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"Positive Thinking Techniques To Get "Magical" Results!"

positive thinking techniques

Positive thinking techniques will help you to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones. There are many reasons why you want to do this…

Positive Thinking Benefits

1. You’ll have and keep a more serene and peaceful mindset while you’re working in your business! 

You’ll overcome frustrations, setbacks and other challenges way more easier…

2. We spend months and years working in our business before we see some really great results! 

With all the work you do you may become a bit upset, bored, or frustrated until you start to see some success. 


Positive thinking techniques will enable you to have more energy, enthusiasm and an overall more relaxed mindset to help you along in your journey!

3. They will also help you achieve your goals. 

In my goal setting guide I told you about a 4 step process to create and achieve any goal. 

It will take time before you achieve your goal and positive thinking techniques will help you remain firm in your belief that you can achieve it… which is very important to achieve your goal as I told you in step 2 of that process! 

4. Negative thinking will bring you negative results and positive thinking will bring you positive results (especially when combined with goal setting). 

That’s just the way your subconscious mind works. 

This is probably the most important reason to think positively. We’ll talk about that further below…

5. A byproduct of positive thinking is positive feeling or emotion. When you thinking positively you’ll feel positive. 

Repeat the words “Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony” right now, slowly over and over again and you’ll soon start feeling more peaceful, loving, joyful and harmonious.

That is another important reason to eliminate negative thinking, and think more positive thoughts.

6. When you think positively you’ll also more likely to take positive actions.

When I started to read positive thinking books, and take them seriously, my actions changed too. I started to work longer.

I spent my time better e.g. I spent more time working in my business instead of playing video games.

complained less, and remained calm instead of bursting in anger when things went wrong!

Positive Thinking Is A Skill

It’s hard to think positively all the time, especially when things go wrong, but with practice you can do it. It’s a skill that you can master and I reveal techniques to accomplish that further below!

Here’s a table of contents that might help you navigate this guide later one.

Table of Contents

Now let’s discover…

What Does Positive
Thinking Really Mean?

First and foremost positive thinking means you don’t think negative thoughts. And when you do think they are positive or constructive thoughts.

A negative thought is about anything that you don’t want, for example “I didn’t get a single customer this month, I’ll probably fail big time.”

You’ll much more likely to think negative thoughts when things don’t go the way you would like, or when you’re feeling sad, bored, frustrated, etc.

You want to avoid negative thinking because your subconscious mind will transform your thoughts (good or bad) into reality… (You’ll find out more about this further below) 

And negative thinking creates unpleasant negative feelings.

Positive thinking is when you intentionally think positive, for example by repeating “success, wealth, health” several times every day. 

You want to repeat affirmations or prayers like that one because your subconscious mind transforms your thoughts into reality… I explain this in more detail further below…

Constructive thinking is a form of positive thinking. 

If you didn’t get a single customer this month, instead of complaining and think negatively, you can make a list of the possible reasons why… who you’re going to ask for help… what books you’re going to read to get more customers…

Talking Is Thinking Out Loud

Talking (alone or with another person) is like thinking out loud.

When you’re talking to someone you can talk negatively (e.g. “I bet, my business won’t succeed”) or you can talk positively. 

It’s the same as negative or positive thinking, but instead of keeping your thoughts to yourself, you’re sharing them with someone else.

Next let’s see how your subconscious mind transforms positive or negative thoughts into reality… this is the biggest reason why you want to eliminate negative thoughts and think positive ones.

How Thoughts
Affect Your Reality

The most simplest explanation for how the subconscious mind works is that whatever you think about you’ll get as a result. 

Your subconscious mind acts on your thoughts (good or bad), especially the ones you repeat often which form into a belief.

If you have a lot of negative thoughts, or if you repeat the same one very often you’re going to get more negative results, faster!

For example if you’re constantly thinking “This Internet Business thing won’t work” and really feel that to be true… your subconscious mind will work to make that a reality! It will be working against you. 

The way the subconscious mind works seemed like a fantasy to me… but after trying specific techniques to use its power, and got great results I completely believe in the way it works! 

The results I got are mentioned in step 2 of my goal setting guide.

Positive or Negative Beliefs

negative thoughtsA belief is like a thought that you fully accept to be true. This is the most powerful or destructive thought (depending whether it’s a positive or negative belief).

In fact your subconscious mind works best when thoughts are transformed into beliefs!

Repeatedly thinking negative or positive thoughts will cause you to start believing them – that’s when you activate the subconscious mind!

However you can also form beliefs, by believing other people’s thoughts (suggestions). 

This happens especially when you’re a kid, you tend to believe what your parents tell you.

You may have beliefs like: “Money is the root of all evil” which are the thoughts of other people, that you’ve accepted to be true!

Further below I show you how to use affirmations/prayers to stop negative thinking and form new beliefs.

Here are some examples of negative thoughts or beliefs about money:

Why Positive Thinking Is Important

I highly recommend you understand truly well how the subconscious mind works, because then you’ll know exactly why you shouldn’t think negative thoughts.

I recommend Joseph Murphy’s book ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’. He explains the whole thing so easy a child can understand it!

Power of Your Subconscious Mind
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Your Subconscious Mind
Doesn't Understand Jokes!

If you think to yourself, or tell your friends jokingly “My website looks like it was made in 1994 and it takes 15 minutes to load a page…” your subconscious mind will start working to make that your reality.

Of course if you tell that joke just once you may not even perceive the negative impact it had on you. 

For example, one day you’ll find yourself a bit less creative than usual, when building your website.

But if you think negatively a lot of the time, you’ll get more severe and noticeable results!

Each time you think you’re “planting seeds” in your subconscious mind. 

If they’re positive you’ll get positive results, if they’re negative you’ll get negative results.

Now that you know why you should avoid negative thoughts, (especially the ones that form into a belief) here’s a technique to help you avoid them.

Positive Thinking Affirmations

A great way to banish negative thoughts (especially if you have a lot of them, or repeat the same one often) is to use an affirmation/prayer. 

You’ll be training your mind to think positively, and you form that into a habit.

Affirmations/prayers can be specific. 

For example if your negative thoughts are mostly about money such as “I always run out of money” then you can use an affirmation/prayer specifically about money”.

Examples of Affirmations
For Positive Thinking

In the same book by Joseph Murphy you’ll find several affirmations/prayers that you can use to get specific results. And he gives exact instructions on how to use them. 

The following are taken from his book, the following are specifically about money.

As soon as you catch yourself thinking negatively repeat an affirmation.

If you think negative thoughts about money on a regular basis those affirmations will help you eliminate those negative thoughts.

Don't Write Your Own Affirmations...

It may look easy to write your own affirmation but it’s actually more complicated that it seems. 

For example it should be in the present tense, it should not containing conflicting phrases and so much more… So I don’t suggest you write your own affirmations. 

You don’t want to write a bad one because you’ll get bad results!

It’s just way better to use the affirmations/prayers that you find in good books like:

‘Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious Powers’ by Joseph Murphy and…

‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale.

Positive Thinking Exercise

After you’ve made it a habit to think more positively you can replace those long affirmations/prayers with a much shorter one.

The one I use is “success and wealth are mine now” or “success, wealth, health”.

Even though you’ve banished negative thoughts you may still think negatively form time to time. Especially when something doesn’t go the way you want… and you become upset or angry.

Quick Exercise:

As soon as you catch yourself thinking negatively stop a negative thought and quickly state a short positive affirmation.

For example as soon as you realize you’re going to say “This business sucks… I get no customers” stop immediately, don’t finish the sentence. 

And repeat “success, wealth, health” or any other short and positive affirmation.

Goals Are Very Specific
Affirmations or Prayers

Once you have made it a habit to avoid negative thinking you can create a much more specific affirmation/prayer. And this is called a goal.

Refer to my goal setting guide for the 4 step process to create and accomplish your goals.

It will be hard to belief you can accomplish your goals (which is key to get results) if you have a lot of negative thoughts. 

That’s why I recommend you use positive affirmations like the above examples until you eliminate negative thoughts, before you create goals.

The Law of Attraction

You’ve probably heard about the law of attraction – that’s referring to the workings of your subconscious mind. 

It attracts to you people, things, opportunities, ideas, etc., in response to either your positive or negative thinking. It’s not going to differentiate between good or bad.

'The Secret' Movie

The movie called ‘The Secret’ is not entirely about ‘The Law of Attraction’. The teachers in the movie give a lot of advice that don’t particular relate to the subconscious mind. 

For example ‘how to handle criticism’ or ‘what to do if you feel lonely’.

I recommend you watch it only after you understand the basics of how your the subconscious mind works.

Full movie is on Youtube:

Master Positive Thinking

Your objective is to reduce negative thinking, and eventually eliminate it completely. You can be positive 100%, all the time, it’s a state of mind. 

But to get to that point you may need some practice. 

It’s a skill, the more you try to think positive and have an overall positive state of mind the easier it will be to keep that mindset.

Affirmations/Prayers will surely help you to develop the habit of positive thinking.

If you truly understand the impact of negative thinking in your reality you will stop doing it right away… it’s really not beneficial to you! 

Once you fully understand how the subconscious mind works you’ll think it’s just crazy to think negatively, it makes no sense, it’s not beneficial for you.

How To Overcome Negative
Thoughts That Cause Anxiety

I learned a technique from ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale, that can help you banish negative thoughts quickly, by calming yourself.

This is a small affirmation that’s best used when something happens to you that causes feelings of worry or anxiety (which are usually caused by negative thoughts). 

Simple repeat the statement: 

“Everything will come in my favour”. 

An alternative statement you can use is this one: 

“Only good will come out of this”.

Use any one of those, (or others) as often as you like, whenever it’s needed, until you make it a habit to do so.

I use that statement whenever I’m anxious, for example a few days before I went to learn how to drive a car, before a job interview, when I was building a sales funnel, and so forth… I still use it till this day. 

You can eliminate hours or days of constant worry or anxiety with a simple statement.

You should think about the good and the bad things that can happen in any particular situation. You should obviously prepare yourself as best as you can!

But if you keep on dwelling on negative thoughts which create feelings of anxiety then those affirmations will be tremendously helpful!

Understand How Your
Subconscious Mind Works

Those affirmations will work best if you truly understand how your subconscious mind works, that’s why I recommend reading at least ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy. 

Because you’ll have to use special techniques to get the best results – basically you want to believe, and have faith that everything truly will come in your favour!

I understand that the way the subconscious mind works sounds like “magical” but if you test it and it works just once you’ll be amazed!

A personal experience will be your best proof in the way your subconscious mind works.

Become A Problem Solver

Think and see your problems as challenges instead of a problems. Nobody likes problems.

It’s much easier to think of them as challenges that we can actually solve and overcome.

In business we all face problems every now and then. If you see them as challenges you’ll be able to overcome them much easier.

If you’re really optimistic you’ll actually try to find an opportunity in every problem. 

3-Step Problem Solving Process

problem solverI use this process when I’m faced with a problem. This isn’t an easy process – it all depends on the severity of the problem. 

Over the years I’ve been hit with a lot of problems and over time I’ve become better at managing my thoughts, emotions and find solutions.

The next time you’re hit with a problem follow this 3 step process…

Step 1: It will be very hard to keep control of your thoughts and emotions. It’s not easy. Frustration, anger, and other negative emotions can affect your actions. 

You may do something that you regret afterwards. Therefore it’s crucial that you control yourself and take charge of the situation.

For example, a thunderstorm causes the power to go out, and your computer shuts down unexpectedly. 

You were writing a sales letter in Microsoft Word but forgot to save your work. Now you have to rewrite half the letter once again.

You’re frustrated and angry, and as soon as you can turn the computer back on you decide to delete the file… you don’t want to continue writing!

A few days go by and you forget about that incident. Now that you’re more relaxed you realize the action you took (deleting the file) made things worse. 

You could have easily recovered an unsaved Word document.

For most problems the moment you realize you’ve got a problem you’ll think “it’s the end of the world”. 

But after a few days you’ll start to forget about it… and after a week or a month you’ll wonder why you thought it was a problem.

Step 2: Don’t make the problem worse. 

Only take action when you’re absolutely clear of negative thoughts and feelings or you’ll most likely regret the actions you take.

You may need to wait one full day before you come back to a normal state of mind and can think reasonable.

I suggest you use guided meditation every day or every week (not just when you’ve got a problem) – or how often you’d like… so you get in a relaxed state of mind. 

So when a problem hits you, you’re more in charge, composed and relaxed.

Guided Meditation Resources

guided meditationThese are the ones I use (you can find more on Google, Youtube…).

Bob Proctor’s – Instantly Relax, Refresh and Reap the Benefits.

World’s Most Relaxing Music – I listen to this for about 20 mins when I have the time.

Quantum Awakening – Optin from the right sidebar on their blog to get the free recording.

Deep Relaxation Paraliminal – These are 20 minute guided meditations. I personally don’t use this one, I have about 5 other paraliminals.

Ideally you also want to use any one of those (the Paraliminals are the most powerful) on the same day or the exact time you realize you’ve got a problem. 

Because that will calm your mind and you’ll avoid taking wrong actions that make the problem worse.

But most people won’t be in a mood for that. They’ll be worried or anxious to find a quick solution. 

And that’s not the ideal state of mind to solve problems. 

However now that you know this 3 step process, and the ideal way to tackle problems you can take a better course of action than most people.

Step 3: After you’ve completely calmed down, which can take a full day (less if you’ve listen to a guided meditation), make a list of possible ways to solve the problems… or a list of actions you can take to solve it.

Writing down your problem on a piece of paper can be a really good way to understand it better.

If you’ve made a mistake always try to find and learn a lesson. At the least you can think of ways to avoid doing it again. 

Keeping with the same example we can purchase an Uninterrupted Power Supply (battery) and make sure to remember to save more often, to avoid the same mistake.

Positive Thinking Books

All the books I’ll share with you are pretty much on the same subject, which is ‘positive thinking’ and the ‘subconscious mind’ (which is sometimes known as the ‘Infinite Intelligence’, ‘Higher Self’, ‘Unconscious Mind’, or even ‘God’).

They all pretty much share the same set of ideas… but it’s good to read multiple books on the same subject so you get different ideas and techniques from the different authors.

I recommend many books because typically you’ll need to read more than one book to truly understand a new concept or idea. 

And you’ll need a lot of practice to master positive thinking or any other skill.

All these books present different techniques and ideas to utilize positive thinking in your life.

There are many more good books about positive thinking… feel free to choose the ones you’re drawn to, let your intuition guide you, usually that’s the best way to pick the books to read.

So let’s begin…


This book will teach how the mind works. It shows you exactly how your thoughts become reality through the power of your subconscious mind! 

You’ll understand why it’s important to think positive instead of negative thoughts.


‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale explains how the subconscious mind works as well, and gives you several different techniques to use its power. 

From this book I got the idea to carry with me a card that has an affirmation on it. I personally write my affirmation on a ‘playing card’ like the 2 of Diamonds. 

The affirmation is just a statement with something positive, very useful when I’m about to think negatively. Mine says “Success, Wealth, Health”

repeat that affirmation often so it sinks in my subconscious mind.

I carry this playing card with my all the time, so I remember to repeat those positive thoughts.


Norman Vincent Peale was a minister, as such he attributes the power of the subconscious mind to God in a certain sense… But it doesn’t matter… 

What’s important is that the subconscious mind really works! 

If you need proof read ‘Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious Powers’ by Joseph Murphy. 

It contains one story after another of people who have used the power of their subconscious mind to get the results they want.

Remember positive thinking is the KEY to get positive results from your subconscious mind!


This is another book that will show you how to use the power of positive thinking to get the results you want. 

All of these books are different, but they all pretty much share the same set of ideas…

It’s good to read a few different books on the same subject to get different ideas from different authors.


This very nice story shows you the power you have that you’re unaware of. You can utilize this power to remove fear and think more positively.


This is another great book to master the powers of your mind. It took explains the powers residing in your subconscious mind (Brian refers to it as the super consciousness) and how to use them.


From all the books I read, especially ‘The Mind Master’ by Theron Q Dumont I learned something so simple but very important.

Do good and good follows, do bad and bad follows.

If you’re honest with yourself you’ll know what’s good or bad. So choose now to do good… think positively, instead of negatively.


Here’s a recap of some of the best positive thinking techniques mentioned in this guide.

Once you’ve eliminated negative thinking almost completely I suggest you use goal setting to get the specific results that you want!

So do you use any of these techniques to be more positive? Leave your answer in the comments.

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