Plr Content: Quick AND Easy Shortcut To Create Any Content or Product

Plr content can be very useful for your business… and in this guide, I’ll share with you how to utilize it, where to buy Plr content, my own personal experience with it and more.

Plr content is just content in any format, e.g. articles, ebooks, videos, emails, and even software. 

You purchase this done-for-you content and have the right to use it for your business.

What you can or cannot do with the content you purchase depends on the license. 

If you purchase content with the Plr license, (Plr stands for private label rights) you’re allowed to modify the content in any way you want. 

You can even put your name as the author of the content.

For those reasons Plr is the best type of license you can get!

There are 3 other licenses you can purchase:

Master Resale Rights (MRR)

This license gives you the ability to sell the product as it is without modifying it in any way. 

With this license, you can (if you want to, but you really don’t have to) allow your customers to resell the product as well.

Resale Rights (RR) 

With this license, you will only be able to sell the product, without modifying it in any way. 

This is like an MRR license but you cannot allow your customers to resell the product.

An MRR or RR license doesn’t allow you to give away the product for free. 

Giveaway Rights

With this license, the only thing you can do is give away the product for free. You cannot sell it or modify it in any way.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Like I already said this license allows you to modify the content in any way you like. You can even put your name as the author.

Plr content comes in two forms. You can give it away for free (known as Plr with Giveaway Rights) or it can only be sold.

On the license page, they’ll tell you exactly what you can or cannot do with it.

All 4 licenses will usually allow you to change the product’s ecover.

You can purchase content in any license, in a diverse range of niches, but you’ll find a lot of products in the Internet Marketing niche.

For example, sells licensed products in the following niches (but they have a separate section entirely dedicated to the Internet Marketing niche).

Further below I give you a list of websites selling licensed content and an alternative and better way to purchase higher quality licensed content.

If the content is a product e.g. an ebook or a software (instead of an article or an email) it’s usually referred to as a Plr product.

You can use the Table of Contents below to jump to specific chapters of the guide.
Table of Contents

How To Use Licensed Content

But as you shall see I almost never recommend you buy master resale rights, or resale rights content unless the products are of really high quality. 

Because with those licenses you cannot modify them in any way, shape or form. 

If the product is of lower quality you want to edit it to improve it a bit, and you can only do that with a Plr license.

Here are some common ways to use licensed content.

Use Them As Free Bonuses

When you write a sales letter to sell your product ideally you need to give away 3 free bonuses. Because that will increase the overall value of your offer.

Instead of creating 3 new products from scratch you can use Plr products. You can also use master resale rights, or resale rights products if you manage to find high-quality products.

Bonus products don’t need to have your name on them, but at least you should purchase a new ecover (if the license allows it). 

If the license was sold to 200 other marketers the exact same product will be on dozens of other sites. So if you purchase a new ecover yours will be unique.

If you cannot find really high-quality products purchase Plr products (instead of MRR or RR) so that you modify their contents to improve it. 

And then you can purchase a new ecover, use a new title (optionally) and put your name as the author so they become unique to you.

Sell Them For Profit

If you want to sell a product for profit, perhaps for the one time offer in your sales funnel, or a standalone product with its own sales letter I recommend only Plr products for the following reason (unless you find high-quality MRR or RR products).

Most (but not all) licensed products contain low quality content, especially if they only cost $7 or less. 

Only the Plr license will allow you to edit the content to improve it! You don’t want to sell low-quality products. 

If you don’t give your customers real value they’re not going to buy anything else from you ever again!

Furthermore, ideally, you want to sell products with your name on them (only Plr allows you to do that). 

Your status as an “expert” within your niche increases if you sell your own products. People love to buy from “experts”!

Remember the Information marketing business is not about making a quick buck. It’s about establishing yourself as an “expert” within your niche. 

Giving valuable content and selling a few products of your own raises your status as an “expert”.

If you do find high-quality products with MRR or RR license you can still sell them, but purchase a new ecover for them.

Use Them As Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is a product that you give away for free in exchange for the prospect’s name and email address.

In most cases, the lead magnet should be quick to consume, in about 10 minutes or less. Therefore it shouldn’t be a 50-page ebook, or a 4-hour long video course. 

Lead magnets are most commonly used as the first page of your sales funnel.

Ideally, buy Plr products for lead magnets because you want to put your name as the author of the product. 

Acquiring a prospect’s name and email is the very first step in your business relationship with them. You want to make a good first impression. 

Therefore you don’t want to give them a lead magnet with someone’s else name on it.

I explain how to create a really good lead magnet in my other guide.

You can easily move content from one format to another. 

For example, if you want to use an ebook as a lead magnet you can buy Plr articles, emails or even videos. 

Then simply take their content and use it to write your ebook.

Combine Plr Products Together

A Plr license allows you to edit the content of the product however you want. 

Therefore you can purchase several Plr products e.g. ebooks on a particular topic, and combine their content (or their most valuable ideas) together to create a bigger, more detailed ebook.

You can also package several Plr products together to form a higher quality product (known as a product bundle). 

For example 5 Plr videos and 1 Plr ebook. In most cases, you cannot do that with MRR or RR products – check the license details on the product’s page for exactly what you can or cannot do.

Move Plr Content From One Format To Another

When you buy Plr licensed content the format doesn’t really matter. What you’re really buying is the actual content. 

Because you can easily move the content from one format to another. 

For example, if you buy Plr emails that content can be used to write an article, make a video, write an ebook, etc.

If you purchase Plr videos you can transcribe them and use them as articles, ebooks, etc. If you want to write articles you can use the content from Plr ebooks, emails or even videos.

Content For Your Website

As part of your overall strategy to build a successful business, you’d have to produce content (in the form of articles or videos).

That content has to be of high value. 

The value of licensed articles is usually low. Therefore at the very least, you want to rewrite them a bit to improve them and add more value. 

Don’t simply copy and paste them onto your website.

One thing you can do is buy a bunch of licensed articles and then combined them into a higher value article.

You can also purchase Plr content in any format e.g. ebooks, emails or even video, and use that content to write your articles.

If you prefer to make videos instead of writing articles you can convert the content from any format into videos and make e.g. PowerPoint video presentations.

Avoid Licensed Emails

I don’t recommend any licensed email content for the simple reason that most of the emails you get are long and boring. 

They look like articles, in fact, most licensed emails have about 500 words each. 

You don’t want to email your list articles, each email you send out should be helpful but keep it short and sweet.

When you buy licensed emails you’ll usually get a pack of about 10 – 12 emails. 

Each email will have about 300 – 500 words, for that reason you can actually use that content as articles for your website. 

Always remember to improve it a bit, don’t just copy and paste them on your website.

Here are a few examples of licensed emails, that can be used as content (articles) for your website.

Example #1 (

That Plr package gives you 12 emails (and more bonus content) for a total of about 7,000 words.

You can definitely convert that content into more than one article, or even a special report (ebook).

Example #2 (

That Plr package gives you 12 emails each with about 500 words.

That content can be used to write articles for your website.

Remember you can move content from one format to another. The same content in those emails can be used to write an ebook or make a video.

Content For Your Membership Site

Licensed content can also be used for a membership site. To keep your members happy you have to give them valuable content each and every month.

Licensed content in any format e.g. ebooks, articles, emails, videos, etc., can be purchased and used for a membership site. 

But ideally, you want to modify the content to improve it by adding more value to it. Therefore use Plr because only that license allows you to modify the content.

Remember you can move the content from one format to another… e.g. use the contents of an ebook to make an article or vice versa.

11 More Real-World Examples of Using Plr

Here’s a good video giving you 11 more ideas on how you can use Plr in your business.

What You Get When
You Buy Licensed Content

Most websites that sell licensed content (Plr, Mrr, Rr, etc.) will tell you what you’ll get when you purchase a particular product.


In that example they give you the contents in several formats (Word Doc, PDF, Open Office, etc.). You can edit Open Office documents (.odt) with Open Office Writer, or LibreOffice Writer

Both are free. I personally use LibreOffice.

You’ll also get a squeeze page, thank you page, product ecover, and some other images.

If it was a longer ebook, they might include also a sales letter. Sometimes they also give pre-written emails that you can use to promote the product.

If you buy licensed articles or emails they’ll tell you how many articles you’ll get, and the number of words per article or email. E.g. 12 emails with 300 words each.

And of course, you’ll be able to learn about the particular content you’re buying. 

For example, they might include the Table of Contents if it’s an ebook, or free samples, more about this further below…

Examples of License Information

Any website that sells licensed content will provide the license details. 


Where it says [YES] is what you can do with this particular product, and where it says [NO] is what you cannot do.

The “[NO] Can be given away” means you cannot give away this product for free, you have to sell it.

Here’s another example:

This is a Plr product that’s why you can do pretty much everything apart from giving it away for free or use it in free membership sites.

Websites That Sell Licensed Content

Most of these websites sell any licensed content not just Plr, (i.e. Mrr, RR or Giveaway Rights). 

There are many more websites, but I tried to include quality websites on this list.

Many of these are membership sites, meaning you pay a monthly or yearly fee and download as many products as you want.

You can also search Google to find licensed content in a specific niche.

For example “back pain plr”.

Or search for a specific type of Plr, for example emails with a search phrase like this: “diabetes plr emails”

You can also search Jvzoo Marketplace for the keyword Plr or something similar.

Make a thorough search to find the best possible products for your particular needs. 

Higher Quality Licensed Content

Most websites that sell licensed content look like an ecommerce store. And they sell products in the range of about $7 – $20.


Sometimes they provide the ‘Table of Contents’ and you can look at that to get a better idea about the quality of the content. 

Here’s an example:

Some websites allow you to preview the product, here’s an example:

Some websites provide more details than others and so you can judge the quality much better.

More expensive licensed content (about $30 or more) will usually be of higher quality. You can find them in some of the websites in the list above.

The products will be sold using a typical sales letter sometimes, and the product will usually contain a lot more content than a $7 product. 

Most often they’ll also give you professional ecovers that look very nice.

Here’s an example:

Sometimes you can judge the contents by its looks.

Here’s everything you’ll get with that one: 

As you can see (especially if you read that particular sales letter) you can easily tell that it’s a high-quality product. And that’s one is just $37.

That particular product is sold from this Plr website:

The Best Way To Get Licensed Content

From the website listed above, you can find really high-quality products, but there’s an even better way.

The best licensed content you can get is bought directly from an owner, because a) you’ll probably be the only one with the license to resell… b) you’ll have a super high-quality product.

If there’s a really good product that you would love to resale as your own contact the owner and ask to buy a resale rights license. 

Ideally, you want to buy Plr license so that you can do whatever you want with it.

You may want to get to know them a bit before asking them.

Join their list, leave comments on their site or youtube… praise them to make them feel good and perhaps buy some of their products to earn their trust! 

Give before you expect to receive anything in return.

That’s exactly what I did several years ago. I spotted an opportunity. 

I purchased 2 products with resale rights from a serial entrepreneur, Dan Lok who has over 1 million Youtube subscribers and makes 7 or 8 figures every year. 

I’m probably the only person who owns the resale rights to those products because he’s not officially selling any license.

I was on that marketer’s list (and his customer) for several years until one day he retired from Internet Marketing to focus on his offline businesses. 

That’s when I asked him to buy resale rights to some of the products that he was selling!

One Thing You Should Always Do With Licensed Products

You should always purchase a new ecover for the licensed product, regardless of the type of license. But do read the license details in case they forbid it.

You want to do that because if the license was sold to 100 other marketers there will be potentially 100 other websites selling the exact same product as yours. 

Prospects can find your product on other sites and that will instantly lower its value because it looks like a commodity product. 

Furthermore, other marketers may sell it for dirt cheap which will lower its value even more.

If you purchase a new ecover it will be 100% unique to you!

Some websites that sell high quality licensed content will only sell the license a specific number of times and they’ll usually forbid you to sell it under a specific price, or give it away for free! 

Those rules are in place to retain the value of the content.


Whenever you feel you lack product or content ideas consider searching for licensed content. They can be a shortcut. 

I’ve personally purchased Plr videos for bonus products in my sales letters and as free content for my website. 

I’ve also purchased resell rights for an ebook and a software product too. They can definitely be very beneficial for your business.

So what are your questions about buying or using private label rights (plr) content in your business? Leave them in the comments below.

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