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"Effective Email Marketing Strategy (Easy & Proven To Work!)"

email marketing strategy

This proven email marketing strategy you’re about to discover will allow you to build a positive relationship with your ever growing list of subscribers. 

They’ll get to know, like and trust you and over time they’ll starting spending money with you, buying the products or services you recommend as their trusted advisor.

In this guide I won’t tell you how to capture the name and email address of prospects and build a list. You can do that using a sales funnel and I made an entire guide about that. 

This guide will show you how to communicate with those leads, via email. What to email them, how often, what you promote, how to write subject lines and everything else!

You’ll discover a strategy that’s so easy you can set it up and start using it today. It’s proven to work, in fact some marketers with more than 50,000 subscribers on their list still use this same 100% free, email marketing strategy.

I’ll show you everything you need to know to make this work for you!

The K.I.S.S. principle, keep it simple stupid definitely applies to email marketing as well.

There are courses that teach you advanced, sophisticated email marketing strategies, like Ryan Deiss’ “The Machine”. It costs $295 and is so complicated that you’ll never actually implement it. In my other guide about Internet Marketing gurus you can learn more about that one.

They’re not beginner friendly. Once you’re a pro with more than 50,000 subscribers you may consider using those more complicated strategies but until then, they’re just a waste of time and money.

Let’s get straight to it.

Feel free to use the Table of Contents below to jump to specific sections of this guide.

How Email Marketing Fits Your
Overall Business Strategy?

Before I reveal the strategy I need to tell you why you should use email marketing in your business.email marketing course

Your primarily objective in your business is to build an ever growing list of subscribers. This list is basically the name and email address of prospects within your niche. These are prospects that you can help with your content and the products you promote.

That is your audience.

You can build this list using a sales funnel.

You have to communicate with your audience regularly in order to share valuable content with them. Over time they’ll start to like and trust you. You build a positive relationship with them. The best way to communicate with them on a regular basis is via email.

That's the reason we use email marketing!

Your objective is pretty simple actually. Build a list using a sales funnel and then create and share content with them via email, regularly. And of course promote your products (and/or affiliate products) in your emails too!

Why Email Marketing Is Important?

In theory you can use other marketing channels to build and communicate with your audience. For example you can create a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group and get fans.

However there’s a significant advantage to use email marketing because you’ll have the name and email address of your prospects. That’s an asset that you own permanently.

You can build a Facebook page and communicate with your prospects (fans) on the page. But that’s not a permanent asset. If Facebook decides to change their policies about Facebook pages, you could lose all your fans almost overnight!

Therefore capturing the name and email address should be your number one priority. Emails is still king over any other marketing platform or channel because it has always been the same, and it’s not going away.

What's The Best Autoresponder Service?

Aweber has all the features you need for this email marketing strategy. And it’s very easy to use. Furthermore according to trustworthy sources they have some of the highest deliverability rates. Without getting too technical that basically means the ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes.

It’s starts from about $20 / month so it’s fairly cheap too.

How Often Do You Email Your List?

Now let’s get into the actual email marketing strategy.

You need to email your list every day. At first you might find that’s a bit hard to do. But try to email them as often as you can, until you master the courage to do it daily.

Further below I’ll tell you how to easily come up with new email ideas, so that you’ll always have something interesting to send to your list.

The problem is not what to email your list, because as you shall see there’s a LOT of good things you can tell them. You just have to overcome the fear that they’ll unsubscribe, complain, get annoyed or any other excuse you come up with for not emailing daily.

Just do it. You’ll feel happy after you hit the SEND button!

I had those same fears and excuses. You just have to write the email and hit SEND, and do it again the next day until it becomes a habit.

Why Should You Email Your List Daily?

You want to email daily so you subscribers won’t forget you. They probably receive dozens of emails every day. If you email daily, they’re going to get a lot of emails from you, which will increase the likelihood that they’ll open at least one or a few of them.

Over time if they like the content they’re going to get used to and like your emails and open them more often.

If you email once every week or so the email can quickly get lost in their inbox.

To build a positive rapport with them you have to communicate often. Keep in touch or you’ll lose the relationship you have with them.

How To Email Your List?

Every email marketing software e.g. Aweber will give you two methods to email your list.

The first is known as an autoresponder or follow up emails. You write this email once and it’s sent automatically to all your new subscribers as soon as they subscribe.

You can write as many emails as you want and they’re sent one after the other, in sequence (as you specify) to all new subscribers. It all happens automatically.

The second one is known as a broadcast email.

After you write this email and hit SEND it will be sent to everyone (or a segment you specify) on your list. It’s usually sent within a few hours. This is sent just once, any new subscribers you get after you send it won’t receive it.

You want to use both methods in this email marketing strategy.

You want to create maybe 5 – 7 follow up emails. These will be sent to all new subscribers. And then, since you need to email your list every day you want to use broadcast emails. You send them to everyone on your list who has already received all the follow up emails. 

I’ll show you exactly how to do that further below. 

That is probably the part that’s a little bit technical in this entire email marketing strategy, but it will only take 1 minute to set it up.

Why & How To Track Links In Your Emails?

According to the K.I.S.S. principle, you should keep it simple, stupid.

Aweber already have built in tracking capabilities. It will tell you the open rate and click through rate (the only two metrics you care about) so you don’t have to do anything! And you don’t even have to worry about those metrics until you have a good sized list of at least 100 subscribers.

You can use third party tracking tools like Clicky or Clickmagick, or perhaps Google’s UTM tracking, but you’ll complicate things. Complications can waste your time. You don’t need to use advanced tracking tools.

Open rate is how many times (in percentage) an email gets opened, and click through rate is how many times (in percentage) the links in an email get clicked.

Here’s an example:

The open rate is in the first column, for example the first one has a 19% open rate. If the open rate is super low (compared to your other emails) it means your subscribers aren’t opening the email. To solve that problem you can test a new subject line.

The click through rate is the second column, for example the first one has a 3% CTR. If this is very low compared to the other emails you can try adding more links in the email, or changing the position of the link (maybe put it more at the top), or change the actual email content.

But remember, don’t worry about any of these metrics until you have at least 100 subscribers. After reaching that number of subscribers you can look at your follow up series, (like the screenshot above). If there’s a particular email with a super low open or click through rate compared to the others you might want to change it’s subject line, or re-write the email to make it a bit better.

What Do You Email Your List?

Follow Ups

You need a follow up series of about 5 – 7 emails. In those emails you want to share some of your best ideas, techniques, secrets, tips, tools, etc., that can really help your audience!

Try to make them as valuable as possible to make a positive first impression with your new subscribers.

Emails should be short and sweet. Don’t write 500 word articles. Put articles on your website and in an email you can tell them a bit about it and share the link to the article.


After they receive those follow up emails they should get your daily broadcasts (or every other day, but daily is recommended). It’s less important that these emails contain your most valuable content. Just share any positive idea, tip, technique, resource, etc., that will help them.

They have already received your follow up series, you’ve already given them some great advice.

If you read a great book, or watched a great video that can be of interest to your prospects you can share it with them.

It’s like emailing a friend, you don’t have to share anything extraordinary, just a simple email with something, anything really that may interest your prospects.

Practice makes perfect. Just do it. Send out a broadcast email every day, and over time it’ll become easier. Don’t worry that they’ll unsubscribe or complain.

How To Write Emails That Get Read?

The key is to make your emails look like they’re sent from a friend to a friend.

Don’t write something like “Hey all my subscribers…” or anything similar that implies you’ve sent the email to a LOT of people.

Imagine you’re writing an email to a friend, just one.

Avoid using images (which also includes logos), videos, attachments or html. Use plain text, and perhaps some bold, italics or underline if you want. In Aweber I suggest you use the ‘Drag & Drop Email Builder’ – it will allow you to do all that you need.

Drag & Drop Email Builder - Aweber

Do not use social icons like Facebook or Twitter neither, so that your email looks as much as possible as it would if a friend send it (not a company).

The reason you want to do that is because your objective is to build a positive relationship with them. You want them to see you as their trusted advisor and a true friend that really wants to help them.

The key is to earn their trust.

Here's a good quote:

People don't care how much you know until
they know how much you care.

Help them as much as you can. Over time they’ll start to like and trust you and that’s when they’ll buy the products or services you recommend!

How To Use Links In Emails

In every email place at least one link. You can link to one of your products, an affiliate product, an article (or video, preferable that you own) on your website related to the email, etc. You can place up to 3 links in one email, but they should all link to the same thing. Don’t link to several different pages whenever possible.

The reason you want to place a link in every email (when possible) is to train your subscribers to expect and CLICK on links. They’ll form the habit of clicking links when they open your emails, which is something you want them to do especially when the email contains links to products you’re promoting!

There’s no ideal location for the text link/s, just place it where it’s most suitable within your email. You can bold it so it looks more prominent. The anchor text of the link (the text of the link that’s colored in blue) can be one word, two or more words or even an entire sentence. It’s up to you.

Example: Linking Couple Words
Example: Linking Entire Sentence

When Do You Promote Products?

You should not promote products in every email you send out.

Ideally promote a product (your own or an affiliate product) in every 4th email you send.

Therefore in your follow up series, if you have 5 emails the first 3 shouldn’t promote any paid product or service, but the 4th one can.

And when you’re sending broadcasts it’s the same thing. You can promote a product or service in every 4th email you send out.

The email that promotes a product should be just like all the others. Therefore it should contain something of value, a tip, technique, idea, resource, etc. But then you can link to a paid product or service instead of a freebie (article, video, etc).

You don’t want to write an ad, or sales messages in your email. Remember your email should feel like you’re a friend sending it to a friend. 

How To Generate New Email Content Ideas?

If you like your niche then you probably consume content related to the topics of your niche frequently. Maybe you read books or articles, buy products, watch videos, take courses, and so on.

If you do that you’re going to find useful and interesting information that you can share with your list. It could be a book you read that you found really good, or a product, video, etc. Share it with them.

You need to put content in the form of articles or videos on your website regularly, ideally every day (but that’s a tough one since the articles need to be really long as I explain in my content creation guide). So of course when you put a new article or video you can email your subscribers, share it with them.

Here are some other ways to generate content ideas:

  • "Spy" on your competitors - set up a new Gmail account and subscribe to your competitor's lists, as many as you can. You'll find out what they're sending their list and you can get good topic and content ideas that way. You can then write an email on the same topic, of course don't copy word for word their emails.
  • Get content ideas from your subscribers by surveying them. One of your follow up emails can be a quick survey. Ask them to take a quick survey so that you can help them better. Tell them it will only take 5 mins of their time.

    You can use a tool like Survey Money (the basic plan is free) to do this.

    Keep the survey as short as possible, not more than 3 questions so they don’t get intimidated and bored.

    Ask them what they need to learn more about, what solutions or advice they require, etc. 

    For example:

    1) What are the toughest challenges you're facing right now about ____ [growing your garden] ____

    2) What topics or subjects do you want to learn more about ____ [gardening] ____

    The 3rd one can be a multiple choice question.

    3) Select the topics or subjects that interest you the most.

    Composting methods and systems
    Weed control
    Crop rotation
    Square foot gardening
    Biodynamic gardening
    Pest Control

    If you’re not getting enough answers try to change the questions a bit. Experiment with different questions to find out what works best for you. Or promise them you’ll give them a freebie if they complete the survey.

  • In my content creation course I made another list of ways to generate content ideas. You can check that one too.

How To Create A Follow Up Series?

In Aweber, (the email marketing software I recommend mainly because of its simplicity and low cost) you can create a campaign. In the campaign you can add as many follow up emails as you want.

I don’t recommend you use Aweber’s ‘Legacy Follow Ups’ because you won’t be able to tag subscribers. Tagging is important in order to send broadcasts only to subscribers who finished the follow up series (more about this below).

Aweber have a nice tutorial on how to create a campaign, it’s pretty straightforward:


Ideally set a time interval between one follow up email and another of 1 – 2 days, so your brand new subscribers won’t receive too many emails at once.

If you specify a 1 day interval (screenshot below), it means day 1 they’ll get email #1, then the next day they’ll get nothing and the third day they’ll get email #3.

Example: Interval of 1 day, between 2 emails

Aweber have a nice short video explaining campaigns:

How To Send Broadcast Emails?

This is also rather simple, but there’s just one setting you need to modify, this will take just a minute to do.

Basically you need to add a tag after the last email in your campaign. So that we’ll send the broadcast email only to subscribers who are tagged. Since this tag will be placed after the last email in the follow up series, we’ll be sending the broadcast email only to subscribers that have received all follow up emails.

We do this so that who’s still receiving the follow up emails won’t receive two emails on a single day, which can be a bit too much for new subscribers.

Example of Aweber Tag

To add the tag in aweber just double click the ‘Apply Tag’ button or drag it after the last email in your follow up series.

Apply Tag Button

Then in the right hand side box you can name the tag whatever you want, e.g. Campaign Ended.

I named mine smt ended. SMT stands for ‘Straight Money Talk’.

Name The Tag

Once you’ve setup the tag in place, which can take less than a minute, you can send a broadcast email whenever you want.

From messages select ‘Broadcasts’.

Aweber Broadcasts

Then click ‘Create Your Message’, and write your email. Then click ‘Schedule A Broadcast’ next to the email you just wrote.

Schedule Broadcast - Aweber

A settings window opens. Click ‘Edit’ next to “Who should receive this message?” And from the drop down select the tag you created and click Apply.

Since I named my tag ‘smt ended’, I select that one from the drop down menu.

Select Your Tag - Aweber

Finally click the ‘Send Message Now’ button and it will be sent usually within a few hours.

How To Deliver Your Free Lead Magnet

When you build your list using a sales funnel, or from some sort of optin form on your website, you’ll typically promise your subscribers a freebie (lead magnet).

In Aweber simple create a new list, and put one email only in it. Use a campaign or the ‘legacy follow ups’. In that email thank them for download the lead magnet, and put the download link.

Keep it simple, short and sweet.

If you have different lead magnets from different optin forms, you just create a separate list for each lead magnet. Each list will contain just one email, thanking the subscriber and giving them the download link.

Now remember every subscriber you get should be put on your main list. This is the list that contains the campaign with the follow up series.

You can use Aweber’s ‘List automation’ feature so that anyone who subscribers to one of your other lists, will be automatically added to your main list. This is easy to do. From ‘List Settings’, select ‘List Automation’:

list automation
Aweber - List Automation

Then from the left drop down select “Subscribe to list [your main list name]” – and from the right drop down select one of your other lists. Click ‘Save Automation Rule’. 

If you have more than one list, you can create another rule like that one, choose a new list from the right drop down.

automation aweber
Example of Automation Rule - click to see bigger picture

Copywriting Tips To Write Better Emails

You don’t even need to learn copywriting to use this effective email marketing strategy. Because your emails should look like they’re being sent from a friend to a friend.


You’re not going to do any selling in your emails. You’re not going to place ads in your emails. When you want to link to products you own (or affiliate products) just place a text link that looks like you’re recommending (not promoting) a product!

Therefore we don’t use a lot of copywriting when writing emails.

However when you’re writing the email subject line you do need to use some specific techniques. I describe 10 subject line writing techniques in my other guide.

To write better email subject lines you can also build an email subject line swipe file. The swipe file will help you generate new subject line ideas, and model well written subject lines.

Or use some proven headline templates like the 39 fill in the blank templates below:

39 Email Subject Line Templates

How To [Desired Result] In [Timeframe]
Example: How to burn fat in 30min/day

What If You [Negative Result]?
Example: What if your conversion rates drop?

[Target Market]! Here’s How To [Desired Result]
Example: Designers! Here’s how to charge premium prices

The Most Common [Topic] Mistakes [Target Market] Make
Example: The most common dating mistakes men make!

The Art Of [Topic]
Example: The art of gardening tomatoes

Cool [Topic] Trick [Desired Result]
Example: Cool content marketing trick doubles traffic

The Secret To [Desired Result]
Example: The secret to training your puppy

[Desired Result] Without [Negative Result]
Example: Read faster without forgetting what you read

How To [Desired Result] Even If [Objection]
Example: How to build muscle even if you’re skinny

You, A [Desired Result]?
Example: You, a best selling author?

How To Avoid [Negative Result]
Example: How to avoid burnout

Are You Making These [Topic] Mistakes?
Example: Are you making these cooking mistakes?

The Death Of [Topic]
Example: The death of email marketing

The War Against [Topic]
Example: The war against meat eaters

The Great [Topic] Hoax Of [Year]
Example: The great fat loss hoax of 2019

The Truth About [Topic]
Example: The truth about the banking industry

My Problem With [Topic]
Example: My problem with email popups

My Big [Topic] Mistake
Example: My big copywriting mistake

Why I Hate [Topic]
Example: Why I hate social media

The Case Against [Topic]
Example: The case against the gig economy

The [Topic] Conspiracy
Example: The vegan conspiracy

The End Of [Topic]
Example: The end of America

[Topic] Armageddon
Example: Marketing armageddon

In Defense Of [Controversial Topic]
Example: In defense of crooked politicians

What [Authority Name] Says About [Topic]
Example: What Gary Bencivenga says about sales copy

[Authority’s Name] Forgotten Secret
Example: Benjamin Franklin’s dog training secret

[Topic] Tips From [Authority’s Name]
Example: Tennis tips from Roger Federer

[Institution’s Name] [Topic] Secret
Example: Harvard’s college acceptance secret

The [Topic] Secret [Authority’s Name] Almost Took To His Grave
Example: The copywriting secret David Ogilvy almost took to his grave

The [Authority’s Name] Method Of [Topic]
Example: The Steve Jobs method of public speaking

The [Authority’s Nickname] Best [Topic] Secret
Example: The prince of print’s best copywriting secret

[Topic] Secret Hidden Inside The [Source Of Information]
Example: Muscle building secret hidden inside tomb

Lost [Topic] Tip From The [Source Of Information]
Example: Lost stock trading tip from the bible

[Authority’s Name] Prophecy
Example: Benjamin franklin’s prophecy

[Topic] Secrets From [Authority’s Nickname]
Example: Conversion secrets from the original copyhacker

[Authority’s Name] Shocked By [Unusual Thing]
Example: Gary Vaynerchuck shocked by weird facebook ad

[Topic] Lessons From A [Unusual Source]
Example: Graphic design lessons from a talking doll

Crazy [Target Market] [Desired Result]
Example: Crazy cubicle worker gets six pack abs

Encyclopedia Of [Topic] [Monster]
Example: Encyclopedia of copywriting monsters

In CashCopyInSeconds™ software, that my programmer and I painstakingly built, you’ll find a total of 476 more email subject line templates, all proven to help you write a really good subject line. You can look at a swipe file like this one for ideas, or write your subject line just by filling in the blanks.


Anyone can apply this effective email marketing strategy, because it’s simple and easy. Best of all it’s proven to work because there are marketers with lists of 50,000 or more using this exact same strategy!

Once you’re getting a steady stream of new leads (ideally using a sales funnel) you can start using this exact strategy! It doesn’t matter if you’re getting 5 or 50 leads a day, you can start using this strategy right away.

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