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"How To Use Your Strengths And Weaknesses To Achieve Success Faster!"

strengths and weaknesses

Do some intensive thinking to uncover those things you are good at. You could be good with designing, good at teaching, good at writing, have good leadership skills, comfortable on video, good with speaking etc.

Whatever they are you should use them as much as you can in your business. For example if you prefer to make videos than writing articles then it’s probably better if you make video courses rather than write ebooks.

If you like to make new friends online and you can do that fairly easily, than that is also one of your strengths. With that strength you could try things like building relationships with others to form partnerships and alliances. You could try things like Joint Ventures, guest blogging, co-author books with others and so on.

Find out your strengths and then figure out all the possible ways and options you have to use them to your advantage.

Here are some ways to uncover your strengths:

  • What are you a natural at? What do you do so good without the need to put any effort? What do you spend hours doing without feeling exhausted or fatigued?
  • What do your relatives, family and close friends compliment you about? Has someone ever complimented your ability to dance, draw, listen, be entertaining, tell jokes, make them laugh, have a nice voice, etc.?
  • What’s your gift? What talents do you have? What can you do that nobody else can? What makes you special?
  • What you’ve always been a natural at? Look at your past, what have your friends, teachers, managers, employers or your parents always told you you’re really good at?
  • What skills have you mastered? What knowledge do you possess? What abilities do you have?
  • You may feel excited whenever you perform an activity you are good at. You may also feel alive. motivated, energized and engaged.
  • The activities that make you feel stronger and energized are usually a strength and what makes you feel weaker and drained can be a weakness.
  • Ask others what they believe are your three biggest strengths.
  • What do you love to do?

Try to think deep and thoroughly, to uncover the answers to these questions.

Many times you’re good at something but assume everyone is just as good. But that’s a wrong assumption. So think carefully, list down everything.

  • Perry Marshall (Pay Per Click expert) has a test you can take to see if you're doing what you're truly gifted to do, based on your natural persuasion profile. It's called the Marketing DNA Test. I took it. I recommend it. It's not free.

    You can also take the free personality test at http://www.16personalities.com highly recommended.

Now think about how can you use these strengths to your advantage?

For example one of my strengths is that I like to write, I can write and write and go on for several hours and won’t feel exhausted.

Build a business around your core strengths.

Avoid weaknesses if you can. Trying to improve weaknesses may not always be the best use of your time.

If you are unable to perform some tasks yourself you can hire other people to do the work for you. You can find freelancers that can do anything.

There’s plenty of talent you can leverage. Build a business around your core strengths, outsource your weaknesses to someone else.

There are however some skills that you should almost never outsource to someone else!

These include copywriting, website conversion, driving traffic, marketing and selling. These are skills that everyone can master through learning and practice.

There are other business skills you may want to master later on as your business grows, for example leadership, team management and public speaking skills.

You might have a lot of strengths but due to negative self talk (negative thinking) and a negative self image you might be limiting yourself. You have more potential than you’re using!

There’s a very good book that I highly recommend called “Release Your Brakes” by James Newman. In this book you’ll discover how to overcome this real issue and use all the potential you possess!

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