Copywriting is probably the most important skill you can possess as an Internet Marketer.

It’s the ability to write words (also known as copy) that generates persuades a prospect to take a particular action you want, which is usually to subscribe, buy or click a link…

On this page you’ll discover some of the most powerful techniques to write “killer” copy!

AIDA Copywriting: The 4-Part Quick And Easy Formula To Write Copy!

Discover the AIDA copywriting formula and several techniques to apply it in all your copy!

Copy Doodles: Fun Way To Attract More ‘EyeBalls’ To Your Copy!

How to use hand drawn doodles in your copy to attract more eyeballs and attention. Copy doodles are proven to increase conversion rates!

4 Free Swipe Files And How To Use Them To Write Great Copy!

Swipe files you can use when writing your ads, sales letters or any other copy with complete and detailed instructions on how to use them!

How To Write A Sales Letter (Beginner Friendly Guide)!

Sales letter writing techniques you can use to craft a professional level sales letter and exercises to improve your copywriting skill!

Free Copywriting Course To Become A Master Copywriter FAST!

Free copywriting course reveals techniques and fundamental principles to write professional quality copy for your ads, sales letters and any other copy…

57-Point Professional Sales Letter Checklist

This checklist is specifically designed to write sales letters. However its ideas can be used any time you’re writing any sort of copy like for example pay per click ads…

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question #1: What exactly does a copywriter do?

Copywriters write copy that tries to persuade prospects to take a particular action. The word ‘copy’ refers to the written material they create.

That particular action could be for example to buy a product if the copywriter writes a salesletter. Or it could be to click a link if the copywriter wrote an ad.

If work as a copywriter your job may include writing short or long ads, sales letters, emails, press releases, speeches, brochures, billboard text, catalogs, and more.

  • Question #2: Is copywriting easy?

At first it’s not so easy in my opinion. But if you keep learning and practice eventually it’s not rocket science. 

And there are a lot of useful tools and shortcuts such as templates and swipe files to help you write copy.

Those tools are used by beginner and professional copywriters too.

Copywriters usually create short or long ads and emails. Those are very similar but sales letters in particular are very different. 

Primarily because you’d have to write a lot more copy and include more elements such as testimonials, images, video, guarantees and so forth.

There are specific tools, swipe files and techniques to write sales letters.

Ultimately I think you have to try it out to find out if it’s something you enjoy doing.

  • Question #3: What skills do you need to be a copywriter?

The more you know about someone’s particular issues and other useful information the easier it will be to convince and persuade them to take whatever action you want.

So copywriters have to perform very thorough research about the prospects or customers that are going to read their copy.

That’s one of the skills you need.

You need write easy to understand copy. It has to be understood by anyone, even uneducated people since those can be your prospects too.

You need to understand human psychology that’s related to how humans desire, buy things and so forth.

You need to learn the various copywriting techniques.

For example the different formulas to write headlines, how to structure your sales letter, how to use images appropriately, the elements that must be included in ads e.g. the ‘call to action’ and so on.

You’d also need some patience since you’d have to re-write your copy several times to “polish” it. 

Some copywriters write dozens of different headlines before they finally pick the best one. They can also spend 30 minutes to write a single bullet point.

  • Question #4: What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is very different than traditional copywriting. And in my opinion it has nothing whatsoever to do with copywriting. Because the copy you write will be a normal article. 

You’re not going to persuade, convince or sell anything to anyone apart from the usual call to action at the bottom of the article.

The article has to make sense for the reader obviously, but at the same time it has to include certain words or short phrases (known as keywords).

These keywords might have to be included in specific locations for example in the first paragraph and in the last one. And in headings and subheadings.

So it will be a bit of a challenge to write an interesting article while using those keywords strategically at the same time.

  • Question #5: Are copywriters in demand?

Copywriting is in high demand and rising according to CopyHackers and other sources.

On Freelancer there are currently 592 open projects related to copywriting.