12 Unique Paid Traffic Methods And The Keys To Master Them

There are 12 different paid traffic generation methods in this guide, but it’s very important to pick just ONE method. 

Try to learn all you can and master it. It requires knowledge and practice to become really good with any traffic method. It’s like learning a new skill.

To get started with paid traffic you’ll need about $200 – but expect to spend much more than that until you create a profitable campaign. 

Because you’ll have to test different ads and other strategies. This is part of the learning process.

If you spend a considerable amount of time, such as 3-4 months and money but you still can’t get positive results, try a different traffic method.

The good thing is that once you master a traffic method e.g. Facebook Ads you can use your skills on another traffic source e.g. Pinterest Ads.

In the longer run you want to be a master of several traffic methods. 

You don’t want to rely on just a single traffic source, so that if it fails or performance diminishes for any reason you’ll still have other means of getting traffic.

Remember, just because everyone is using a particular traffic source, say Facebook Ads doesn’t mean you should too. 

Everyone and every business is different. You have to find out what works well for you.

For example if you’re good with video, then you’ll probably get the best results with Youtube Ads or Ad networks that accept video ads. 

And if your audience consists mainly of women, then Pinterest might work best because 60% of Pinterest users are women.

One thing you can do before signing up with any website is to search for reviews to see the experience and results from other advertisers.

As I discovered more ways to get paid website traffic I’ll update this guide.

The table of contents can be handy… Table of Contents

Paid Search Traffic

You can advertise on search engines. Less popular search engines will usually drive you less traffic but costs can be lower. 

Your ads will be placed within the search results, usually at the very top. These are also known as native ads.

Google Ads

Yahoo Gemini

Bing Ads


Amazon Ads

eBay Advertising

Etsy Ads

Apple Search Ads – This lets you advertise your app on Apple App Store. 

Yelp Ads  – Yelp is a local search engine with over 29 million local businesses.

Yandex – This Russian search engine is good only if you want to advertise to a Russian audience.

Baidu – This Chinese search engine is good only if you want to advertise to a Chinese audience. You need to understand Mandarin to use Baidu Ads.

If you’ve never tried paid search traffic this video shows you from start to finish how to create your first Bing Ads campaign. 

The steps to create a campaign on other sites is pretty much the same.

Social Media Traffic

You can places ads on social media sites. Ads will typically appear in the user’s newsfeeds e.g. Facebook Feed.

Facebook Ads
Snapchat Ads
Pinterest Ads
Instagram Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Youtube Ads
Twitter Ads
Reddit Ads
Quora ads
Tumblr Business 
Spotify ads

This video shows you how to advertise on Pinterest from start to finish. It’s a good example of the general process that’s involved when buying ads.

Email Advertising

Email advertising is about paying list owners to place your ads in the emails they send to their list. 

There are various types of ads, the most common are solo ads and sponsored ads.

When you buy a “solo ad” you’ll write and send the list owner an email and he’ll send it to his list. 

If you buy a “sponsored ad” the list owner will include your small ad in the email/s he send to his list.

When you buy search or social traffic you’re advertising to a “cold audience”, therefore people who don’t yet know or trust you! 

But a list owner already has a relationship with the people on his list. 

When he sends a solo ad it’s like a recommendation, so it can be very effective.

That doesn’t make email advertising better than other traffic sources – it’s just one of the positive things about it.

Solo Ads

Below you’ll find a list of sites that mainly sell solo ads. You’ll see the niches they serve, but check the websites since they might update the niches.

When buying solo ads it’s always a good idea to search for reviews for other advertisers – since some solo ads vendors sell fake clicks. Igor Kheifets is a very well known and trusted expert about solo ads!

Nextmark  A lot of niches.

Dedicated Emails  Niches: Health, outdoors/survival, political, finance.

Traffic For Me  Niches: Financial, health, survival, personal development.

Udimi Niches: Internet marketing, health, social, crypto, weight loss, personal development, dating, travel.

Warrior Forum Search for “solo ads” in the classified section. Niches: Internet marketing, biz opp, self-help, forex, dating, weight loss.

Igor Solo Ads  Niches: Internet marketing, business opportunity. 

Arcamax  Some niches. It’s best to talk directly to Richard Young, the Vice President at [email protected] 

James Whelan Agency Some niches.

BMI Elite This works best for the expert email marketer and media buyer rather than beginners.

Email Advertising Opportunities

Any website that’s building a list might offer you the opportunity to advertise.

These Google search phrases can find websites or blogs that are actually building a list:

keyword “exclusive mailing”

keyword “subscribe free” 

keyword “newsletter”

These Google search phrases can find websites that are selling email advertising.

keyword ezine advertising

keyword “email advertising”

Consider joining Directory of Ezines for more opportunities to advertise. It’s not free, but it contains a well organized directory of list owners in various niches.

This video reviews that directory and shows you what’s inside the members area:

Advertising Spots

You can find any website or blog related to your niche and check for any link on their website that says “Advertising”.

Or contact them and ask to advertise using banners, guest post, solo ads or any other format you prefer.

You can start by visiting your own competitors, since those are in the same niche and have the exact audience you want.

Here are some tools to find websites and blogs within your niche.

Web directories:


You can find bloggers using blog directories:


Or a blog search engine:


Or these Google search phrases:

keyword “blogpost”

allintitle: keyword “blog”

You can use the following Google search phrases to find websites or blogs that have an advertise page.

keyword “advertise”

keyword “advertise with us”

Forum Advertising

Forums are also a great place to advertise because they have a lot of active users.

They usually have an “Advertise” page too, if not just contact them.

You can use these search phrases to find forums:

keyword “forum”

keyword “discussion board”

keyword “Powered by vBulletin”

keyword “Powered by SMF”

These are forum directories:



How To Estimate Any Website’s Traffic Volume

When you find websites that allow advertising you want to place your ads on high traffic websites. 

These tools and methods can give you a good traffic estimate:

  • Check the number of comments they have on their posts. Higher traffic blogs will have more comments.
  • Check the number of shares if they have share icons.
  • Ask them for a screenshot of their last 30 or 60 day traffic stats.
  • Ask the website or blog owner which hosting they’re using. Most hosts have Awstats in their Cpanel. Show them how to use it to give you traffic stats.
  • If they have a social page e.g. Youtube or Facebook page check their number of followers and how many comments and likes they’re getting.
  • If it’s a forum you can tell how much traffic they get by the number of members they have.

    Check also how many new posts they’re getting, a lot of new posts means they get a lot of traffic.
  • Use Ahrefs to figure out how much traffic they’re getting from search engines. They have a $7 trial.
  • Similar Web is a similar tool and they have a free trial.
  • SEM Rush is also a similar tool and they have a free version.
  • Alexa can display useful information about their traffic. They also have a free Chrome plugin.
  • WebsiteQ is a new tool that gives traffic stats data, they have a free and affordable paid optin.

It’s best to use a combination of these tools to get a traffic estimate, instead of relying on just one method say the number of comments they get.

Advertising Networks

Instead of manually searching for websites that have an “Advertising” page, or contacting them one by one you can join an ad network.

You’ll be able to place your ads on a lot of websites fast, without contacting anyone. 

You can use many ad formats, like banner ads, video ads, native ads, popunder ads and more.

In my other guide you’ll find a list of 123 advertising networks which includes popular ones like the Google Display Network.

Ad networks are better in many ways than finding websites manually. But there are some good reasons why you may want to do it manually:

  • It can be easier and less complicated to place ads on one or a few websites or blogs versus using an ad network. It’s can also be quicker if all you want to do is a few tests as a beginner.
  • You can negotiate directly with the website owner. For example prices or placement. If your ads work well you can ask them to buy a guest post or a solo ad as well.
  • Not all websites, blogs or forums are using an ad network. So if you want an ad on such a website you can’t use an ad network – you have to contact them manually.
  • There are some high traffic blogs whose owner are blogging because they’re passionate about their topic.

    They might not even know that ad networks exist. You’d have to contact them manually to advertise and you’ll usually get a much cheaper price.

CPA Affiliate Networks

Recruiting affiliates to promote your offers has always been one of the best (if not the best) way to get traffic!

Imagine 200 affiliates promoting your Information products, or landing page…

Cpa affiliate networks contain thousands of affiliates that will promote your offers. CPA stands for cost per action. 

You’ll pay these affiliates for specific actions they generate such as leads or sales.

For example if you want to generate leads you can give these affiliates ads that link to your landing page and pay them each time they generate a new subscriber. 

Or if you have a software you can pay affiliates each time someone downloads a free demo. Or you can even pay them for sales they generate.

You determine for which actions you want to pay them. CPA affiliate networks are most commonly used to build your email list.

Note some of these sites may require a specific monthly budget before you’re approved as an advertiser. 

Find the “Advertise” page for details on how the network works for advertisers.

Adscend Media
CPA Lead
CPA Empire
Panthera Network

Paid Guest Posts

You can write a high quality article and pay a blogger to put it on their blog. 

To be successful with this method you have to put your article on a high traffic blog and their audience needs to be interested in your content.

Use the tools and methods mentioned previously to find blogs and get a traffic estimate, click here to go to that section.

These sites can be helpful to find blogs that accept paid guest post.


There are websites that accept free guest posts, but they get a lot of submissions and there’s no guarantee if or when your post gets approved.

Expired Domain Traffic

These domains have expired and they’re ready to be purchased again. Some of these domains are still receiving traffic. 

So you can redirect the domain to your own landing page e.g. an optin page. Or if you’re planning to build a new website you can buy a domain that already has backlinks and traffic.

These domains keep getting traffic from all the backlinks pointing to them, search engine rankings and other sources. 

But over time eventually these links will be removed since they point to an expired domain. But if they have a lot of backlinks this can take a long time.

Rankings will eventually drop too.

The good thing is that some expired domains are receiving thousands of visitors each month. Some expired domains are sold in auctions.

Tools to find them:


Parked Domain Traffic

These domains still have an owner but they’ve parked it. This means they’re not using the domain anymore. 

There are ad networks that allow you to redirect parked domain traffic to your own landing pages.

Tonic Ads 

Influencer Traffic

This is about paying popular social media people (influencers) who have a lot of followers, to promote your offers to their followers. 

They’ll basically create a post on their page to recommend what it is you’re offering. It’s paid sponsorship.

This can work really well because they usually have very loyal followers who actively like and comment on their posts.

You can use this website to find influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube…


Here’s a screenshot showing just a small list of influencers, the number of followers and their prices.


Heepsy – this tool has a lot of features to find influencers. 

For example you can search for bloggers related to the keyword “vegan food” that have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Post For Rent

Now let’s discover a bit more about the details and strategy of buying traffic.

Sales Funnel Strategy

Ideally send your traffic to a sales funnel, which is just a series of pages. The first page (landing page) is an optin page designed specifically to build your email list.

The primarily goal is to get as many subscribers as possible, so that you can keep communicating with them whenever you want.

Refer to my other guide to discover how to build a simple sale funnel.

Pricing Models

Two most common ways to pay for traffic are PPC and PPM.

When you Pay Per Click (PPC), you’ll pay only when your ad is clicked. 

You can also pay each time your ad gets shown a 1000 times, this is known as Pay Per Impression or Pay Per Mille (PPM).

Pay Per View (PPV) is a less common option. For this one you pay every time your landing page is viewed.

Every platform can have other pricing models, or variations of those two. For example Google Ads has 7 different ways to bid (or pay) for your ads.

Pricing Models

For the first one, “Target CPA” you’ll tell Google how much you want to pay for conversions. Conversions are actions visitors take on your website, for example buying or opting in.

Google will then bid for your ads automatically to get you the most conversions at the cost you specify. 

That’s great if you know how much you’re willing to spend for every lead or customer.

If you’re a new advertiser you can start with easier bidding options, such as “Manual CPC”.

Targeting Options

For most paid traffic methods you’ll be able to specify exactly who you want to target with your ads. 

This means the ability to show ads in front of people of a certain age, gender, location, interest, device and more…

Another targeting option is the ability to show ads to your own email subscribers, or to people who have visited your website. 

These people already know you somehow, so these ads can promote a product or perhaps offer a discount. These are known as retargeting ads.

Split Testing

When using paid traffic you’ll typically want to start split testing your ads as soon as possible. 

Split testing will allow you to test different ads to see which work best. 

The best ads will cost less money to run, therefore split testing can help you lower your cost.

You can also split test your landing page, which will typically be some sort of optin page. 

The goal will be to increase the conversion rate of your optin page to convert more traffic into subscribers.

You can use Google Optimize or Thrive Optimize to split test landing pages. 

In my sales funnel guide you can discover more about split testing.


Everyone says the exact same thing. Quitting too soon is the reason most people fail with paid traffic.

Most people spend $10 or $20 each day and don’t get any new leads or sales after a week or two. 

They quit because they assume they’re just wasting their money. But you cannot give up too soon!

It’s not that difficult to choose targeting options, create ad sets and setup a campaign. The issue usually lies with conversions. 

You need to keep improving your landing page conversion rate to convert more traffic into leads. 

And keep improving your ads to get more traffic.

The key to success with paid traffic is to test, track and tweak over and over again!

So what are your questions or comments about using paid traffic in your business? Leave them in the comments below.

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