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"How To Generate Info Product Ideas In 60 Seconds Or Less!"

Product Generation Mastery

An information product (or info product in short) is any product that provides some sort of information. 

These (as well as software which isn’t necessarily an info product) are the types of products you can sell within an Info business.

In this ebook, you’ll discover a lot of different methods you can use to come up with ideas for info products.

The techniques in Idea Generator No.1 will help you to discover as much information about your prospects and customers as possible!

Ideally, the first thing you want to do is find a profitable niche and then use this ebook to generate info product ideas to create products within your chosen niche.

However even if you don’t yet have any particular niche in mind you can still use this ebook and come up with a lot of ideas for new info products.

A profitable niche is a niche that has enough demand (this means there are enough prospects spending money on products and services) and it’s not extremely competitive (unless you have a competitive advantage).

A competitive advantage is anything you have that most of your competitors lack.

For example, if you’re in the real estate niche and you have 5 years of experience working as a real estate that can be a competitive advantage compared to your competitors who don’t have any experience.

Once you find a profitable niche you can use this ebook to create products to sell within that niche.

Products are the life-blood of any business, it’s how your business makes money.

However, products can be used in many different ways, not just to sell them for profit, for example:

Keep in mind you should be familiar with your prospects and customer’s wants, needs, and problems they want to solve. This way you’ll create products they want. You can’t sell a product that nobody wants!

An info product, in essence, is just information about a topic (except for software).

You can package the same information in different info product formats. For example, you can take the information within an ebook and use it to make a
video course or vice versa.

There are about 26 different product formats (all listed in the chapter named ’36 Different Product Formats’), but the most common are ebooks, video courses, and audio programs.

Therefore when you have an idea for a new info product you can use any product format you wish. You may want to write a book or make a video course. It’s up to you how to package the information.

However you may want to consider what your prospects prefer, perhaps in your niche they prefer to listen to audio programs rather than reading ebooks.

Once again you’ll know what they want if you use the techniques in Idea Generator No.1 to become familiar with your prospects.

Keep a notebook in front of you while you’re reading this ebook so each time you get an idea for a new info product right it down immediately that way you don’t forget it.

Write down any idea you can think of even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. Let your ideas flow freely don’t block them by trying to think or judge if the idea is good or bad – as soon as you have an idea write it down.

In the bonus report called ‘How To Create An Info Product Fast!’ you’ll discover some methods that you can use to find more information for your Info product. You’ll learn how to turn an idea into a real Info product. 

Then in the bonus report called ‘How to Easily Create Sizzling Hot Titles For Your Info Products!’ you’ll also discover ways to easily name your info product.

Keep all these important ideas in mind as you generate ideas and create your info products. I list a lot of website links within this ebook to useful tools and resources. For more resources read the free bonus you received with this ebook.

Two Criteria To Create
Profitable Info Products

You want to come up with as many Info product ideas as possible. Not all of your ideas will turn out to be profitable.

These are the requirements for an idea to be profitable:

For number one refer to the techniques in Idea Generator No.1 to discover what your prospects want.

For number two you can apply the following research technique.

Suppose your Info product idea is a guide that teaches ‘how to sell puppies’. You want to know if it’s a complex topic or something you can easily explain with 1 or 2 articles.

Remember if it’s not complex enough it may not be a profitable idea.

To discover all of this start by making a list of topics about your Info product.

You can find topics for your Info product by searching Google or article directories. In my other guide there are 40 other ways to find topic ideas.

The most simple method is to search Google for ‘how to sell your puppy” – then we can look at the information (usually in the form of articles) presented on the websites.

Within the articles we can find topics related to ‘how to sell your puppy’.

For example:

List down all the topics you can find.

f there’s a lot of topics it means you can create an Info product with a lot of information. The more information you can provide the more things you can teach and the higher your product’s value.

You can use this research technique to discover if a product idea is complex enough and therefore profitable or not any Info product idea you generate using any of the methods in this ebook.

Table of Contents


Two Criteria to Create Profitable Info Products

Idea Generator No.1 Solve A Problem In A Niche

Idea Generator No.2 Use Article Titles To Spark New Product Ideas

Idea Generator No.3 Search The Web For Product Topics

Idea Generator No.4 Explain How You Did Something

Idea Generator No.5 Generate Ideas From Your Interests Or Expertise!

Idea Generator No.6 Make An Existing Product Better

Idea Generator No.7 Same Topic Different Product Format

Idea Generator No.8 Same Product Format Different Topic

Idea Generator No.9 Use Private Label Rights Products

Idea Generator No.10 Find Software Ideas

Idea Generator No.11 Update An Old Product

Idea Generator No.12 Transfer Product Titles From One Niche To Another

Idea Generator No.13 Create A Compilation Of Tips, Secrets, Ideas…

Idea Generator No.14 Teach How To Use Something

Idea Generator No.15 Teach How To Do Something

Idea Generator No.16 Find New Success Stories And Interview Them

Idea Generator No.17 Interview An Expert

Idea Generator No.18 Find New Ideas Within Your Products

Idea Generator No.19 Create An Up To Date Directory

Idea Generator No.20 Search For Public Domain Books

Idea Generator No.21 Get Ideas From Free Publications

Idea Generator No.22 Survey Your List

Idea Generator No.23 Find Ideas In Online Courses

Idea Generator No.24 Use Keyword Research Tools

Idea Generator No.25 Compile A Resource Of Recipes, Templates… Or Real Life Examples!

36 Different Product Formats

Become an Authority Within Your Niche!

5 Examples of a Successful InfoBusiness

Idea Generator No.1
Solve a Problem In A Niche

This is one of the most common ways to come up with a product idea. You have to become very familiar with your prospect’s wants, needs, desires, and problems they have.

Then you can create Info products to fulfill those same needs, wants, and solve their problems.

Learn as much as you can about what they need, want, desire, and their problems or challenges. Research to gather as much information as possible, and here are some of the ways you can do that.

Research Methods To
Get To Know Your Prospects:


Find forums within your niche by doing a simple Google search e.g. “dog forums”. Then join as many as you can.

Read the topics in the forum, reply to topics to join discussions, or start topics to ask questions if you need to.
Forums are probably the best way to learn what your prospects want.

Search also Reddit, it’s like a forum but slightly different.
Search Google for “keyword + reddit” for example dog training Reddit.

Using a word document (or whichever way you prefer) you can make a list of any questions they ask repeatedly and all the topics they frequently talk about. List any other useful information you discover.

Q & A Sites

Find Question and Answers sites like Quora, search for questions related to your niche to discover what they want to learn.

Add to your list any questions they ask repeatedly or any questions they’reasking to solve a specific challenge they have.

Read More

Read plenty of articles especially the latest ones to stay up to date on what’s going on within your niche – article writers usually perform research before writing so they’ll only write about the things your prospects want to learn more about.

Add all those topics they write about and what specific challenges they help solve.


Look at your competitor’s products, what sort of problems are they solving? They’ve probably already performed the necessary research to discover what their prospects want, take advantage of it.

Add to your word document file of all your competitor’s websites and their products and a list of all the problems or challenges they solve.


You can subscribe to magazine subscriptions to find more articles and news stories to stay up to date on what’s going on in your niche.

Do a Google search for ‘keyword + magazines’ e.g. ‘magic magazines’ to find websites that offer magazine subscriptions.

Some websites also provide some free magazine issues you can read in your browser.

Once again keep noting down any useful information you discover to your word document like the problems your prospects are facing.


Search Youtube to find videos related to your niche. Take a look at those videos that provide some sort of information (not funny or entertaining videos), e.g. “How To Teach Your Dog Tricks”. Look at as many videos as you can.

Ideally you want to sort the search results by ‘most recent’ so you see the latest videos (not those uploaded 5 years ago). This will tell you what topics are hot right now, what information your prospects want right now.

You may also want to look at the comments to see what sort of questions they’re asking. This may also help you to discover other problems they’re facing.

Add all these topics and information you gather to your word document.


You can also find Facebook groups. These are like forums, you’ll be able to see what prospects want, need, and talk about. They’ll usually ask questions and discuss issues together. You can learn a lot by joining as many groups as you can.

Once again write down all the important information you gather in your word document.

You can participate and converse with your prospects by asking them questions. 

On forums you can reply to threads or create a new thread and ask a question. On Youtube you can ask questions by commenting or reply to comments. On Facebook groups you can also participate by commenting.

In every one of these websites you can also send a direct private message to a particular user if you need to ask them questions personally. Interact using these social sites to learn as much as you can about your prospects.

You want to use all these techniques to learn as much as you can. You’ll quickly gather a lot of useful information and a good understanding of your prospects’ wants and needs.

When you use these methods you’ll start to realize the sort of Info products you can create that can be useful to your prospects. 

For example, if there’s a lot of people asking questions on forums to learn how to teach their dog new tricks, that can tell you there’s a demand for that kind of Information.

Ideally, you want to take notes and keep writing down everything you start to learn about your prospect’s wants, needs, desires, problems, etc.

As you become more and more familiar with the prospects within your niche you’ll start to get a deeper understanding of the kind of challenges they are having.

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"I began my entrepreneurial journey in the mid-1970s part-time and went full-time in the late 1990s. During that time I've created a few products of my own, including a number of books.

There is no doubt that the highest profit margins come from selling products that you own.

Jack's work in compiling this book of 25 product idea generators is useful for everybody who struggles to create a product of her or his own.

A couple of the generators described I hadn't used before and wasn't familiar with them. I took one of those generators and in 5 minutes had a list of 9 titles for products that I can now add to my arsenal of books and make available or sell.

If you're looking for ideas that you can turn into information products for your marketing efforts you can use Product Generation Mastery to create lists of titles that you can use to fill your sales pages."

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