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"The KEY Idea You Need To Adopt To Build A Profitable Business!"

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Many people think that SEO is the solution to make money online. Others think they need a huge list of subscribers, everyone thinks it’s one or the other technique, system or formula. 

They think they’re not making the kind of money they want or things are not working right because they’re not using the right technique, system or formula, or they need a NEW one.

They also buy all kinds of software.

If you visit Internet Marketing forums everyone talks about formulas and techniques, software and tools and everyone wants even more traffic! 

It’s like a casino, everyone trying different games in hopes something works and they make loads of money. Everyone is seeking the latest and greatest technique to make money fast! 

What’s missing? What’s the key? Why all these formulas and systems that promise you make a ton of money fast just don’t work? 

It’s because they don’t provide value to anyone!

You need to provide real value to make any money.

It’s pointless to drive a ton of traffic if your visitors are not receiving any REAL value. If they buy a crappy product they’re complain and ask for a refund.

Whether you’re selling affiliate products, your own, or you’re blogging they KEY and basic idea is to provide high quality value! 

Do you give your visitors a worthless free ebook? Do you email them every day trying to sell them random products (that you don’t even know they’re actually good)? When was the last time you spent an hour thinking about your visitor’s real problems and needs? Have you ever thought about what product or service you can promote that will really make a difference in their lives.

I’m not blaming you. I just want you to realize that giving value and changing your prospect’s lives to the better is the KEY to make real money on the Internet.

It’s about that.

Think of that instead of trying to find the latest weird formula or system to get rich fast!

There’s always a NEW system, NEW formula, NEW technique, but real money is made when you provide real value, it does not matter what you do if it’s blogging, affiliate marketing or something else.

This is the reason why spamming, get paid to click, get paid to surf and 90% of the make money online formulas don’t work. It’s because they don’t provide any value to anyone. 

It’s also the reason why selling your own products and/or services and affiliate marketing are two of the best ways to make money. These methods provide the most value.

Value refers to the actual quality of the content. There are no tricks here, the information you provide in your ebooks, articles, videos, etc., is either really good or it’s not.

To create quality content (content refers to the information you provide in any format whether it’s a video, article, ebook, book, DVD, physical product, etc.) you have to put in effort and work a bit harder.

You can’t write an ebook in one evening.  You have to solve their problems and needs, provide real solutions and answers. 

Try to impact your prospect’s and customers’ lives in a positive way.

Think about your their needs and wants and provide them with solutions! 

When you have quality content and products everything becomes much easier – it will be easier to get traffic, it will be easier to recruit joint ventures and affiliates, it will be easier to write ads and salesletters – a great offer is easier to promote because everyone wants it. 

However if you’re trying to promote a low quality and low value product or service you’ll find it more difficult to write ads, get traffic or find partners to promote it. 

Everything is harder if the offer is of low quality and value, and you may never make as much money as you could. 

To make money online takes time, effort, energy and money.

No one buys low quality products (not even if they’re free) – you have to provide value first before getting paid. Shift your mindset to start thinking in terms of how can you give more value to your website visitors, prospects, subscribers and customers. 

This is an important principle that’s why I repeat it. 

Those who make lots of money online are thinking in terms of how can they add value to their customer’s lives and change it for the better. 

Many people think they aren’t making money online because Google hates their website and they’re not getting any traffic. Others blame facebook because after months of posting content they didn’t get any followers.

Many people think about tactics and techniques. They try to use the latest facebook technique, the latest methods to get twitter followers. 

Those that really succeed are thinking of value first.

What value are you contributing? What’s your offer? 

Think not how to make more money but how to give more value! 

If you have valuable products it’s easier to get attention, it’s easier to drive traffic to it (everyone wants it), it’s easier to get likes (everyone likes it).

If you lack value everything is harder and it should be. 

So unsubscribe from those emails promising the latest facebook technique to make $10,000 a month, and go and think of how you can add value and change someone’s life. Earn the right to make money by providing value – instead of trying lame techniques and tactics.

Here are some additional ways to provide more value to your prospects and customers.

  • Do in-depth research about your prospect's wants and needs and then create new and additional content... or update your product with new features and benefits to satisfy those needs and wants.
  • Many people buy products e.g. ebooks and don't even finish reading them. To help them consume the product provide it in different formats. If you’re selling an ebook you can turn it into an audio format and give them the audio “version” of the ebook as a bonus. If they don't find time to read the ebook, they can listen to it.
  • Give bonuses along with your product. These could be additional products that give them additional benefits.
  • Update your product from time to time (perhaps every 3, 6 or 12 months with fresh, new and up to date material) and promise new customers they get all future updates for free.
  • Make your content easier to be digested and understood. Explain in more detail and clarity, help them consume your product and gain its benefits.

You can also improve customer service in several different ways for example:

  • Create a series of follow up emails and send them to your customers. Ask them how it's going. Ask them if they have any questions. Help them. Only after they consume the product and get some positive results will they consider buying your other products. So you should do all you can to help them consume the product and get results!
  • Survey your customers to get to know what they liked or didn’t like about your product or service. Send them an email with a link to a survey a week or two after they purchase to get their feedback.
  • Teach your customer service assistant/s so they are more knowledgeable about your products and service - that way they can help your customers better. The more they know about the product or service you’re selling and how it works, the better than can understand customer problems and solve them.
  • Offer your customers multiple ways to contact you. For example live chat, email, forum, social page (like facebook), toll free number, a ticket system...
  • Create a ‘Knowledge Center’ on your website with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) so customers can find a solution instantly without waiting for a reply from you.
  • Offer money back guarantees and issue prompt refunds. That's also good customer service.
  • Look at the questions your customers are asking you. Then if appropriate update and make any required changed. For example if many are having issues downloading your product it’s about time you provided clear instructions and update your download page to avoid similar issues for future customers.

So remember that providing real value that helps people with their problems and issues is the foundation of a successful business!

Of course you also need a good business model to acquire customers and sell your products. We’ll discuss a proven business model in a later chapter.

Part One of this guide is over, now in Part Two you’ll discover some myths about getting website traffic and the real jealously-guarded strategies and tactics to sell your products and/or services for mega profits!

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