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"10 Simple Yet Powerful Tips To Sell More Products Via Email!"

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Let’s dive straight into them one after another.

Number 1: Consistency

The first thing your subscribers look at when you send them an email is the From part. They want to know who send it.

It’s important to keep using the same name, so subscribers will get used to it and immediately know it’s from you!

I always use ‘Jack Straight Talk Sarlo’ as the From name.

The other thing you want to keep consistent is the From email you use.

The From email is only visible when they open their email.

If you change the From name or From email frequently you can confuse your subscribers.

Ideally, use your name or your newsletter name as the From name. Test whatever you use, make sure it’s not too long so that the full name is entirely visible in their Inbox.

You can specify the From name in your autoresponder account settings.

Screenshot showing the From Name

Number 2: Add Physical Address

It’s important that each email you send out contains your actual physical address. This way your emails look professional, trustworthy and sent from a real person with an actual location – they won’t look like spam.

If you use Aweber or any other autoresponder service by default the address will be added automatically at the footer, of every email you send. It’s placed near the ‘Unsubscribe’ link which is also added automatically with every email you send. 

Send a test email to yourself to verify.

Number 3: Relationship Building

List building is relationship building – when you have a good relationship with your subscribers, they will start to trust you. When they start to trust you they’ll become more interested to buy your products!

Constantly asking them to BUY NOW!! BUY NOW!! in every email you send, won’t help you.

It’s intimidating to receive an email from someone you barely know asking you to buy his stuff right away!

The best way to build a relationship is to give them what they really want. Your subscribers want 3 things from you: 

They want value – they want to learn something. Make a list of all their problems, wants and needs and try to help them with anyone of them in each of your emails. Share a quick tip, technique, lesson, tool, good book, resource or an article you’ve just posted on your website, whatever might interest your prospects.

Read forums within your niche, it’s a great place to learn what your prospects want or need.

They want entertainment – This is far less important than providing value. You don’t have to tell jokes in each email – just try not to be too serious. Write in a friendly way, imagine you’re sending the email to your cousin or a friend.

They want to be motivated – Once again this is far less important than providing value – however if you can, from time to time, encourage them perhaps by using a positive quote.

This can be also achieved with a simple sentence like this: ‘This is not rocket science, if you take action you can do this!’

The complete email marketing strategy in my other guide revolves entirely around building a positive relationship with your list.

Number 4: Avoid Spam Filters

The worst thing that can happen to your emails is that they end in the Spam or Junk folders. Most of the time you don’t have to worry about spam filters, but there are some precautions you can take.

The first thing you want to do is to tell your subscribers to whitelist your email. After someone subscribes to your list they’ll see some sort of ‘Thank You’ page. On that page give them instructions on how they can whitelist your email.

You can also give them these instructions in the first email you send to your list, that usually contains the download link to the freebie (lead magnet) they opted for.

Whitelisting is just some basic instructions on how they can add your email address to their email client’s (e.g. Gmail) contacts list. In this way their email client won’t send your emails to their spam folder because you’re considered one of their contacts.

You can use this tool to generate a page containing whitelist instructions for different email clients:

That tool will create a page much like my own whitelisting instructions page.

The other precaution you can take to avoid spam filters it to avoid using certain words in your email subject line or the email itself. You’ll probably not use these words, but it’s still good to know…

Here are 62 words to avoid using in emails!

Accept credit cards
Act Now!
Apply online
Best price
Billing address
Buy direct
Cash bonus
Check or money order
Click to remove
Credit card offers
Drastically reduced
Easy terms
Eliminate bad credit
Email harvest
Fantastic deal
Financial freedom
Free access
Free cell phone
Free grant money Free investment
Free leads
Free membership
Free money
Free offer
Free preview
Free priority mail
Free quote
Free sample
Free trial
Free website
Full refund
Limited time only
Lower interest rates
Lower monthly payment
Lowest price
Mortgage rates
Multi level marketing
Once in lifetime One hundred percent free
One hundred percent guaranteed
Online biz opportunity
Online pharmacy
Order Now
Order status
Order today
Potential earnings
Reverses aging
Risk free
Satisfaction guaranteed
Save big money
Serious cash
Social security number
US dollars
Work at home
You have been selected

These words trigger the spam filters because they’re the words used regularly by scammers.

Your autoresponder should provide you a ‘Spam Score’ for each email – this tells you the likelihood that your emails will get delivered to their Inbox. 

If you use Aweber click on Messages, and then Drafts. Then click on “In A Campaign”. You’ll see a list of all emails you have in a campaign.

There’s a link next to each email called ‘Spam Score’, click that to view the score for each email.

spam score aweber
Aweber View Spam Score

When you click that link you’ll see your spam score. There are complete details on the spam score page… but anything less than 5 is okay. 

spam score page
Aweber View Spam Score

General speaking you shouldn’t worry too much about spam filters because  they’re very good at catching spam and scams not regular emails like the ones you send.

Number 5: Double Optin is a hassle

Double optin is when a new subscriber receives an email asking them to confirm they want to subscribe to your list by clicking a link.

This is an unnecessary step and it’s not obligatory. In your settings you can disable ‘double optin’. Aweber explains how to do this in this article.

Number 6: Subject Lines

The Subject Line is the most important part of the email.

It should be interesting enough to get them to open the email.

Keep the subject line at about 50 characters or less so the entire subject line is visible in their email client. Test an email by sending it to yourself to make sure the subject line is entirely visible. If it’s too long the last few words will be cut off and replaced with ellipsis (…).

Learn a bit about copywriting to improve your ability to write good subject lines. Writing a good email subject line is like writing an article or salesletter headline.

Always avoid using ALL CAPS in subject line (or anywhere in your email) because using ALL CAPS is the same thing as shouting or screaming!

Ideally use Sentence Case (capitalize just the first letter of the first word only). Title Case (capitalize the first letter of each word) is also a good choice sometimes. You can use both options randomly.

You can find 39 fill in the blank email subject line templates in my other guide.

Number 7: Personalization.

This is one of the very basic ways to build a positive relationship with your list. Start the email with a friendly Hello or Hi Jane, or something equivalent. It’s a simple but powerful way to connect with your readers.

Sometimes you can also include their first name in the subject line too. But be careful that your subject line won’t become too long.

You’ll surprise them when you use their name in the subject line or email. But don’t use it in all your emails or it will lose it’s powerful effect. They’ll get used to it. I’d say use it perhaps once in every 6 emails or so.

“Remember that a person's name is to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language”

Dale Carnegie

Number 8: Images blocked

Images are automatically blocked in some email clients, but not in others. When a client blocks an image your subscriber won’t see the image (unless they modify their email settings).

Email clients block images for security reasons.

Image not being blocked

Imagine being blocked but displaying ALT text

As I explain in the email marketing strategy guide your emails should look like they’re sent from a friend to a friend.

Emails you send to friends usually don’t contain images and especially not company logos. That’s the biggest reason why it’s better to avoid using images or videos.

Number 9: Track Clicks

If you insert links in emails, Aweber will automatically track links and you’ll know if your subscribers are opening your emails and clicking links or not.

Most autoresponders include a tracking feature. They also track open rates, unsubscribe rates and provide other useful stats.

If you want something more advanced, with more features than the one provided by your autoresponder consider using a tool like Clicky or ClickMagick but it’s not recommended. You’ll very likely complicate things. It’s best to keep things as simple as possible especially in the beginning stages.

What your autoresponder service provides is more than sufficient.

Number 10: Promote affiliate products

You can promote affiliate products, not just your own Information products. Promote products that will help them… any book, tool, resource, software, guide, course or anything else they need. If the product is not yours, join the affiliate program and promote it as an affiliate.

It’s your obligation to help them in any way, shape or form that you can. If you there’s a product you really want to share it with them, but they don’t have an affiliate program, share it just the same.

The KEY is to help them as much as possible. Over time you’ll build a positive relationship with your list and that’s when they start buying the products or services you recommend.

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