"$30K A Month Info Business Blueprint That Fits On A Simple Mind Map!"

Info business mind map

The objective of this guide is to give you an overview of what has to be done to build an Info business. This exact blueprint is being used by some marketers I’ve studied and they are making $30K a month or more. It’s also the strategy I use.

I’ve tried to cut through the chase because there is just too much information, strategies, techniques and complications in the Internet Marketing niche. If you remove everything that’s unimportant and unnecessary you’ll be left with the 4 core strategies of this blueprint.

You don’t have to worry about a lot of things like outsourcing, complex sales funnels, unique selling propositions, list segmentation, advanced copywriting techniques and on and on. Some of them e.g. split testing or a logo are like icing sugar on a cake, they’re good to have, but not indispensable. They shouldn’t occupy the majority of your time.

You should spend your time solely on these 4 core strategies. They’re the actual important stuff that build and grow your business.

When you have a blueprint like this everything seems much easier. This can help you overcome information overload because you now have a step by step strategy. You can ignore everything that’s not related to these 4 core strategies.

After viewing this blueprint the reason why we do what we do e.g. content marketing or email marketing should make more sense to you! 

Everything falls neatly together, all 4 strategies fit together like a puzzle.

Niche Research

Core Strategy Number One

This is obviously step number one and if you do it right, you just do this ONCE. 

You want to figure out a specific audience that you can help with your content and products. You cannot help everyone. 

You need to learn all you can about your audience issues, wants and needs so that you can help them as much as possible!

4 Keys To Find A Niche

  • Ideally it should be something you're interested or knowledgeable about. There are at least 5 different ways to find possible good niches for you.
  • The audience within your niche should be willing to spend money on products and/or services within the niche. If they don't buy anything you won't be able to make any money.

    One way to know this is to look at the number of competitors within the niche, and what products they're selling. If it's a profitable niche you should find lots of competitors selling products.
  • The audience needs to be sufficiently large enough because if it's too small you won't be able to make as much money (unless you sell really high ticket items).

    You can use keyword research and other tools or methods to get a pretty good estimate of the size of your niche.
  • The topic of your niche should be sufficiently large so that you can create a lot of content. For example there isn't too much to say about "Sciatica". It's a type of back pain. Eventually you'll run out of content ideas.

    In such cases choose a larger niche, in this example that would be "back pain". There are a lot of different topics you can talk about, related to back pain:

Ankylosing Spondylitis
Arthritis and Joint Pain
Arthritis of the Spine
Back Pain in Children
Chronic Fatigue
Degenerative Disc Disease
Facet Joint Syndrome
Forward Head Posture
Herniated Disc
Knee Pain
Lower Back Pain
Macular Degeneration
Neck Pain
Pinched Nerve
Piriformis Syndrome
Pulled Back Muscles
Pregnancy Back Pain
Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
Somatic Pain and Your Back
Spinal Stenosis
Types of Pain
Tension Headaches
Upper Back Pain
Whiplash Pain

You can refer to my free niche research guides to discover how to find an niche that meets all those 4 important criteria.

Content Marketing

Core Strategy Number Two

Your audience will buy the products you recommend only if they trust in you. To earn their trust we create content. 

This high quality content will truly help our audience, and that’s why they start to like and trust us. We become their trusted advisor. They see us as an “expert”.

 They will buy the products you promote when you earn their trust. We’ll see how to promote products in the last step.

  • There are many ways to produce content but the best three formats are articles, videos or audio. Choose whichever you prefer. What matters most is the quality of the content, not the format.
  • Start a blog and put your content on it.
  • Produce content on a regular basis. If you write articles post about 2 very good ones (with about 2,500 words or more).

    If you make videos or audio you can produce many more per week since they're much shorter and easier to do. You can make videos with just your smartphone, you don't need expensive or fancy equipment.

    Producing content consistently is very important because you'll need to have a LOT of high quality content to convince your audience you're an authority within your niche. If they come to your website or Youtube channel and all they see is a dozen short articles or videos they won't easily earn their trust.
  • An optional but recommended step is to do at least some basic search engine optimization (SEO) on your articles so they rank better in Google. Likewise you can do some SEO on your Youtube videos so they rank well on Youtube.

    There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. You'll choose what works best for your business and what you actually like to do.

Optionally but recommended:

  • If you'll make video or audio ideally include a transcript underneath them. Over time your blog posts will start to rank better in Google if they also contain text.
  • You can upload videos to your Youtube Channel. It will be worth it traffic-wise.
  • Do at least some basic search engine optimization (SEO) on your articles so they rank better in Google. Basic SEO means find a keyword for your post and put it in headline and filename.
  • Do some SEO on your Youtube videos so they rank well on Youtube.

More about traffic in the next step…

Traffic Generation

Core Strategy Number Three

So far you have a blog, and perhaps a Youtube channel and you’re consistently adding high quality content.

Now you have to drive traffic. The main goal of traffic generation is to obtain the name and email address of the people in your niche, therefore your audience. That’s known as building a list. This is important because we need some way to communicate with our audience. Email is currently still the easiest and best way to do that.

There are several different ways to get traffic. In almost but not all cases you’ll need an optin page. That’s the page you’ll send the traffic to. And it’s goal is to obtain the name/email of your audience. 

It’s a very simple webpage which will contain an optin box, a headline, some text and a freebie (e.g. a checklist, swipe file, templates, short ebook, video, etc.). You’ll send traffic to this page to collect the name/email of your audience and build your list.

This is an example of an optin page:

As you can see it’s super simple. 

You want to keep things as simple as possible, especially in the beginning phases of your business. Avoid any complicated strategies. Because you can waste a LOT of time just trying to understand and make them work. And more often than not, simple things works the best and that’s absolutely true for optin pages.

For some traffic generation strategies like content distribution it won’t be possible to link to an optin page. You’ll have to link to the blog post you’re actually sharing. In that case you’ll need to have the optin form on your blog in order collect the name/email from the traffic that you’ll get.

This is an example of an optin box (highlighted in red) on a blog:


This is another example of an optin box on a blog, but this loads like a “popup” after a few seconds, or when the visitors tries to exit the page:

exit intent popup

So remember that the main purpose of traffic generation is to build a list.

Free And Paid Traffic
Generation Methods

Some methods to get traffic are free and some are not. Both have their pros and cons, let’s take a look at them.

Free Traffic
Generation Methods


  • It's free, you won't risk a penny.
  • It's more easy, there isn't a steep learning curve unlike Facebook ads for example.
  • You get to communicate directly with your audience (e.g. posting on forums or social groups) and so you'll learn a lot about them.

    That is very useful when you need to produce content, create products or choose which affiliate products to promote.


  • Free traffic methods require a lot more time before they start to produce actual traffic.
  • Inability to scale up quickly. With paid traffic methods if something works you can usually spend more money and it will work even better.

If you want to discover more about free traffic check my other free guide, “23 Free AND Easy Ways To Turbocharge Your Website Traffic!”

Paid Traffic
Generation Methods


  • Once you master the method you can get a LOT of traffic fast.
  • You can scale up a successful campaign - this means if something is working right you can pour in more money and it works even better!
  • You can put ads in front of the exact audience that you want; the exact people you can help. The ones who are more likely to join your list. This is highly targeted traffic.

    For example with Facebook Ads you can place ads in front of people from a specific country, age group, specific interests and a LOT more targeting options.


  • There's a steep learning curve involved and you'll have to spend money during that process. You might have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars before you start seeing some really good results.
  • You need to learn at least the basics of copywriting in order to write ads.
  • When you use free traffic methods you can drive traffic to a simple optin page. When you use paid traffic methods you'll typically have to use a one time offer page (OTO) apart from the optin page.
    Therefore some extra work.

    The optin and OTO page combination is called a sales funnel.

If you want to discover more about paid traffic check my other free guide, “12 Unique Paid Traffic Methods And The Keys To Master Them!”

Here are some free traffic generation methods:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - to rank your blog posts in Google or Youtube SEO to rank your videos in Youtube.
  • Social Networking - helping your audience on social sites like Facebook Groups, Q & A sites like Quora, forums, blog comments... (linking back to your optin page and/or blog posts)
  • Content Repurposing - share your content on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, podcast directories, slideshare.net, Infographic directories, etc. You can also convert your content in different formats (e.g. an article into a video) to share it on more sites.

Here are some paid traffic generation methods:

  • Social Media Ads e.g. Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Youtube Ads, Pinterest Ads...
  • Pay Per Click Ads e.g. Google Ads, Bing Ads...
  • Display Advertising e.g. Google Display Network, BuySellAds...
  • Solo Ads

You should basically pick a method, perhaps one you’re drawn too and test it until it either works or not. Try as hard as you can, don’t quit after a week or a month. There’s always a learning curve involved especially if it’s a paid traffic generation method. So expect a challenge in the beginning.

If you gave it your best effort but give up hope after several months pick another one and test it again!

Youtube SEO

If the content you’ll produce is going to be video then a good traffic generation strategy for you is Youtube SEO. You’ll basically optimize your videos, using specific techniques so that they’ll rank very well on Youtube. You’ll need an optin page for this method. You’ll link to that page in your video descriptions, so who views your video can subscribe to your list.

Brian Dean from Backlinko.com has a great free guide on Youtube SEO to rank your videos on Youtube. It’s updated for 2019 and beyond. Brian has 247K Youtube subscribers and a lot of high rankings on Youtube, that’s why I recommend him.

Spying on Competitors

To help you decide which method to choose you may want to consider spying a bit on your competitors to discover what traffic methods they’re using. A good tool to do that is SimilarWeb.

Enter your competitor’s websites, as many as you can and the tool lists their top traffic sources (for the last month).

similarweb traffic sources

It also lists the top non paid websites that send the most traffic.

You might get some good ideas this way. It doesn’t mean you should use the same traffic generation methods as your competitors. Although that won’t be a bad idea because if they’re successful it might work for you too since you’re in the same niche and going after the same audience.

I don’t suggest their paid version, it’s an unnecessary expense.

Email Marketing

Core Strategy Number Four

So now you’re producing content consistently and you’re using traffic generation methods to build your list. 

Now you have to build a positive relationship with your subscribers so that when you recommend your own or an affiliate product they’ll buy it.

There are two keys to build that relationship.

  • Email often, preferable everyday because if they don't hear from you after just a few weeks they'll start to forget about you. Furthermore since they get a LOT of emails each week from other companies, friends, etc., they might not even notice your email if you send just one email each week.

    However if you send daily, or every other day they'll have a lot of unread emails from you, increasing the chances that they'll open at least one of them.
  • Help them as much as you can. Since you're already producing helpful content consistently, you can share with them your latest blog post or video.
    You can also share any other tips, tricks, resources, etc., anything they'll find helpful or useful in a short email.

    In my free email marketing guide there are some other ways to come up with new email ideas.

If you do those two simple things over time you build a positive relationship with your subscribers. They’ll start to remember your name and be eager to open your emails, since they contain value.

In approximately every 3rd email you send you can recommend your own or an affiliate product related to that particular email.

For example:

  • Email #1 just content.
  • Email #2 just content.
  • Email #3 content plus one or more links promoting a product.
  • And so on...

That’s not a strict rule. Sometimes I send two emails one after the other both containing links to products. And sometimes I send 4 emails one after the other with just content. But on average you should promote a product once in every 3 emails.

If you’ve built that positive relationship with your subscribers they’ll buy the products you recommend because they trust you!

The money you earn from the sales of those products is how your business makes money. 

Russell Brunson said a great thing in his latest book, Lead Funnels Swipe File. If you have a positive relationship with your list, you’ll earn $1 per subscriber per month. Therefore, on average if you have 2000 leads you’ll earn $2000 per month.

Now you have a step by step blueprint to start and build your own successful Info Business. Is there any particular step that you find harder to understand?

Jack “Straight Talk” Sarlo

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