On this page, you’ll discover a guide about finding profitable niches.

You don’t just pick any niche randomly. You have to do the appropriate research to uncover a niche that’s both profitable and preferable also something you like

Finding a profitable niche is the first step in the process to start an Info business.

5 Proven Niche Research Techniques And 1106 Niche Ideas!

Proven techniques to easily find potentially niche ideas for your business. Plus a list of 1106 blog niche ideas!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question #1: What is niche research?

Niche research is the process of finding the category or topic for your business.

You’ll spend a lot of time working in your business, like for example writing content, emails, ads, creating products and so on.

So ideally you need to find a niche that at least interests you.

There are various tools and methods you can use to find this ideal niche for your business, such as keyword research tools.

  • Question #2: What are examples of niches?

Photoshop tutorials, back pain, table tennis, growing your own food, online trading, knitting, model train building, candle making and so on.

Here’s a list of 1106 niche examples.

Basically any category or topic where people buy products or services is a niche. 

Some niches are bigger than others, meaning there’s a larger audience that’s searching for information and products or services to buy.

A niche is basically the subject or topic of the type of products you want to sell.

For example, if you want to sell piano related products that would be the piano niche. If you want to teach how to play table tennis, that’s the ‘table tennis’ niche.

  • Question #3: How do you know if a niche is profitable?

You can use various tools and methods to analyze a niche and determine if it’s profitable or not.

These tools and methods will generally research the demand and competition within a niche. 

Higher demand means more people are looking for information and products or services to buy. This usually means the niche is more profitable.

More competition is also an indication that a niche is more profitable. But it’s also more competitive.

At the same time if there’s absolutely no competition it means the niche is not profitable.

  • Question #4: What niches are most profitable?

It’s hard to say exactly.

But you can group almost all niches under the following categories. 

The most popular niche in each category is usually the most profitable.

Health & Fitness
Hobbies & Interests
Self Improvement
Wealth & Money

So for example in the Health & Fitness category the most popular and hence profitable niche would be Weight Loss.

In the Hobbies & Interests that would be Golf or Dog Training.

Under Relationships that would be Dating.

And so on…

In each category you’ll find hundreds of niches.

For example in the Health & Fitness you’ll find Back Pain, Weight loss, Anti-aging, Diabetes, Arthritis, Beauty and so on. 

In the Wealth & Money you find Make Money Online, Personal Loans, Forex Trading, Sports Betting, Art Investing and so on.

You can see a list of 1106 niches grouped under those categories.Then you can use keyword research tools like KWFinder to check how many people search Google each month for that specific term e.g. weight loss or dating.

The most profitable niches are also the most competitive.

So for those niches ideally you want to find a specific section (a sub niche).

For example in the Weight Loss niche you’ll find other sub niches like Weight Loss For Men, Weight Loss For Diabetics, Ketogenic Diet, Weight Loss Supplements and Pills and so on.

  • Question #5: What is a niche audience?

This consists of all the people that are searching for information and products or services to buy within a niche.

They’re the people that your business needs to help and serve.