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"57-Point Professional Sales Letter Checklist!"

sales letter checklist

This checklist is specifically designed to write sales letters. However its ideas can be used any time you’re writing any sort of copy like for example pay per click ads.

It shows you what you must have in your sales letter… regardless what product you’re selling or who you’re targeting! 

Use this checklist to craft “killer” sales letters and ads! If you already wrote your sales letter you can improve and correct any mistakes you’re making…

This is not some beginners-only tool. The ideas within this one-of-a-kind checklist are being used right now by master copywriters!

Also, I split it into sections, so it’s easier to understand.

Here you go…

Table of Contents

The Headline

The headline is the most important part any sales letter or ad. It needs to grab your reader’s attention and generate interest so they actually start reading your sales letter or ad!

The Copy

“Copy” refers to everything you write in your sales letter or ad, each and every word.


Credibility (or proof) is very important especially in sales letters. Your readers need to trust you before buying from you. 

Testimonials and other forms of credibility are proof you know what you’re talking about and your product actually works!


This part of the checklist shows you how to format your sales letter or ad the right way!

The Offer

In this part of the checklist you’ll discover how to explain your offer (the product you’re selling in all its detail) so your readers understand everything and become ready to buy!

The Guarantee

This is a must have in every sales letter you write. It’s been proven beyond any doubt that a guarantee will increase the number of sales you make!

Call To Action

The call to action is an important element that must be included in every sales letter (and most ads).

Postscript (P.S.)

The postscripts are added at the very bottom of the sales letter. They summarize the most important parts of your sales letter e.g. your offer.

The next time you’re going to write any ad or sales letter make sure you’ve included every item on this checklist in your copy.

So that it’s ready to bring you as many sales as possible!


You can use this checklist before or after you write your sales letter.

It can actually tell you what to write about. Useful in case you have the writer’s block. That’s when you can’t come up with new ideas.

And after you finish your sales letter you can polish it with this checklist. Make sure you’ve got all of the good parts that increase conversions in there.

If you want the full guide on how to write a sales letter check out that post.

And I’ve also completed a free copywriting course as well.

If you have any questions about this checklist, copywriting or sales letters you can leave them in the comments below.

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More than 7 years ago Jack made his first few sales online as an affiliate marketer. His site ranked on Google for dozens of keywords, so later on, he built courses and software to teach his SEO “secrets”.

He also won a Flip Camera in an affiliate contest.

Now he reveals all the insights he’s discovered throughout the years about Internet marketing, in his free guides and products!

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