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"3 Reasons A Niche Is Unprofitable!"

unprofitable niches

According to Forbes and Inc, Magazine the e-learning industry is worth billions!

People spend money on all kinds of things on the Internet, especially if they’re looking to solve problems e.g. hair loss, pain relief, play a game better, fix their garden problems… the list is practically endless.

A lot of money is also spent by hobbyists e.g. playing piano, golf, badminton, table tennis, model airplanes… once again the list is almost endless.

Hobbyists are very passionate and therefore they will spend a lot of money to acquire and learn as much as they can about their hobby.

Here are some “weird and little-known” niches (there are products being sold in these niches, so chances are they’re profitable):

Ancient masonic secrets
How to build a theft-proof bag
How to raise your Kundalini
How to immigrate to Canada
How to master your iPhone
Hairdressing course
How to spray paint your car & bodywork repair
C++ basics for visual learners
How to keep your pet turtle healthy
How to keep a KOI
How to build a fast pinewood derby car
Vertical jump training
Astral Projections
How To Build A Catapult
Pirate Ship Playhouse Plans
Hand lettering
Digital scrapbooking
Practical cartooning

There’s a whole diversity of niches. Don’t underestimate a niche just because it’s “weird” or “unpopular”.

You can find as many niches as you want – however you need to analyze them to make sure they’re profitable.

These are 3 signs a niche is probably NOT profitable:

There’s not enough demand

There’s a lot of competition

There’s no competition

There’s Not Enough Demand

Demand is the amount of people that are interested to buy products within a niche. You need to figure out the demand of a niche. If people aren’t spending money within a niche or there’s too few of them you can’t sell any products and make money.

There’s A LOT Of Competition

Competition is the number of existing businesses within this niche. If there’s a LOT of competition it will be very hard to make money for various reasons.

Examples of high competition niches are weight loss or dating.

There’s NO Competition

If there’s almost no competition within a niche it’s also a sign the niche is most likely not profitable – if no one is selling any products within a niche there’s a reason for that (maybe there’s too little demand or prospects aren’t interested to buy products).

If a niche is profitable there will always be some competitors!

Those are 3 ways to identify unprofitable niches.

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