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Content should be produced consistently, preferable every day. This content can be articles if you like to write, or videos if you prefer to make videos. You can also do podcasts if you like audio.

What’s important is that you deliver a lot of value to your audience so they start to like and trust you. That’s the key to build a positive relationship with them and turn them into customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

For almost every type of business content creation is important for a variety of reasons.

First of all if you do some search engine optimization (SEO) your content pages can rank in Google and bring in free traffic.

Your content shows your prospects and customers you’re an “expert”, their trusted advisor. Content that helps them also shows them you care. 

Therefore content helps you convert more prospects into leads and customers as well.

Content is information. And information can be presented in a variety of ways.

Typically that includes articles, videos and audio.

Putting content on your own blog is the ideal method. Because your blog is an asset that you own. 

Although it’s nice to have a Youtube channel that asset is not your own. Youtube is owned by Google. All those channel subscribers can be gone if they decide to make some changes…

Therefore content on your own website should be a priority.

But you can also create infographics, ecourses, newsletters, special reports, booklets and so on.

Social media updates or emails you send to your subscribers are also another type of content.

Generally speaking what you want to do is find topic ideas. Topics that are related to your business. So for example in the “Internet Security” niches topics can include anti spyware, malware, online shopping, and so on.

When brainstorming we’re trying to create a big list of topics related to our niche. And then figure out what information we can produce that will be beneficial to our audience. 

Because the ultimate goal is to create content that will help your audience solve an issue or a problem they’re facing.

It’s important to present your content professionally.

If the content is a blog post you want to use some images and videos (your own or from Youtube). 

Make sure you use a nice template for your website. WordPress in combination with a page building tool such as Thrive Architect is recommended.

They have professional looking themes.

With that you can build a website that also looks well on other devices such as tablets and mobiles.

You can structure the content using headings and subheadings much like chapters and subchaters in a book.

To do that use the H1, H2, H3 headings in WordPress. You can also add a table of contents if the content piece is really long.

Likewise if you’re going to make video or audio invest in some quality mike and video editing software.

You don’t have to waste a lot of money. But it does has to look and sound decent enough.

Ultimately what really matters the most is the quality of your content.

This refers to content that’s optimized for search engines. 

There are various techniques you can use known as on-page optimization techniques.

If you’re going to create content for your website it’s highly recommended that you follow those techniques.

First of all you’ll create a much higher quality piece of content. And it can rank in Google and other search engines for free traffic.

These on-page techniques include things like using alt tags in images, linking to other relevant pages on your website and so forth.

You can look at my free guide to discover how to create SEO friendly content.


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