topics. Find cheat sheets with a Google search for cheat sheet keyword e.g. cheat sheet wedding

Then look at the search results for topic ideas.

Here are some actual examples related to wedding:

“144 Songs For Your Wedding Day”

“29 Underrated Places To Shop For Your Wedding Online”

“33 Insanely Smart Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding”

“42 Impossibly Fun Wedding Photo Ideas You’ll Want To Steal”

“Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer”

So maybe we can create content about any of those topics such as “wedding day songs or music”, “online wedding shopping sites”, “wedding money saving advice”, “wedding photo ideas” or about “hiring wedding photographer”.

Your objective will be to create a more detailed guide, audio or video not just a simple list. You want to deliver true value that can really help your audience. To do that you may have to perform some research to find more information about any any of those topics.

Google Searches

Search Google using a question and then look at the “People Also Ask” box. 

For example you can search for “how to wedding” or “why wedding” or “what wedding” and at the top you’ll see those boxes:

people also ask box1
people also search box1
people also search box

You can also search for these (and other similar) keyword to find topic ideas. These keywords uncover free and paid info products related to your niche.

keyword events
keyword seminars
keyword conference
keyword workshop
keyword checklist
keyword tutorial
keyword cheat sheet
keyword infographic
keyword special report
keyword software
keyword webinar
keyword template
keyword recipe book
keyword lessons
keyword guides
keyword manuals
keyword DVD
keyword home study course
keyword resource guide
keyword workbook
keyword mind maps
keyword freebies

You can also use these three search terms to find topic ideas directly in Google search results.

list of topics about keyword
topics about keyword
how to keyword

Explore the search results for topic ideas. Look at the image and video results too. Visit interesting websites to find ideas. Keep in mind every niche is somehow different so for example in one niche you might find few if any mind maps, but in another you may find a lot.

Here are some good results I found after using this technique for the wedding niche:

google search topic ideas 2
google search topic ideas 3
google search topic ideas 1
google search topic ideas 3
google search topic ideas
google search topic ideas 4

So from these screenshots I’ve taken you’ll find the following topic ideas: “saving guide for brides”, “wedding planning”, “wedding photography”, “summer wedding makeup”, “love after marriage”, “conflict resolution”, “family finances”, teaching & shepherding your child’s heart’.

Obviously these topics will make more sense to you if that was your niche. And one topic could lead to another and another. 

For example “wedding makeup” is a broad topic, you can also create separate content about “wedding makeup for brides”, “wedding makeup for bridesmaids”,  “wedding makeup for blondes” and much more. 

You can also create content reviewing a diverse range of makeup products. 

If you’re going to make videos you can do “unboxing videos” which are very popular product review videos.

In the Part One of this content idea generation guide we already mentioned keyword research tools. One way to use keyword tools is to input a topic idea you discovered to find similar ideas. These are all related to “wedding makeup”:

wedding hairstyles
bridal makeover
body makeup
makeup for men
beach wedding makeup

Those could all be good topics for new content too.


Your content idea doesn’t have to be unique. In fact most of the methods you’ve discovered consist of finding existing content for topic ideas.

What you do want to do is great the best possible content about that particular idea. There are many reasons why you want to do that…

  • If you're writing blog posts higher quality posts get more backlinks which in turn get higher rankings. People will link to your post if it's really good!
  • If you're making videos higher quality content gets more likes, subscribers and comments. Those are also Youtube ranking factors.
  • With higher quality content you'll earn your audience trust. If you help them they're going to want more from you! They'll be more inclined to optin to your list, remember your name and bookmark your website.

So once you have a good content idea create a quality post, audio or video… over time you’ll reap the rewards!

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