7 Time-Sucking Money Draining Pitfalls You Should Avoid Right Now

If you want to make money online or build an Info business there are some strategies, techniques or methods that you should definitely avoid. 

They can waste your time and money and produce no results. You’ll discover these bad methods in this guide.

Another problem is that there’s a lot of information on how to build an online business, but almost no one teaches a complete beginner friendly strategy. 

So in this guide you’ll discover a 5 step strategy that’s ridiculous easy to understand and implement! It’s a proven strategy. 

There are successful marketers using this exact same strategy and they make $50K a month or more…

It took me at least 5 years to figure out the information in this guide, but you can now learn everything in a couple minutes.

Feel free to use the table of contents too…Table of Contents

#1 Forums

Almost everyone joins Internet Marketing forums. But forums can be a huge time waster.

It’s much better to perform your own research using Google, Youtube or other research sites to get answers to your questions, rather than asking questions in forums.

In forums you’ll typically get answers from people just like you, with the same abilities, they are your peers. If you want some really good advice you need to get it from the experts.

Experts are busy building their business, producing content and doing so much more. They’re not spending their time answering questions on forums!

Just try to use Google the next time you’re going to post a question in a forum. Do a good and thorough research and you might be surprised what you’ll discover.

That’s reason I quitted all forums. I can get much better answers if I put in some extra effort and make my own research. Posting on forums is easy, but not the best method to get some really deep answers.

The only forums I recommend are paid forums, because typically you should get better content and advice.

Furthermore it’s really easy to spend (waste is the proper word to use) an hour or two answer random questions, sending messages or reading other posts.

Save your time and energy and quit forums.

Find all the answers you want using Google and Youtube. Learn to perform your own research, with practice you’ll become a master at finding answers and solutions.

For example you can post this question in a forum: “What are the benefit of Blog commenting?”… and get a few replies and some links at best.

Or you can use Google and find dozens of articles, infographics, videos, ebooks and other content from marketing experts. 

And while you do that you might discover some cool Internet marketing guru that has a lot more great content, or you discover some new tool or service…

#2 Get Rich Quick Formulas

A get rich quick formula is any technique or strategy that promises you’ll get a ton of traffic, leads or money quickly.


“New Twitter Software To Get 100’s of Leads Daily!”

“Youtube Crusher: Make $10,000 In Affiliate Commissions!”

“Google Loophole Gets You #1 Rankings In A Few Weeks”

If your Inbox has any similar subject lines you can unsubscribe from those emails. They can waste a lot of your valuable time and money.

I’ve tried a lot of these methods because I didn’t know they’re ridiculous. Most of the techniques or software become obsolete in just a few weeks or months. 

That’s because the technique usually consists of some sort of spam, for example creating 10 crappy youtube videos each day and putting affiliate links in the description.

The website you’ll “spam” will usually counteract these techniques and ban anyone using them.

To make a stable and reliable monthly income online, you can’t rely on flawed techniques. 

Those techniques are equivalent to buying lottery tickets or scratch and win tickets.

If the strategy, technique, software sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

The Information business or affiliate marketing are two of the best ways to make a reliable income online. 

You sell products and earn money. It’s the same thing shops do offline. 

You give value in exchange for money. It’s a proven and reliable method to make money. You do the same thing online instead of offline.

In case you haven’t yet decided if the Information business is right for you the follow videos reveal some other legitimate ways to make money online. 

The Information Business isn’t your only option.

If you’re just getting started it’s good to know about all the options you have to make money online, so you can choose the method you’re drawn to the most… use your intuition it can help a lot.

Money loves speed! You cannot take too long to decide which method you’re going to use to make money.

If for example you’re drawn to affiliate marketing  start learning all you can and take action as fast as possible. 

The key to progress and achieve results is to implement what you learn as fast as possible!

#3 Complicated Strategies

I always follow the K.I.S.S. principle. Keep it simple stupid.

Ideally start small and use basic strategies before you implement the more advanced and sophisticated methods.

For example you can use a simple 3 page sales funnel instead of a more advanced 7 page sales funnel that has upsells, downsells, webinars, and all other complications.

Once you master the basics it will be much easier to successfully apply the more advanced strategies.

If you use basic strategies you’ll still get great results! Don’t assume you need to use advanced and complicated strategies to get traffic, leads or sales.

There are marketers making over $50K a month and they use a primitive email marketing strategy, and a basic sales funnel!

Advanced strategies will be much more difficult to implement successfully. 

For example the technical aspect alone of a complicated email marketing strategy can be a nightmare to set up. 

And it will be difficult to interpret the data, make tests, improve and tweak the strategy…

If it’s simple and basic you’ll set it up quickly and understand how good or bad it’s performing to make necessary improvements much easier!

In my other guide you’ll find a lot of examples of advanced strategies that you better avoid.

#4 No Business Strategy

Unfortunately there’s a lot of information on the Internet on how to build an Information business. But there’s barely no one revealing a complete A-Z beginner friendly strategy.

Without a strategy you’ll keep chasing your own tail. You’ll do one thing and then tell yourself, now what’s next?

For example: You know you need to build a list and get website traffic, but then what? How does that make you money?

Or perhaps you know you need to learn copywriting, but so what? How’s that going to make you money?

Therefore I’ve outlined a step by step strategy that you can follow, right here to build a successful Information business. This is all you need, no guesswork.

5 Step Beginner Friendly Strategy
To Build An Information Business

I recommend you dedicate your time on just the following 5 steps, anything else is pretty much a distraction. Stay focused. 

You don’t need an advanced or complicated strategy to start generating traffic, leads and sales and grow a business.

Once you’re seeing very good results you can use more advanced strategies to take your business to the next level (if you want), and potentially make a LOT more money.

But until then, this is the recommended strategy that you can apply starting now. You should do step one first, but you can do the other steps in any order.

  • Step One

You need to find a niche.

You may not find the right niche for you on your first try, but that’s okay. 

My first business was in the cooking niche (and I don’t know a single recipe), then in the anti virus niche, then in the SEO niche and now in the Information Business.

I’ve made money in all niches (apart the cooking niche), but it took a while to find a niche that works really well for me… for me that’ the Information Business. 

I switched niches 3 times, but you can’t really blame me for my “failures” since 5 years ago there weren’t as many Internet marketing gurus and niche research guides with a lot of helpful advice!

You might find the right niche for you immediately. I suggest you pick a niche, without wasting weeks or months deliberating about it.

  • Step Two

Build a website and start adding content to it. Write articles or make videos if you don’t like writing.

The content doesn’t have to be perfect. Just try to be as helpful as you can. The only important thing is that you add content regularly, ideally every day.

Over time you’ll get really good at producing content!

Content is KING because if your visitors like your content they’ll join your list… they’ll start to like and trust you and purchase the products you recommend.

  • Step Three

Creating an Information product. You need to sell something, so you need to create at least one product. 

Note: You can also sell affiliate products too. Selling is primarily done via email (step 5).

  • Step Four

Build a sales funnel. You’ll use paid traffic and the sales funnel to start building your list.

  • Step Five

Create 5-7 follow up emails in your autoresponder. These emails will go out to all your new leads.

Also start to email your list regularly, ideally every daCheck my other guide for the complete email marketing strategy.

That’s pretty much all you have to do.

Every day you write and send an email to your list, produce content for your website and tweak your sales funnel so you keep building an ever bigger list.

Of course you can do other things too, for example you can create a new Information product or join affiliate programs to promote products to your list… and so on.

But that’s pretty much it. If you complicate it more than that it will be a bit too much and you can easily become confused and frustrated.

You’ll end up thinking and strategizing but taking no action.

#5 Website Traffic Without A Strategy

Every business needs website traffic, but website traffic is not everything you need. 

A lot of people focus too much on how they’re going to get website traffic.

Before you send any visitors to your website you need to know exactly how you’re going to serve them and convert them into leads and customers.

You need a strategy. I’ve given you a complete 5 step strategy in the previous section. 

And in that strategy you’ve learned that the ideal way to get website traffic is to use paid traffic and a sales funnel.

So your traffic problem is solved.

With paid traffic such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Solo Emails, etc., you can get as much traffic as you want.

Simple send all that traffic to a sales funnel and you’ll start building your list!

You can email list links to your website articles or videos and that’s how you actually send traffic to your website. 

Furthermore over time your content pages will start to rank in search engines and that’s another source of traffic.

Now that you have a complete 5 step beginner friendly strategy you don’t have to worry about traffic anymore. Traffic is just one of the 5 steps to build your business.

Free Traffic vs Paid Traffic

Free traffic methods are also time-sucking and money-wasting.

With most free traffic methods you’ll have to work like a dog and you’re not guaranteed any traffic. 

For example if you use blog commenting to drive traffic to your website there are various elements against you.

  • Your comments may not get approved if they contain links to your website…
  • You’re limited to the number of comments you can make by the amount of time you have.

    If you pay someone else to comment they’re also restricted by the number of hours they can work. Therefore the volume of traffic you can get is limited.
  • Over time your comment will get lost amongst other comments on the specific blog post, which means you’ll lose any traffic you was getting…
  • The only good thing is that it’s free, but you’d still have to pay with your time, and you’re not guaranteed any traffic, so it’s still worthless.

Now let’s compare free traffic with paid traffic. Paid traffic can be Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, banner ads, text links, solo emails, etc.

  • You can place ads (banners, emails, text links, etc.) in front of the right people, the ideal prospects. This is known as targeting.

    It’s useless to get uninterested (untargeted) people to your website, they’re not going to like your content or buy anything.
  • You can get traffic today and you have the ability to pause the traffic or scale it up to increase the amount of traffic you get…
  • You can split test your ads and your sales funnel to get even more traffic at an ever decreasing cost.
  • You can take the same ads that work well on one platform (e.g. Facebook Ads) and use them on other platforms (e.g. Bing Ads). Essentially there’s an unlimited source of traffic for you…
  • You’re guaranteed traffic as long as you learn how to use the paid traffic platform you’re using and create an effective sales funnel!
  • The only downside is that you have to invest some of your money initially…

    But once you build an effective sales funnel you’ll recuperate (liquidate) your advertising cost immediately, this is known as a break even sales funnel.

You can also watch this video from Igor Kheifets, he shares his experience with free and paid traffic methods. 

Ignore built a list of about 4 million email subscribers using paid traffic…

To build a successful business you’d have to invest some money, especially for traffic. Free traffic methods are too slow to drive you any traffic and you’re not guaranteed to get any. 

They’re unreliable and can waste you a LOT of time. 

If you’re serious about building a real online business paid traffic is the best option. 

I never heard of any successful marketer that uses free traffic methods like blog commenting or forum signatures, in the last 7+ years.

Traffic Scams

There are get rich quick techniques, which I’ve discussed in a previous section of this guide. But there are also get traffic fast techniques too. 

These too promise you’ll get thousands of visitors or leads every day just by using some software, or clicking your mouse a few times.

After spending more than 5 years online making money as an affiliate and Info  marketer I can tell you that I’ve heard nothing good about such techniques.

Almost all successful marketers I know of use paid traffic methods (and SEO as a long term strategy – more about this later on).

I’ve also purchased several ‘get traffic fast’ products and software and they’re pretty much spamming tools. 

For example one such software allows you to send Tweets on Twitter to thousands of people automatically…

Most of these spamming software will become obsolete because the platform they target will start banning the abusers.

So this is just a warning that these software, techniques or methods that promise you’ll get thousands of visitors or leads very fast and easy are usually a complete waste of time and money!


“Traffic Robot 2.0 – Software Drives Tons of Traffic in Minutes!”

“One Minute Traffic Machines”

Remember if it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

#6 No Content Strategy

Probably you’ve heard the saying “Content Is King” but almost no one tells you how to create or use content in your business.

In the 5 step strategy in the previous section producing content is an important part of that strategy.

You want to serve your prospects by giving them a lot of value. In that way they’ll start to trust and like you. 

If your free content truly helps them they’ll be more inclined to buy the products or services you recommend!

Producing content is simple. All you have to do is write articles, and if you don’t like to write make videos. It’s as simple as that.

Build a website and start putting your content on it.

You can check my content creation guide to discover how to build your website, generate content ideas and the complete process to start producing content.

#7 Not Building Your Own List

You know you need to produce content and you can do that on a Facebook Page, Youtube, Instagram and so on.

And even though that’s good, you don’t have full control of those websites.

Any changes they make can impact your results.

Facebook’s most popular algorithm change drastically decreased the ability for posts to reach all your fans (organic reach).

Same can happen with Youtube and other sites.

You can still build an audience on those sites, but put links back to your own website as much as possible. 

You can send traffic to optin pages to build your own list or to your own blog. On the blog you can put optin boxes too. 

The goal is to put the audience you build on those platforms onto your email list.

That’s an asset you control.

Email is not going away. Everyone’s got an email address.

And in case you’re wondering it’s always best to stick to just ONE platform at a time. Therefore if you’re going to use Youtube, do just that consistently. 

If you’re going to create blog posts do just that consistently.

That’s how you see the best results.

That was famously said by Joe Pulizzi, author of several content marketing books.

Once you master one platform, you can then move on to another.

Now here’s some final words of wisdom I’ve learned many years ago.

How To Use Your Strengths
And Weaknesses To
Achieve Success Faster!

Do some intensive thinking to uncover those things you are good at. You could be good with designing, good at teaching, good at writing, have good leadership skills, comfortable on video, good with speaking etc.

Whatever they are you should use them as much as you can in your business. For example if you prefer to make videos than writing articles then it’s probably better if you make video courses rather than write ebooks.

If you like to make new friends online and you can do that fairly easily, than that is also one of your strengths. 

With that strength you could try things like building relationships with others to form partnerships and alliances. 

You could try things like Joint Ventures, guest blogging, co-author books with others and so on.

Find out your strengths and then figure out all the possible ways and options you have to use them to your advantage.

Here are some ways to uncover your strengths:

  • What are you a natural at? What do you do so good without the need to put any effort? What do you spend hours doing without feeling exhausted or fatigued?
  • What do your relatives, family and close friends compliment you about?

    Has someone ever complimented your ability to dance, draw, listen, be entertaining, tell jokes, make them laugh, have a nice voice, etc.?
  • What’s your gift? What talents do you have? What can you do that nobody else can? What makes you special?
  • What you’ve always been a natural at? Look at your past, what have your friends, teachers, managers, employers or your parents always told you you’re really good at?
  • What skills have you mastered? What knowledge do you possess? What abilities do you have?
  • You may feel excited whenever you perform an activity you are good at. You may also feel alive. motivated, energized and engaged.
  • The activities that make you feel stronger and energized are usually a strength and what makes you feel weaker and drained can be a weakness.
  • Ask others what they believe are your three biggest strengths.
  • What do you love to do?

Try to think deep and thoroughly, to uncover the answers to these questions.

Many times you’re good at something but assume everyone is just as good. But that’s a wrong assumption. So think carefully, list down everything.Note Perry Marshall (Pay Per Click expert) has a test you can take to see if you’re doing what you’re truly gifted to do, based on your natural persuasion profile.

It’s called the Marketing DNA Test. I took it. I recommend it. It’s not free.

You can also take the free personality test at http://www.16personalities.com highly recommended.

Now think about how can you use these strengths to your advantage?

For example one of my strengths is that I like to write, I can write and write and go on for several hours and won’t feel exhausted.

Build a business around your core strengths.

Avoid weaknesses if you can. Trying to improve weaknesses may not always be the best use of your time.

If you are unable to perform some tasks yourself you can hire other people to do the work for you. You can find freelancers that can do anything.

There’s plenty of talent you can leverage. Build a business around your core strengths, outsource your weaknesses to someone else.

There are however some skills that you should almost never outsource to someone else!

These include copywriting, website conversion, driving traffic, marketing and selling. These are skills that everyone can master through learning and practice.

There are other business skills you may want to master later on as your business grows, for example leadership, team management and public speaking skills.

You might have a lot of strengths but due to negative self talk (negative thinking) and a negative self image you might be limiting yourself.

You have more potential than you’re using!

Release Your Brakes

There’s a very good book that I highly recommend called “Release Your Brakes” by James Newman. 

In this book you’ll discover how to overcome this real issue and use all the potential you possess!

It’s very expensive as a hard cover because it’s rare.

But you can find it as an ebook with this search on Google: release your brakes filetype:pdf


If you manage to avoid these 7 pitfalls you will save a lot of time and money. 

Everyone wants to see results fast that’s why we search for secret methods to get top rankings overnight, how to get unlimited free traffic quickly and easily, or use get rich quick formulas.

However after experimenting as an affiliate and Info marketer for the last 7 years I can tell you that it’s better to be realistic. 

If you want to make a stable monthly income from the Internet that’s unlikely to happen by using some little-known software that promises you’ll get thousands of leads every month… or a secret loophole to get top rankings.

The more time you spend on forums the more often you’ll be exposed to ads, banners or gurus that promote that stuff.

It took make a LOT of time to finally become serious and avoid all those weird products promoting fake promises! 

But once I avoided all those crazy products and focused on building a real affiliate or Info business progress started to happen fast.

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” Tony Robbins.

Every successful marketer I’ve known or heard of has a REAL business serving real people with their valuable content and products! 

None of them are using any one of these 7 time-sucking money-wasting methods you’ve discovered in this guide.

The sooner you avoid these 7 pitfalls the faster you progress and start seeing really great results!

If you want to share any comments or questions you can leave them in the comments below.

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