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In this guide you’re going to see how to write headlines and other copy using the swipe files and fill in the blank templates in CashCopyInSeconds™ software

First let’s see step by step how to write headlines. And then a complete video tutorial of this copywriting software.

How To Write Pro-level Headlines Using CashCopyInSeconds™

This works the same way for any sort of headlines you may have in your swipe file. If you have fill in the blank templates they’re kind of easier to work with.

If you want to learn more about building your own swipe file I’ve written an entire guide about that.

There’s a total of 3 swipe files: 

Headline Swipe Files

Let’s assume we’re selling an anti acne removal cream.

Let’s assume our product uses all natural ingredients, has a pleasant smell, it can produce results in 3 days or less and the customer applies it once a day on their skin. 

There’s no risk of dry or red skin as a side effect.

(For this example we’ll assume that’s all we know about our product)

First we find appropriate headlines, any one that looks interesting and may work for the product we’re selling.

Practice improves this ability, the more headlines you write, the easier it will be to spot potentially good headlines.

Then click the ‘Edit Selected’ Button. This copies them in the ‘Text Box’ (marked in red) below:

Find Headlines Then Copy To Clipboard

Then we click on ‘Copy Text Box Contents’. Now we can paste then in Notepad, Wordpad or wherever you want to work with them.

Let’s paste them here:

“At Last, You Can _____… And Make _____ Of Sales Per Day… Without The Danger Of Having Your _____ _____ And _____ By Others”

“_____ Marketing Breakthrough!! How to _____, _____, and _____ Stampedes of Hot _____ from Your Own _____! “

I’ll Teach You How To Quickly & Easily _______100% Guaranteed Or I’ll Pay You $ _______ For Wasting Your Time!

Amazing Discovery To ________With The Help Of ________

Breakthrough: An ___________ Shows The Secret Weapon To __________

Discover How You Can get The _____ You Want In Just _____ Weeks Or Less… Guaranteed!

For The First Time ever: Get Rid Of ________

Now I would try and create a headline from each one of these. This also helps to start getting ideas flowing.

“At Last, You Can Heal Acne In 3 Days or Less… Without The Danger Of Having Dry or Red Skin”

“_____ Marketing Breakthrough!! How to _____, _____, and _____ Stampedes of Hot _____ from Your Own _____! “

I’ll Teach You How To Quickly & Easily _______100% Guaranteed Or I’ll Pay You $ _______ For Wasting Your Time!

Amazing Discovery To Cure Acne Permanently With The Help Of An All-Natural Cream!

Breakthrough: An All Natural Anti Acne Cream Is The Cure To Permanently Remove Acne In 3 Weeks Or Less!

Discover How You Can get The _____ You Want In Just _____ Weeks Or Less… Guaranteed!

For The First Time ever: Get Rid Of Acne In 3 Weeks Or Less!

As you can see I could not create a good headline with 3 of them (that’s why I crossed them out). Sometimes you can combine multiple headlines together to create a longer one.

If you want to you can go back to CashCopyInSeconds™ software and find more promising headlines.

So you can repeat this process again and again until you write a really good headline that you like.

As you practice writing headlines or any other copy your skill and ability to write “killer” copy will rapidly improve.

How To Write Almost Entire Sales Letters With CashCopyInSeconds™

With CashCopyInSeconds™ copywriting software you can easily write more than just headlines. 

It contains other swipe files such as: Headlines, Subheads, Openings, Bullets, Guarantees, Closes, P.S., Copy Connectors, Email Subject Lines, Power Words and more.

I‘ve made a quick video demonstration of this software:

Hi this is Jack Sarlo.

Let’s take a look at all the features of CashCopyInSeconds ™ software to discover how it can help you write professional copy fast and easy. This is the copy you write in your business to persuade someone to take some sort of action.

That might be to click a link, subscribe to your list or buy your product.

This typically includes sales letters, ads, headlines and emails.

The normal way to write copy is to spend a lot of time and energy thinking to try to come up with good ideas and then slowly and painfully write all the copy word by word.

But to write way better copy and much faster and easier you can use a swipe file.

A swipe file is a collection of successful copy from ads or sales letters that were written by some of the best copywriters in the world. This copy is proven to work because it has already sold a lot of products or services!

You can model this copy or use it for inspiration to get new ideas. Even top copywriters use swipe files. It’s just way easier that way.

This software is like a gigantic swipe file. All the copy has been written by professional copywriters. Model this copy, be inspired or best of all you can write copy just by filling in the blanks. 

You can write sales letters, any headline you may need, product titles like book titles, blog post titles, email subject lines, emails and any sort of ad like Facebook Ads.

For example these 3 tabs contain headlines. You can search through this huge list to find something suitable for your purpose. 

Find and select one or multiple entries by holding Control Key and copy them to clipboard with a right click. Then paste them wherever you prefer, like for example notepad or microsoft word. Or use the ‘Copy Selected’ button.

You can also edit them directly in the software by clicking the ‘Edit Selected’ button. In this box you can edit your copy however you like and you can copy the contents of this box to clipboard with a right click or use the ‘Copy Text Box Contents’ button.

You can also adjust the text box size by dragging it up or down.

And of course the software window is fully adjustable so you can maximize it or increase its size how much you want.

You can just fill in the blanks show them example if you don’t want to think too much. If you want you can be a bit more creative and try to combine two or more together or rewrite the headline.

This is much easier than trying to write copy from scratch.

The Subheadlines in this swipe file are primarily used in sales letters. For example if you have a lot of paragraphs with a lot of text you can place one or more subheadlines between the paragraphs. In this way they won’t look like a long and boring article. 

Use a bigger font size for subheadlines so they stand out and attract the attention. Overall your sales letter will appear much more interesting when you use subheadlines.

If you don’t know how to use subheadlines, or any other swipe file in this software you’ll find the free bonus guide handy. It will show you how to write an entire sales letter from top to bottom from scratch.

The next swipe file is the opening swipe file. This contains sales letter openings that you can use for the first few paragraphs of your sales letter. 

Instead of spending hours or days thinking what to write, and not knowing if it’s actually good enough – you can simply find something you like in here and just fill in the blanks.

You can also try to rewrite or modify the opening to suit your particular needs. Look through this list and you can be inspired and get new ideas to write really good sales letter openings.

These openings can also be used for the first line or paragraph of your emails.

The bullets swipe file are make it super easy to write a bulleted list of benefits for your product or service. You can use them anytime you want to write a list of benefits, for example in your sales letters.

The guarantees swipe file will allow you to write money-back guarantees that will make your offer much more interesting and attractive! 

Guarantees have been proven to drastically increase the amount of sales you make. A very small percentage of people will ask for a refund but you’ll make so many more sales with a guarantee that the low percentage will be insignificant.

The two call to action swipe files will help you to write the final part of the sales letter. This is where you tell your prospect to take action and buy your product or service. 

These can also be used in emails, when you need to tell your subscribers to click on a link, download a report or take any other action.

Postscripts are what you put at the very bottom of your sales letter or emails. Sales letters typically have a minimum of 3 postscripts. 

In each one you can place a summary of some of the most important parts of your sales letter. For example your offer, the best benefits of your product, the money back guarantee or the call to action. With this swipe file you can write really good ones!

The two Power Words swipe files contain words or phrases that you can use in any copy you write to make it more interesting, persuasive and easier to read. You’ll find more power words in the the similes and visualizers swipe files. 

Try to replace some of the more common words you use with these power words to transform boring copy into something exciting and fun to read.

Copy Connectors are words and phrases that you can use every now and then in your sales letters or emails to create a connection with your prospects. 

Your prospects will think and feel as if you’re talking directly to him or her. It will feel very personal. In addition your copy will have a certain rhythm and flow that makes it easier to read. Your prospects will naturally want to keep reading.

Once you gain some copywriting experience and skill through practice consider using Copy Doodles. These hand drawn images can be placed in your sales letter to grab the prospect’s attention. 

When done right they can transform an ugly or boring sales letter into something more interesting and exciting to read.

Copydoodles can be used pretty much anywhere not just in sales letters. You can place them in emails, banners, webinars, ebooks, power points, etc.

The last and most recent swipe file we’ve added to the software is an Email subject line swipe file

These are some of the best subject lines with the highest open rates. The first few contain examples to show you how you can use them. It’s as simple as filling in the blanks.

The bottom line is that now you can write killer copy as fast as humanly possible. This means higher conversion rates, more subscribers and more customers!

However there are still 3 additional useful tools in this software.

The first one is a 57 point sales letter checklist. It was put together by one of the world’s best copywriters. In it you’ll discover all the important elements you must have to write a winning sales letter.

The second one is a 10 step template to write an entire sales letter from top to bottom from scratch. You can use this template to sell any product in any niche. It’s proven to work over and over again. 

The free bonus guide you’ll get with this software elaborates and explains this template in extensive detail.

Lastly if you ever wondered what’s your conversion rate just use the ‘Website Conversion Calculator’. In the first box enter the number of visitors for a given period, like a month.

In the second box enter the number of actions that occurred in the same period. If it’s a sales letter enter the number of sales. If it’s a squeeze page enter the number of subscribers and so on.

Hit the button and you’ll see the result.

Finally if you want to us to add a new feature, swipe file or change something click the ‘Feature Request’ button. It will open our website in your browser and you can tell us what you wish. 

So far this software has been updated 3 times with new swipe files and features. If you own a copy of the software, you’ll receives all updates for free.

I hope you’ll find this software useful and will use it to write pro level copy especially for your sales letters, ads and emails, just like I do!

If you want to learn more about swipe files and how to use them I’ve made another guide about that.

Thank You for watching!


With this copywriting software you can write copy much faster and easier.

It’s basically a mega swipe file. Any swipe file and fill in the blank templates that you may have are very useful.  I use them especially when writing sales letters.

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