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You can turn the information you already know into information products (or info products in short). 

Then you can sell them from your websites, effectively building your own Info Business. But you can also sell affiliate products too.

This guide will show you some of the ins and outs of building and growing a successful Information business.

The information you already know consists of anything that you’ve learned throughout the years. 

You could have obtained the knowledge in any way, for example at work, school, from experience, a mentor, self-taught, etc.

It has to be about a topic that you like, something that really interest you. 

And there should be a large enough audience of people that need any sort of help about the topic.

But you don’t have to be an “expert” about the topic.

For example you like computers and software. You’ve been a software engineer for several years. 

You’re not an expert about computers, but you surely know a LOT more than most people… and there’s a big audience whom you can help with the information that you know!

Or maybe you’ve been passionate about model building for many years. You’ve personally build a lot of models. 

You can use all the knowledge you’ve accumulate and your skill and experience to help others less experience than you are.

I’ve wrote another guide specifically about Information Products.

The table of contents may be useful…

Table of Contents

Choose A Topic For
Your Info Business

The topic you choose for your Information business is also known as your niche. 

And there are a ton of different niches with big audiences that are seeking out information to solve their issues, problems or challenges.

You can go to Clickbank to see a list of information products that are being sold right now. Notice there are products about a lot of different topics.

For example:

  • Magic Tricks
  • Tatoo Design
  • Learn How To Rap
  • Boat Building
  • Speed Studying Techniques
  • Learn Electronics
  • Video Game Guides for example StarCraft Strategy Guide
  • How To Negotiate & Buy Used Jeeps
  • How To Buy & Sell Cars For Profit
  • Sewing Machine Repair
  • Wedding Planning

There are all kinds of different niches, so whatever interests you chances are there’s an audience striving to learn what you already know!

But like I said there should be enough demand, an audience large enough that you can serve with your products and content.

You can use some specific niche research techniques to determine the size of your audience and determine whether the niche is profitable or not.

Competition isn’t as big an issue as it might seem. You’ll produce content in your own unique way of writing or talking… in your unique style. 

And you will attract an audience that prefers to learn from you instead of someone else just because they like you more!

And from your website you can sell your own Info products as well as other people’s products. 

This is know as affiliate marketing. You’ll earn commissions on the sales of someone’s else products.

Produce Content

You won’t just sell info products. 

You’ll also produce content in the form of emails and articles or videos that you’ll put on your website (this is known as your content website or official website). 

This free content will show your audience you’re an “expert” on the topic. In this way you’ll earn their trust, which is KEY to eventually persuade them to buy your Info products.

Your free content can give away tremendous value, just like your Info products, but you won’t charge money for it. 

If your topic or niche is sufficiently wide and you’re really interested in it, you’ll have no problem coming up with new content ideas. 

You can learn more in my free content creation course.

What Do You Need
To Start Your Own
Information Business?

These are the core elements you need to start and run an Information Business (or Info Business in short). 

  • Information Products

You need Information products that you can sell. This (as well as selling other people’s products as an affiliate) is the primarily way we make money in this business. 

It’s mainly about selling information that we package in the form of ebooks, video courses, etc.

But you can also sell access to membership sites (for recurring income), software and services like coaching.

And if you want to take it to the next level, you can also sell seminars.

  • Content

And you need to produce content (articles or videos) and put them on your content website, regularly. 

Some people prefer to talk instead of write, if that’s you then produce videos.

  • Leads

You also need a constant stream of new leads, every day. Leads (or subscribers) are basically the name and email address of people from your audience. 

To accomplish that we use a sales funnel, which is basically a type of website designed specifically to collect leads. 

Collecting leads is also known as list building.

Your ultimate goal is to keep growing your list. The bigger your list the bigger the audience you can serve and therefore the more money you’ll make.

  • Traffic

You need to send traffic (website visitors) to your sales funnel

The audience that you can serve doesn’t know you. Sending traffic (advertising) your sales funnel is how they find and get to know about you.

It’s how you attract them to you.

And the typical way to advertise your sales funnel is to use paid traffic methods. 

The current trend is to use Facebook Advertising, because regardless what niche or topic you choose you can find your audience on Facebook. 

But there are many other paid traffic sources like Google Adwords or Solo Advertising.

You have to master one traffic generation method, so that you can send a constant supply of traffic to your sales funnel… which in turn will provide you with a constant supply of fresh new leads.

Over time your list grows to reach thousands of people. The bigger your list the more people you can serve, and the more products you can sell. 

And therefore the more money you make.

  • Communication

You need to communicate with your your audience regularly, preferable daily. And since you’re collecting the names and emails (leads) of your audience you can communicate via email.

You can check out a proven and effective email marketing strategy in my other guide.

In your emails you provide them useful information – a short email with a link to an article you’ve just put on your website, or a video, or share a lesson you’ve learned… and so on. 

It’s like sending emails to a friend with something they can find useful!

How To Sell Your
Information Products

info businessThe typical method to sell Information product is done using a very simple website. 

The homepage will contain what’s known as a sales letter that will provide details about your product and persuade your audience to buy.

A second page on the website will host an order form they can use to buy.

You can recommend your Info products in the content you produce on your website and the emails you send out.

You’ll basically link out to your sales letter so the prospect can learn everything about the produce and buy it.

Each Info product will have it’s own unique website with a sales letter.

To sell other people’s produce you join their affiliate program. They’ll give you a unique link that you can use in your content and emails when you want to recommend their product.

Your Daily Plan To Grow An
Information Business

Once you have setup the essential elements you have to follow a certain daily plan to grow your Info business.

Essential Elements

These are the essential elements:

Daily Plan

Once you have all of that setup you can follow a daily plan for consistent growth of your Info business. These items can be performed daily, it depends on how much time you have.

daily business plan
  • Send an email to communicate with your audience.
  • Write new content on your website (or produce videos).
  • Keep learning more about the paid traffic source you chose, so you master it and send more and more traffic to your sales funnel.
  • Keep tweaking (improving) your sales funnel to get more and more leads.

The ultimate goal is to keep growing your email list. Because that’s the audience that you can serve, and the bigger it gets the more money you make. 

You grow your email list by sending more traffic to your sales funnel, and by tweaking your sales funnel to improve it.

You can keep improving your business further more, for example by mastering a second paid traffic source or create more Info products…

Improve Your Info
Marketing Skills

There’s a lot of work that has to be done to start an Information business.

You’ll have to create websites, sales letters, Info products, build a sales funnel and so on…  And you’ll have to learn a whole lot of new things in order to do that.

But you don’t have to know all there is to know before you take action.

As you implement what you learn you’ll gain valuable experience and your skills and abilities will improve.

For example in order to write a sales letter you’ll have to learn about copywriting, and then through practice you’ll improve your copywriting skill and improve your ability to write great sales letters!

Keep in mind that no one built (or has) a perfect business. Everything has to be just good enough, not perfect. 

You can always change, tweak and modify anything you’ve done in your business to improve it.

The Winning Mindset

It takes time and work to build a successful Information business. You need at least 2-5 years to setup everything and start seeing some really great results!

So we need to stay motivated, determined and focused…

That’s why people we follow motivational or self help gurus like Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Dan Pena…

And that’s why we set goals.

Goals setting helps you to stay focused and committed until you accomplish the results you want. 

And they also help you know WHY you’re doing all of this. Know the why will give you a lot of strength and motivation to remain focused and committed!

I wasn’t always interested in starting an Information Business. In fact I tried a LOT of different opportunities before I decided I’ll do this. 

And throughout the years I’ve learned 5 key lessons or strategies to live by if you want to succeed.

You can discover those strategies in this video:


That’s a proven strategy to build a successful Info business. Everyone is different, and you should find out what works best for your and your niche in regards to things like…

    • Which traffic method you'll use
    • Whether you create content in video, audio or written format
    • What type of products you create, e.g. whether they're video courses or ebooks

    And so on.

    But the first step is to find a topic or niche for your new Information Business. This is also known as niche research.

    And then you have to setup the essential elements, which are the following (in no particular order):

    The key is to do one thing at a time. And on this website you’ll find several guides that can reveal how to perform and master some of the required skills.

    So which step are you finding the most challenging perhaps? Leave your answer in the comments.

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    More than 7 years ago Jack made his first few sales online as an affiliate marketer. His site ranked on Google for dozens of keywords, so later on, he built courses and software to teach his SEO “secrets”.

    He also won a Flip Camera in an affiliate contest.

    Now he reveals all the insights he’s discovered throughout the years about Internet marketing, in his free guides and products!

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