There are several types of Internet-based businesses you can build. And more than one method to make money online.

For example an information business, ecommerce business, coaching & consulting business, affiliate business and so on.

These guides show you the different options to make money online!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question #1: What is the best home business to start in 2020?

The best business is the one that works well for you.

For example some people prefer selling digital products instead of physical products. 

Others prefer to offer services like search engine optimization services or coaching.

But here are some of the top home based businesses you can start:

  • Information business – you sell information packaged in digital products (ebooks, audio programs, video…) and/or physical products (home study courses, books…)
  • Affiliate Marketing business – you sell other people’s products and earn commissions. You can sell digital or physical products.

    They can be information products or actual tangible products (clothing, footwear, electronics…)
  • Coaching business – you help your clients achieving the results they want via one on one coaching.

    Your coaching sessions can be done using video conferencing.

    For example business coach, Personal Finance coach, Relationship coach, etc.
  • Service business – You can start an agency and provide services to clients.

    This is similar to a coaching business but instead of being solo you’ll have a team.

    Most online agency provide services to online businesses, such as SEO, content creation, marketing and social media, website development , etc.
  • Drop Shipping business – This is another noteworthy type of business.

    You purchase the products you want to sell from a third party source.

    And they’re shipped to your customer directly from the same source. You won’t have to keep products you sell in stock.

Your Internet business doesn’t have to be 100% based online. 

So, for example, you can use offline advertising like direct mail, do boot camps or seminars, etc. 

If you have a local brick & mortar business (any street shop, dentist, etc.) you can use the Internet to acquire more leads and customers.

  • Question #2: What are the best work at home jobs?

Starting your own business is one method to make money online. But it’s not a jobs .

Most online jobs can be found on sites like FreelancerUpwork and others. You can get hired part time or full time. 

Or you can work as a freelancer on a per project basis, much like a side hussle.

Some actual types of jobs include:

  • Virtual Assistant – You can get hired assistant businesses with their day to day tasks, such as customer support via emails and chat, creating content, social media management and so on.
  • Social Media Manager – Big businesses require a dedicated person to manage their social media pages. It’s a job similar to a virtual assistant.
  • Data Entry – This is another common type of job.
  • Transcriber/Transcriptionist & Translators – This consists of listening to audio or video files and converting audio into text.

    Translators translate from one language to another.
  • Online Tutor – Teach students using sites like CheggTutors
  • Writer – There’s a lot of demand for writers. You can write articles, ebooks and so on. If you learn copywriting that’s another in demand job.
  • Web development – There’s a lot of demand for progammers, developers, web design and other technical jobs.
  • Question #3: How can I make money from home?

Besides starting your own business, work at home part time/full time jobs or freelance projects there are other ways to make money online. 

The income you get may not be as consistent as a business or a job. And you have to be cautious what sites you join, to avoid scams.

Here are just a handful of these options:

  • Get paid to take online surveys – e.g. Inbox Dollars
  • Watch and like movie previews – e.g. Swagbucks
  • Get paid to test websites – e.g. TryMyUi
  • Earn rewards using Bing Search engine.
  • Do micro tasks – Tasks vary from simple graphic design to relationship advice. e.g. Fiverr