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"10 Legitimate Ways To Earn Money Online By Typing!"

earn money online by typing

First I’ll provide a list with the different ways to earn money online by typing

And explain each one of those options. 

There’s also a list of websites associated with each one of those options. 

On these websites, you can find part-time, full-time or freelance work. 

Then I’ll tell you approximately how much you can expect to earn in each of these various online typing jobs. And finally a word or two about data entry scams.

If you think you’re good at typing and actually enjoy it these types of jobs can be good for you.

Table of Contents

Typing Jobs Requirements

The requirements for these online typing jobs are usually pretty basic, such as:

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of online typing jobs.

The major advantages are:

The major disadvantages are:

How Does Freelancing Work?

If you work as a freelancer you’d have to search for projects on freelance sites. And then bid on those jobs you think you can do.

Here’s an example:

Freelance Typing Project
Freelance Typing Project

This individual is willing to pay between €30 and €250 for this project. So you’d have to bid within that range. Bidding essentially means specifying how much you want them to pay you for this job.

All freelancers bid on a particular job they’d like to do. But only one of them gets it.

It’s advisable that you bid as low as possible at first so that you win more projects. And complete the projects as best as you can. So that you’ll be awarded more projects and they’ll leave positive feedback on your profile page.

They will also rate and review your work.

Ratings on Profile
Ratings on Profile

As your ratings improves it will be much easier to be chosen for the projects because they trust you more based on the feedback others left. And then, even if your bid is not the lowest you may still win the project.

On freelance websites, you may also find part-time or full-time jobs as well.

Furthermore and this is important if you’re chosen for a project and complete it successfully you can develop a relationship with the company or person that hired you. 

And they’ll start to give you more and more projects. Sometimes they’ll create private projects just for you.

There are many freelancing websites. You can join as many as you want and bid on all the typing related jobs that you’d like to do. That way you’re more likely to win projects more often.

Now let’s see the 10 different ways to earn money online by typing.

Different Types of Jobs To
Earn Money Online By Typing

Keep in mind some jobs pay better than others.

The final section of this guide, “How Much Can You Make?” can you give some rough estimates.

Typically a simple and easy job will pay less than a more complex one, especially if you require special skills such as copywriting.

For all these various types of typing jobs, you can find part-time, full-time or freelance work.

#1 Data Entry

This is considered the simplest type of typing job. It doesn’t require any special skills. But it may help to know the basics of how to use a word processing tool such as Ms Word, and a spreadsheet tool like Ms Excel.

A lot of data entry work consists of taking data provided by the company and entering it into some sort of system e.g. a spreadsheet. Or copy the text from one format (e.g. pdf or image) into a Ms Word document.

Here’s an example:

Pdf to Excel Freelance Project
Pdf to Excel Freelance Project

You may be asked to do tasks such as:

If you work for a company you’ll more likely to do the same kind of job over and over again. As a freelancer, you’ll be able to bid and work on a wider variety of jobs.

Other slightly different data entry jobs include:

Data Mining

This requires you analyze some sort of data archive to find certain information.

Actual example:

Data Mining Project
Data Mining Project

That project requires that you find a list of teachers from an archive.

Data mining projects typically pay more since they involve more than just typing.

Data Scraping (also known as Web Harvesting)

This is similar to data mining. You’ll basically search for specific information on the Internet and download it into your computer.

Now let’s see the next option you have to earn money online by typing.

#2 Transcription

The most basic type of transcription requires you to listen to some audio files (live or pre-recorded) and type what you hear. These could be podcasts, interviews, audiobooks, lectures, videos, webinars, etc.

It’s a rather simple job especially if you’re a good listener.

But a good typing speed is especially useful. So that you won’t have to pause and rewind the audio file too many times to catch every word. The ability to use punctuation marks correctly is also valuable.

If you work for a company they may promote the best transcriptionist as a Transcription Reviewer. Your job will be to check the work of other transcriptionists. To make sure it’s accurate and error-free.

Special Transcription Jobs

If you’re going to work in certain industries such as the medical, legal or financial industries you may be required to be familiar with the relevant terminology and some understanding of the industry.

Real-Time Transcription (RTT)

This job requires that you transcribe live audio instead of recorded. So it requires a much faster typing speed. 

A common use of this type of transcription is in court reporting (also known as a court stenographer), transcribing spoken words to assist hearing-impaired and other jobs.

Some forms of RTT can be done remotely from home.

For certain RTT jobs, you may need certain training, certification or skills such as the ability to write in shorthand. Requirements vary from one job to another.


You’ll listen to an audio file and transcribe what you hear but these captions may have to include also non-speech elements.

These are the captions/subtitles that appear under videos. The user has to understand everything that’s going on in the video.

That’s because users may be playing the video muted, or they may be hearing-impaired or deaf.

You may need to include notations (symbols, etc.,) to explain non-speech elements such as loud noises or background music.

For example, if someone says “I got the machine ready” while turning it on, you may have to include also [engine starting] or something similar.

There’s also real-time captioning, where you transcribe the audio in real-time. These are used for example in live events for the deaf. There are some real-time captioning work at home jobs too.

Medical transcription

This is another very special kind of transcription. Special because you’ll need certain training, certifications and maybe experience to be approved for this job.

And at least you must be familiar with the terminology of this field.

The job consists of listening to audio recordings from nursers or doctors and transcribe them into text documents.

Let’s now look at the 3rd method to earn money online by typing.

#3 Email And Chat Customer Service

Most customer service jobs require the ability to communicate with customers using different channels including over the phone. As well as perform some other duties.

But if you make thorough research using the links further below in this guide you can find a job that only requires chat or email communication.

Here’s an example:

Chat Specialist Job
Chat Specialist Job

#4 Virtual Assistant (VA)

This is similar to the previous type of work. But as a virtual assistant, you may do more than just replying to email and chats.

You may need to do some data entry, create spreadsheets, editing blog posts, replying to blog comments and so on.

Some of the tasks may not have anything to do with typing, such as updating plugins, do some research, reset passwords or editing images.

These won’t be complicated but you should still check the job description carefully if applying for a virtual assistant. Because it may not be just typing work.

#5 Community Moderator

This is another similar job to a Virtual Assistant.

Many online businesses use social media, blogs, and forums. These sites create what’s known as user-generated content.

As a moderator, your job is to manage the content generated by users on these sites. You’d approve, reject, reply and moderate everything to make sure they abide by the rules and guidelines of the site.

#6 Writing

This is a different typing job because it’s not just about copying text from one source to another.

You may have to use your creative side of your brain slightly more.

You’ll basically earn money by writing articles, newsletters, social media updates, blog posts, white papers, ebooks, how-to guides, faqs and much more.

This can pay more than other data entry work because the job is a bit more challenging.

Still, it’s not complicated especially if you write about topics that actually interest you.

This is the type of job that you may get hired over and over again, because most businesses require fresh new content regularly, especially articles.

And there’s a huge demand for articles because almost every online business needs that type of content.

Millions of posts are written every day according to WorldoMeters.

Millions of New Posts Each Day
Millions of New Posts Each Day

Once again the exact job description varies from one job and another.

Some may require a specific amount of words per article or a specific type of article e.g. a List Post. That’s basically an article that lists down certain items, e.g. 12 Ways To Keep Your Brain Young!

Here are some examples:

Article Writer Job
Article Writer Job
Social Media Writer Job
Social Media Writer Job

If you’re not used to writing articles refer to my other free guide for a complete set of 26 article writing techniques.

Let’s take a look at the next method to earn money online by typing.

#7 Editors and Proofreaders

These job is to correct grammatical mistakes, spelling, punctuation, word choice and other errors in written documents.

A similar job is Data Formatting. You may be given a poorly formatted word document and you’d have to use shorter paragraphs and sentences, bullet points, the right fonts and so on.

#8 Translation

This is a good typing job for you if you speak more than one language.

You’ll translate written or audio files from one language into another. Of course, you’d have to use proper grammar and choice of words so the translation actually makes sense.

#9 Micro jobs / Micro Tasks

This is a freelance type of work.

These are small jobs that may be completed in 10 minutes or less sometimes.

Some of these jobs pay only like $5 – $10 but they can be done fairly quickly.

You can find more challenging and higher-paying jobs on micro job sites too.

There are two types of micro job sites.

One type lists the available jobs that you can be hired to do.

Here’s an example:

Content Research Job
Content Research Job

In that example that person wants someone to rewrite a simple question.

The second type of micro job site requires that you create a post specifying the job/s you’re willing to do.

Here’s an example:

Posting Job Request
Posting Job Request

This guy wants a job working as a virtual assistant.

Learn how to post these requests, by looking at what other freelancers are doing.

As you complete more jobs your ratings and reviews increase and you’ll be hired more often.

Once again you can develop a relationship with the business you work for. To do that be friendly and provide a satisfactory job and they’ll be more likely to hire you again and again.

On these sites you’ll find a ton of different micro jobs, not just those related to typing.

So you’d have to search for the particular job you want using keywords like “typing”, “data entry”, “virtual assistant”, or whatever job you actually want.

#10 Captcha Entry

These jobs involve solving those captcha images that usually appear after filling forms.

Captcha example
Captcha example

This is a very easy typing job, but also very repetitive. This usually pays the lowest. This is not illegal but there’s one issue.

Let me explain…

There’s a wide variety of reasons why individuals or businesses require people to help them solve captchas.

Some of those reasons could be unethical.

For example, spammers who want to mass create email accounts want someone to solve all those Captcha entries.

When you join Captcha sites you just do the work and get paid. They won’t tell you how that Captcha is actually being used.

So it’s up to you whether you use this typing job or not.

Now let’s see the various websites you can signup with to find typing jobs.

List of Websites To
Earn Money Online By Typing

If you know the type of job you want you can use the search box on these sites to find that specific job. Try different keyword combinations.

For example if you want to find a community moderator job try searching for “forum moderator”, “social media moderator”, “social media manager”, and other keywords.

It’s important to research properly so you uncover all the good jobs.

I grouped the websites based on the type of job they offer. Some websites offer multiple types of jobs e.g. transcription, data entry and captioning. They’re still listed under just one category.

Also note that some sites may not have open vacancies all the time. Check their site often for new job openings.

On some sites you have to find a link that says “Jobs”, “Careers”, “Employment” or something similar for information and a list of jobs.

General Websites

If you don’t know where to begin your search start with these sites.

You’ll find a lot of freelance jobs on these sites. As well as part or full time jobs.









Working Solutions




Simply Hired



And there are more sites. I can’t possible list them all.

This video gives you some good tips to find and win more freelance jobs.

Data Entry

Transcription And Captioning

Email and Chat Customer Service

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Community Moderator


Editors And Proofreaders


Micro Jobs / Micro Tasks

Remember there are two kinds of micro job sites.

One type lists all the available jobs.

Another type of micro job sites you’d have to post your own job request, specifying the type of job you want to do.



Amazon mTurk

Figure Eight


Task Rabbit

Rapid Workers



Envato Studios


Captcha Entry




Finally here’s another good video from a guy showing you how to navigate and find jobs on these job sites.

Now let’s see your income potential with these online typing jobs.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Factors such as the company that hires you, the skill that’s required and complexity of the job effect how much you get paid.

But here are some estimates.

Data entry: $7 – $15 per hour.

Translators $30 per hour.

Captcha $2 – $5 per hour.

Virtual Assistant: $12 – $15 per hour.

Chat Agents: $12 per hour.

Transcription: $0.40 – $1.20 per audio minute. Scribe pays $5 – $25 per 1 hour of audio. Other companies pay $10 – $30 per 1 hour of audio.

Captioning: Al Media pay ranges from $27 – $42 per 1 hour of audio. Rev states you make between $0.40 – $0.75 per video minute.

Writer: $25.35 per 500 word article, but this various a lot, it depends on who hires you, the quality of work they need and more factors.

Data Entry Scams

There are some data entry scams.

Here are some ways to protect yourself.

Do not pay any fees.

If the site is asking for any investment or fee, you should be cautious. This investment could be for:

If the site asks for any fee for reasons like those, you should be cautious.

There are some legitimate cases for such a fee, but only if you’re applying for some very specialized typing job such as a medical coder.

Either way you can perform some research about the company before you spend any money. Ask for reviews and opinions on sites like Quora. Or use Google to find reviews.

And if the job sounds too good to be true it usually is. For example you may be offered very high pay for not much work.


So as you’ve seen there are several ways to earn money online by typing. It is possible.

It may not be so straightforward or easy to find the right job. You may have to filter through the various types of jobs until you find the one that’s right for you.

You can do this step by step. Take your time.

I would suggest you start by completing some simple freelance projects.

This can help you understand a bit better the process of signing up for work, communicating with the employer, getting paid and so on.

But of course if you want a part time or full time job you can also search specifically for such a job and apply for as many as you want.

Make sure you read the requirements and instructions carefully, so you comply with them and improve your chances to get hired.

If you have any questions drop them in the comments below.

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