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Tech Tutorials

Sometimes we have to perform technical tasks like image and video editing. Any such tutorials will be listed on this page.

I hope to make these tutorials as easy to understand as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Camtasia has always been the #1 video editing software, but it’s also the most expensive.

You can get all the features you actually need in other cheaper alternatives such as Screen O Matic.

If you’re using Windows Paint.net has a lot of features and is easier to use than other programs like Gimp.

One feature I like the most is the easy ability to remove the background from an image (using the ‘Magic Wand’ tool). Useful to make an image transparent.

Here’s a list of websites to get free images:

Most do not require attribution (which means linking back to their website) but read their terms to verify.


These are known as stock photos. Keep in mind in a lot of cases it’s best to use custom made images to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

It can be expensive to hire graphic designers, but you can use free design tools like Canva. It’s what I use for all the images on this website.

With Canva you can use stock photos but edit them and add custom shapes and text to make the image unique to you.

WordPress.org is highly recommended because you can build any kind of website you want very easy.

There are thousands of plugins so you can do whatever you want basically.

You can build a website on WordPress without a page building plugin. But it won’t look nice or professional than if you use one.

You’d get a ton of features with a page building plugin. I tried about 5 – 7 different plugins and my favorite is Elementor.

Other top rated options are usually Thrive Architect and Divi Builder.

Aweber is very easy to use and is always rated at the very top in terms of deliverability. Without getting technical, that basically means their ability to actually deliver your email to your subscribers.

Other popular options using by good marketers include Convert Kit, Get Response, Mailchimp and Active Campaign (not so easy to use).

There are some of my favorite tools that you may find useful.

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