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In an Information Business your primary source of income comes from selling Information products.

These are products that provide some sort of information or teach something…

So it’s critical you gain the knowledge and the skills to improve your product creation skills… this is what you’ll discover on this page!

Frequently Asked Questions

An information product is any product that delivers some kind of information.

This could be a video, audio, ebook, paid newsletter, membership site, course and so on. 

They can be digital or physical products.

Digital products are delivered to the customer via the Internet. For example downloadable ebooks or audio programs.

Physical products are shipped to the customer like for example books or audio programs (on CD or DVD).

Information products can be given away for free or sold. 

Prices start from about $7 up to $297 or more for home study courses.

Digital products refer to products that are sold over the Internet. The customer downloads them to their devices.

You can sell the from your own website by using a shopping cart such as JvZoo, EJunkie, SendOwl, Clickbank and other platforms. 

Those allow you to accept payments on your website such as credit cards and paypal. Their features vary, so you’d have to choose the one that suits your needs.

You can also sell ebooks on Amazon Kindle or other digital products on ebay.

Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify do allow you to sell digital products as well.

You can create an ebook with a word processor program such as Libre Office or Open Office and even Google Docs.

Once you write the contents of your ebook you just hit the Convert to PDF button and the ebook is done.

They come loaded with many features so you can include table of contents, custom headers and footers and so on.

I have a complete guide called How To Write An Ebook With OpenOffice Writer (Step-By-Step)!

Information products are designed to help people solve a problem or fix an issue. 

So the first step is to know what issues and problems the audience in your niche are facing. 

So you can create an information product that will help them.

The information you’re going to share can be compiled in practically any type of information product.

The same information can be included in an ebook, video, audio, infographic, membership site, newsletter, etc.

So you’d have to pick the format you want to use. And then you just present the information in a structured manner.

You’d split the information into chapters if you’re writing an ebook. Or you’d spread the content into a series of videos or audio files.

There are various tools to help you create Information products.

For example you can use Screen-O-Matic to record videos or LibreOffice to make ebooks.

First of all you need to do some niche research to uncover a profitable niche that interests you.

If you want to sell physical or digital products you can sell affiliate products from Amazon, Clickbank, Impact, ShareASale and the various other affiliate networks.

If you want to sell your own Information products one of the best ways is to build an audience that knows, likes and trust you – and then let them tell you what products they want to buy!

Your audience will ask you questions, send comments and they’ll naturally tell you what kind of products or services they want!

You can build that audience by producing content in the form of audio, video or articles. And give it away for free, ideally from your website. But you can also start a Youtube Channel.

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