Marketing is all about generating interest and desire for you and your products. One way to market is with email. 

Give quality information via email and if they like and find it useful over time you’ll become their trusted advisor. They’ll naturally be inclined to buy the products or services you recommend.

Effective Email Marketing Strategy (Easy & Proven To Work)​

An effective email marketing strategy that’s 100% proven to work. It’s beginner friendly, super easy and you can start using it right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question #1: What are the advantages of email marketing?

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your audience whenever you want to. 

Youtube subscribers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and other channels don’t give you 100% control. They can change their algorithms, like Facebook did and make it much harder to communicate with your audience.

But email is an asset that you own.

That’s the main advantage of using email marketing.

Although Youtube, Facebook and other channels are popular they’re not as popular as email. Everyone uses email, so you can rest assured it’s a proven and reliable channel.

  • Question #2: What are the best email marketing services?

Aweber, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Mailchimp and ConvertKit are some of the most popular services.

However Aweber seems to be the easiest to use. It’s also always listed at the very top positions in terms of deliverability rates.

That’s how likely the emails these services send actually reach the inboxes of your email subscribers.

  • Question #3: How do I create a subscriber list?

Sales funnels and content marketing are two most common ways to build your list.

If you’re going to use paid traffic ideally use a sales funnel. This is nothing more than 3 or more pages on your website – the first page is designed specifically to build your subscriber list. It’s known as a squeeze or optin page.

The other method to build your list is via content marketing. This basically means you place optin forms on your website sidebar or within the actual piece of content (blog post).

There are many types of optin forms. You’d have to test and use what works best for you.

If you create video content for Youtube or other social media sites you can place a link to a squeeze / optin page in the video description.

If you’re going to use any other traffic generation method free or paid the primary goal is to build your list. Because it’s your most valuable asset.

Therefore send the traffic to a squeeze page or a piece of content on your website that has optin forms.

  • Question #4: How do I monetize my email list?

This depends on the type of business that you have.

If you’re selling information products your audience needs advice and helpful tips. 

You can send them short valuable tips via email and once in every 3 or 4 emails you can link out to a product or service. 

This could be your own or an affiliate product.

If you’re selling tangible (physical products) the strategy can be a bit different.

You can send coupons, special offers, reminder emails and those kind of thing to encourage them to purchase.

You can also create content such as buying guides (e.g. headphone buying guide), product reviews or comparisons, etc. And put links to your own or affiliate products in them.

Then send an email to your list to let them know about your latest guide. That way you’ll send traffic to your website from your email list.

See what your top competitors are doing for ideas. If they’re so successful chances are they’re doing something right. But don’t copy everything they do because it might not work for you!

  • Question #5: How many email subscribers do you need to make money?

There’s a guideline that says if you’re doing things right you’ll earn $1 per subscriber per month.

If you’ve got 1000 subscribers that’s equivalent to $1000 a month.

But you’re not going to hit that $1 per subscriber per month immediately.

You need to become good at email marketing. It’s a skill, the more you learn and practice the better you become at it.

One of the things you need to do is build a positive relationship with your audience. When you earn their trust it will be much easier to sell products that you recommend.