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You’re going to discover how to create powerpoint videos, with the correct dimension for Youtube. 

Though you can upload the video to Facebook, Linkedin, your website or anywhere else you want to.

In the Infobusiness we need to create content consistently. There are three main content formats, articles, videos and audio podcasts.

If you’re going to write articles you can produce up to two good, long articles with about 2,500 words a week.

If you’re going to produce powerpoint videos you should also be able to produce up to two a week.

There are many other ways to record videos. You can produce one video a day if you use a smartphone or your webcam and just share content that way. 

But not everybody likes to put their face on camera, so powerpoint videos are an alternative, but they do take a bit more work than other video formats.

But they can be fun to make and with a little bit of creativity you’ll create great powerpoint videos. This is a skill, the more videos you make the easier it becomes.

In this guide I’ll share with you the entire process to create powerpoint videos – the same process I used. I prefer to write articles, so I only have a couple examples at this time:

Example One

Example Two

Example Three

Let’s begin…

The table of contents may be helpful.

Table of Contents

Tools To Create PowerPoint Videos

To create the powerpoint presentation you can use the Free OpenOffice Impress software

You’d have to download OpenOffice suite, which consists of several software not just Impress. 

During the installation you can uncheck everything else to install only Impress.

To record videos you can use Screencast-O-Matic, the Deluxe version is enough, and it’s only $18 per year.

Audacity is a free tool you can use to edit the audio, in case you need to cut some portions, increase audio and so on.

I’ll share with you all the common and slightly more advanced features of these software.

Quick Summary Of The Process

The first thing I do is write the script for my video. Then record the audio with just a smartphone. This basically means I read the script.

Then I create the powerpoint slides based off the script. This is where you can use a bit of creativity. 

See my examples, I basically transform the main points of my article (or script) into headlines, text and images. Design about 4-5 slides for a 7-10 minute video.

Finally I play the powerpoint presentation and the audio file and record it with Screencast-O-Matic.

Finally make sure the video is good to go, and upload it to Youtube.

Now let’s see the various…

Features Of Openoffice Impess.

Once you open the software create an empty, blank presentation. Then click Format > Page and change the width to 33.87 and the height to 19.05.

slide size
Powerpoint Size

That’s equivalent to 1280 by 720 pixels which is a recommended dimension for Youtube.

Do that so the video won’t have black bars on it’s side.

Video Dimensions

You can create a new slide by right clicking the current slide from the left panel and select New.

New Slide

Each slide can have various objects like text, images, bullet points, shapes, etc.

You can insert a text box by pressing F2 or use the icon on the drawing toolbar. If you don’t see this toolbar click View > Toolbars and select Drawing.

Text Box

You can select any object in your slide like for example text, images, icons, etc., and click the properties icon in the right panel to modify it.

properties panel
Object Properties

For example if the object is a text box you can change size, font, color and more. 

For some objects like images you can access some other options with a right click on the object. 

For example if you right click image and select Area you’ll be able to add a shadow.

Any object in the slide can be moved, resized, rotated and so on. To rotate click object and click one more time, then drag the red points.

To insert images find one on the web, copy it and just paste it in the slide. Or click Insert > Picture > From file…

Here’s a list of websites to get free images:

Most do not require attribution (which means linking back to their website) but read the terms to verify.


You can also do a Google image search, and then select Tools  > Labelled for Reuse

image search google
Find Images

There are many more websites, you can use SimilarSites.com to find more.

Paid Images

If you cannot find a decent free image maybe you find and buy one on paid sites. You won’t have to give credit to author for these images. The one I used is this:


But there are many more, unfortunately these aren’t a very cheap option especially if you need a lot of images.


For the first slide I usually have just an image and the video headline, as simple as that. Here’s an example.

Custom Image

You can design custom images like that with Canva.

You’ll find some shapes in the gallery that can be accessed from Tools > Gallery or from the right side panel with this icon.


You can duplicate a slide by placing mouse over a slide and click the option that appears.

Duplicate Slide

Here’s an important test you should make after you create a slide. Press F5 to open the slide in full screen. 

Open up Screencast-O-Matic, click Record and set it to 720 (which is the default).

Video Recording Setttings

Then make sure all the contents of your slide fit in the recording box. If not move them a bit so they fit.

Here are some other nice features of OpenOffice Impress.

You can change the shape of any image, so it takes the form of a circle, hearth or any of the available shapes.

To do that insert the image in the slide and expand it a bit. Then insert the shape you want it to look like from the drawing toolbar, for example a circle. 

Put the shape on top of the image, and make it smaller than the image. Select one of the objects, hold SHIFT key and select the other and then right click and select shapes > Intersect. 

intersect object image
Custom Image Style

You can align an object in particular locations of a slide for example the center by right click the object, select Alignment and Center.

You can hide any object so they won’t appear on the slide immediately while playing the presentation – they’ll only appear after you click the mouse or press a key on your keyboard. 

That’s one of the many fun animations you can create. It creates a sense of curiosity in your slides.

For example when your audio says “The dog met his owner” you can make the image of a dog appear only at that moment.

To do that click the particular object and the custom animation icon in the right panel. 

Click Add and select Appear and click ok. Make sure under start it says ‘On Click’.

Animation Effects

You can press F5 to launch and test the slide. Now the image will only appear when you click or press a key. There’s a long list of animation options, feel free to test them.

Select Animation Effect

You can also create an effect when a slide is displayed. Click the slide transition icon in the right panel and there are a lot of options. 

For example if you select Cover Left the slide will slide from the right when it loads.

Slide Transition Effects

You can click the Play button in that same window or press F5 to preview the slide effect.

You can set a background image to your slide just like this example:

slide background image
Slide Background Image

First insert the image in the slide. Increase its size so it fits the entire slide. Right click and select Arrange > Send Backwards. 

Then from its properties (right panel) increase its transparency as much as you wish.

You can display your mouse during the presentation and set it so it appears and functions like a pen. 

You’ll be able to point and write with your mouse. Click Slideshow, then Slideshow Settings and check ‘Mouse Pointer As Pen’.

Now I suggest you uncheck the ‘change slides by clicking on background’ option so that if you click your mouse you won’t change slides during the presentation. 

To change slides just click arrow keys.

Your options should look like these:

mouse pen settings
Presentation Options

You can click F5 to preview your pen too. Currently you cannot change pen size or color.

There are a lot of shapes, lines and callouts and these are objects like any other. 

Meaning once you insert them in your slide (from the drawing toolbar) you can also change their properties for example color and animation effects from the right panel.

Shapes, Lines & Callouts
icon shapes set 2
Shapes, Lines & Callouts

With those feature and your creativity you should be able to create cool powerpoint presentation videos. 

But there are more features you can test to see how they work. For example you can insert tables or charts too.

Remember that ultimately the actual content matters more than the video itself. 

Your audience wants quality content to solve their issues and problem

How To Record Your Video
Once You Create All Slides.

This requires you open several software at once.

Open the audio file with your voice recording. You can open this on your smartphone or another device, and wear headphones to listen to it.

Open Screencast-O-Matic and click Record. Set it to 720P.

Click the first slide and Press F5.

Adjust the slide so it fits well in the recording box.

Now play the audio file and hit the record button at the same time. 

You can click the right arrow key to enable the animations you’ve set, one after the other. If there are no animations pressing the arrow key will move to the next slide.

Time your animations correctly, so the effects appear at the right time with your audio recording… And use arrow keys to move from one slide to another in sync with the audio. 

You can point with your mouse, write and so on to make the video more lively if you want to.

It took me a lot of time to synchronize everything properly, the audio with the slideshow and the animations… so don’t give up if you find it difficult at first.

Once the audio and slideshow are over click pause, select done and click edit video. 

The recording will open in Screencast-o-Matic automatically. Import the audio file by clicking the + button under Audio, and play your video too see that if everything is good.

Import Audio

In Screecast-O-Matic tools menu you have access to other features. Selecting any feature and clicking the question icon takes you to a video tutorial about that feature.

screencast tools
ScreenCast-O-Matic Features

I don’t add any effects to the video with ScreenCast-O-Matic because the effects were added in the powerpoint presentation itself, like animations, highlighting with the pen and so on…

If video is good you can save it to your computer and then upload it to Youtube, your website or wherever you want basically.

Now let’s see…

A Useful Feature In Audacity

In Audacity you can delete unwanted parts from your audio file. Open the file, and click the zoom in icon.

Audacity Feature

If you want to remove say the first part that contains no sound click and drag to select that part, then press delete on your keyboard. 

Click File > Export as MP3 to save the new audio file.

audacity cut audio
Audio Editing

Before you create a complete video following these instructions you may want to make a video with just a single slide, and upload it to Youtube – just to test that the video looks good!

Since you’ve recorded the video in 720P, viewers can view the video in HD quality, from the gear settings on Youtube.

Video Player Settings

Once your video is on Youtube you may want to do some basic Youtube SEO so it ranks well in Youtube for a particular keyword.


Remember the first time you’ll try this it may not be so easy.

For example I had to record my audio file several times because of noises from cars. 

If you make mistakes when recording audio you don’t have to stop, you can cut those parts later on with Audacity.

The other issue I faced was that I had to remember all the custom animations I created, so that I activate them at the right time with the audio.

But the second and third video where much easier to make.

So do you have any questions or comments about building your own powerpoint videos? Leave them in the comments below.

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