How To Get FREE Youtube Traffic And Grow A Massive Email List

updated June 1, 2021

In this guide you’ll discover how to use Youtube to build a huge list of subscribers. 

Building a list, an audience that knows, likes and trust you is the primary goal of any Infobusiness and you can do that with just Youtube!

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If you like making Youtube videos you’re very lucky, because this list building strategy works really well without any of these things…

  • You don’t need a complicated sales funnel with one time offers.

    That is best used when using paid traffic, in order to recuperate your traffic cost. This Youtube strategy is completely free.
  • You can start using this strategy even if you haven’t yet build any products or services…
  • You don’t need an expensive mike, complicated video editing software or fancy equipment.

    You can produce, edit and upload these videos with just your smartphone.

Here’s basically what you need to make this work for you…

  • You need to be comfortable with making simple videos. There are 3 main ways to do this. The best method requires just a smartphone.
  • You need a simple optin page to capture your video viewer’s email address and build your list.​
  • Consistently produce approximately 10min helpful videos, preferable every day. And do some basic SEO so they rank in Youtube.

That’s pretty much it. You’ll discover how to do all of that in this guide.

Of course you also have to find a profitable niche, an audience that you can help. 

This is the exact strategy a successful Information marketer used to launch his own business. 

Currently he has over 100K Youtube subscribers and earns about $30,000 a month from his membership site. 

The membership site is his only product. He also promotes affiliate products to his list.

In the Infobusiness we have to produce content consistently and there are 3 main ways to do that. You can write, make video or audio. Some people prefer to write, I’m one of them. 

Others don’t mind making videos or audio. If you’re one of these people this strategy may be all you need to get all the traffic you want and build a huge email list!

So let’s see how this works…Table of Contents

How This Youtube
Strategy Works

All you have to do is create short, 10 mins or less videos and in each one you just try to help your audience as best as you can. 

Pick a single topic related to your niche and give as much helpful advice as you can for about 10 mins.

That topic can be a problem your audience is facing…

It’s important that you produce these short videos preferably every day, because quantity is important as much as quality.

The more videos you have the more traffic you’ll get from Youtube. Youtube is basically a search engine just like Google. 

Your videos can and will start to rank in Youtube search. 

The more videos you have the more likely some of those will rank very well and get a lot of video views.

Over time your videos will start to rank better, and more and more people will see them. 

If you tried your best to help your audience you’ll start to get more and more likes, comments and channel subscribers. 

Furthermore you’ll link to your optin page in each video description, so you’ll also get more and more email subscribers as well.

You’ll use some simple search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on your video so they rank well in Youtube for certain keyword phrases. This is revealed further below.

Build A List

The KEY is to move all those people who view your videos onto your email list, because that’s an asset you own. 

Remember the saying, “The Money Is In The List”. Regardless what traffic strategy you use building a list is always the ultimate goal.

To build your list you just put a link to your optin page in the description of each video. It’s as simple as that.

If your audience is visiting your optin page but they’re not optin in you may have to test a different lead magnet.

Produce Content Consistently

It’s recommended you keep producing videos, preferable on a daily basis for at least 6 months. 

You’ll start to see some really promising results after that time frame. By then you’ll have a huge number of videos and that’s why you’ll start to see more video views, likes and new subscribers.

Stick to it, it’s critically important. Most successful Youtuber’s where basically unknown and non existing for the first 6 months or more. 

But eventually your videos will start to rank and traffic will increase.

Now let’s see ways to create your videos and then how to rank them on Youtube.

3 Methods To Create Videos

There are 3 main ways to record Youtube videos and you can use whichever you prefer or a combination. 

The quality of the video in terms of the value you give to your audience is much more important than the type or even the quality of your videAnimations – these videos can be done with software like VideoScribe or Animaker.

  • Power point presentation – in this video viewers will see a power point presentation while they listen to you narrating.

    The few videos I have are all power point presentations, and I made a guide to show you how to produce these videos.
  • Smartphone Videos – these videos can be done with any smartphone and some optional tools.

    This is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to produce Youtube videos. A similar method is to record your video using your webcam.

Smartphone videos are recommended because your audience can see you. This builds trust. 

You can connect with them much better this way. They get to know you personally. 

It’s highly effective to build that relationship with your audience.

Remember people buy from people they know, like and trust.

How To Produce Youtube Videos
With Your Smartphone

You can just hit the record button on your smartphone and start sharing tips and advice. It’s as easy as that. 

But if you want your videos to be a bit more neat and professional watch this 4 part video series. 

You’ll also learn how to edit the video and upload it to Youtube, all completely done with just your phone. 

This is beginner friendly and the optional tools are cheap.

Video #1: How to Shoot a YouTube
Video from Scratch with Your Phone

Video #2: How to Shoot and Edit a
YouTube Thumbnail with a Smartphone

Video #3: How To Edit Videos
On Your Phone (FREE App
for iPhone & Android)

Video #4: How to Upload Videos
on YouTube from Your Phone

You can also record a video using your webcam using a free software like OBS Studio

With that software you can also record your computer screen and yourself at the same time. This guy, Kevin Stratvert shows you how to do that…

Now let’s see the various types of videos you can produce.

6 Types of Youtube Videos

There’s at least 16 different types of videos on Youtube, for example unboxing, haul, interview, compilation, prank, etc.

In the list below you’ll find those video types most appropriate for Information marketers.

  • How To/Tutorial video – this is probably the most common type of video you’ll produce as an Info marketer.

    Teach them how to do something step by step. This video can be as long as you want it to be. Some successful Youtubers have tutorial videos longer than an hour.
  • Unboxing video – you can unbox a product you’ve purchased to show your audience exactly what they can expect to get.

    Review the product and showcase it. Great if you’re promoting a physical product or even books, DVD’s, etc.
  • Haul video – this is similar to unboxing, where you discuss a product/s you recently purchased.

    You can review the purchasing experience and the positive/negative aspects of the product.
  • The Q & A video – create a video answering the most common questions that they leave in your comments.
  • Interview – you can interview popular or not so popular (as long as they have something valuable to share) people in your niche.

    Or you can get a friend or someone to interview you!
  • The Customer Success Story – if you have personally helped/mentored someone achieve some level of success you can share their story with your audience as a source of inspiration…

Of course before you record your video you may need to research a bit the topic you’re going to discuss. 

Perhaps write some notes you’re going to talk about. If you’re naturally good at talking in front of a camera you won’t even need to write a complete script.

Now let’s see how to rank your videos.

Youtube SEO Techniques

Youtube is a search engine just like Google. The goal is to rank our videos on Youtube.

So it’s critically important that you optimize your videos so they are more likely to rank well for certain keyword phrases.

So before you even begin making your video, you have to do some keyword research. 

You need to find a keyword relevant to your video that has high search volume. This is the keyword you want your video to rank for.

There are specific keyword research tools just for Youtube SEO, and Brian Dean of Backlinko lists them all in his free video keyword research guide.

There are some other simple Youtube SEO techniques you can apply in order to outrank your competition in Youtube search results for that keyword. 

You can discover all of them in this video. This is a complete course on Youtube SEO for free. 

Highly recommended. Miles Beckler currently has 111K Youtube subscribers. Discover all about backlinks, tags, how to use keywords in the title & description, etc.

Last but not least I suggest Brian Dean’s 9 step Youtube SEO checklist. You’ll notice his techniques are very similar to Miles’ techniques. 

Brian currently has 245K Youtube subscribers. He’s the owner of Backlinko. Highly recommended.

Once your videos are getting lots of views and your channel is growing with new subscribers your email list will grow as well. 

That’s because you’ll have a link to your optin page in your video description.

Now let’s see how to monetize your email list.

Building A Profitable Business

As your videos get more views your email list will grow bigger and bigger. Now what you need are ways to monetize your list.

You can sell your own products, affiliate products or both.

The subscribers on your list already know, like and trust you quite a bit because they’ve seen your videos, and they got value.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. All you have to do is email your list regularly, preferable daily. And again you just have to share helpful information. 

For example you can let them know about your latest videos and share the link so they can view it. 

The feedback you get from youtube comments can also help you determine what your audience needs to know. I made a separate and complete email marketing guide and it reveals more ways to communicate with your list.

You can create a follow up series, perhaps consisting of 7-10 emails. 

These will be sent automatically to all new subscribers. 

And then you can send a daily broadcast to all subscribers who finished the series. This is explained step by step in the same email marketing guide.

Any email you send can contain a link to a useful affiliate product or a product you own.

In Russell Brunson latest book, Lead Funnels he states that if you develop a positive relationship with your subscribers, you should earn on average $1 per subscriber each month. 

This means if you have 500 subscribers your income will be about $500 per month. 

If you want to make $5,000 per month you need about 5000 subscribers on your list.

It takes time to develop a positive relationship but since they already watched your Youtube videos they already somewhat like and trust you. 

You just have to keep delivering valuable content.


So as you can see you can build a profitable business with just Youtube videos. 

You won’t have to spend money on paid traffic, build complicated sales funnels or any other fancy thing.

The KEY for this strategy to work well is to produce content consistently and do some SEO on the videos you produce. 

Overtime you’ll get more likes, comments, Youtube and email subscribers. 

And you can start monetizing your list by promoting your own or affiliate products.

This is a proven strategy because it has been used before by other successful marketers exactly as I’ve described it.

So do you have any questions or comments regarding this Youtube strategy? Leave them in the comments below.

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