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"How To Use Your Incredible Subconscious Powers For Success And Wealth!"

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In this guide I’ll show you how to use the subconscious part of your mind to attract success and wealth. 

That part of your mind can give you new ideas, insights, attract to you new opportunities and people and so much more!

The subconscious part of your mind knows the answer to all problems.

There are countless stories from people all over the world who’ve used their subconscious powers to achieve incredible results. 

You’ll find a list of proof and books containing dozens of actual case studies further below in this guide!

You’re going to discover exactly how the subconscious part of your mind works and easy to use techniques to use it and attract success, wealth and abundance.

Unfortunately we can also use our subconscious powers in a negative manner, and we unknowingly attract loss and limitation. 

This guide will show you how to avoid doing that…

If you know exactly what you want, e.g. how much money you want, how many hours per day you want to work, and perhaps you’ve already written a goal then the techniques in this guide can help you accomplish that goal even faster!

Here’s the table of contents…

Table of Contents

How The Subconscious Part
of Your Mind Works

There’s an incredible power within you, called the subconscious mind (or any of the other terms, e.g. Unconscious, Subliminal Mind, Higher Self, Deep Mind etc.).

It’s not self aware. It simple responds to your own beliefs, fulfilling all of them, good or bad as best as possible. Its capabilities are beyond measure.

What You Believe Becomes Your Reality

Your habitual thoughts through repetition become your beliefs. You accept them as true. Beliefs reach the subconscious part of your mind. 

When that happens that part of your mind will use all its power to make those beliefs your reality.

It fulfills all beliefs, both negative or positive.

Therefore if you constantly dwell on loss, lack, limitation and other negative thoughts or feelings, you’ll start to believe those things to be true for you. 

They will make an impression on your subconscious mind. The latter will use all its power to make those beliefs your reality!

Which means you’ll attract and experience loss, lack and limitation.

The easiest way to understand how that part of your mind can turn your beliefs into reality is to see some hypnosis videos.

A hypnotist can put someone in a sleepy state and make the suggestions to their subconscious mind. 

In this video Boris on TEDX explains the difference between the conscious and the subconscious parts of your mind and demonstrates the subconscious powers in action.

If you want to watch a much funnier hypnotist, this video is for you:

A hypnotists gives suggestions to the subconscious mind and the latter will use all its power to make those suggestions a reality, as good as can be. 

If the hypnotist suggest you’re in the coldest place on Earth… you’ll start shivering with cold. You may start to turn blue and experience all the other effects as if you’re really in a very cold place.

The person is put in a sleepy state because while awake he or she isn’t going to believe the suggestions. 

If the hypnotists suggests you’re in the coldest person on Earth while you’re awake you’re not going to believe him. 

Therefore that suggestion isn’t going to reach your subconscious mind and no results follow.

Remember habitual thoughts become beliefs and that’s when they reach your subconscious mind and make an impression on it.

Your Subconscious'
Almighty Power!

Your subconscious powers are incredible. That part of your mind has complete control of your whole body. It can heal any sickness. 

It can solve any problem. It can give you solutions and creative ideas. 

It has clairvoyance ability (the faculty of perceiving things or events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact), and much more…

There are countless actual examples of people experiencing all that power and amazing results. 

Most books by Joseph Murphy are full with actual real life examples of healings, creative insights, prevision dreams and so forth.

josephy murphy
Joseph Murphy

Joseph Murphy was a New Thought minister who used to conduct seminars and produced audio tapes, books and radio broadcasts all about subconscious powers.

He documented the results achieved from his listeners and attendees in his various books.

One of his books, ‘Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious Powers‘ contains a lot of examples. Here’s a list of some of the real stories in this book.

That’s just from one book… I also own a copy of ‘The Amazing Laws Of Cosmic Mind Power‘ and in it you’ll also find a lot of actual stories of people getting results by using their subconscious part of their mind.

You can find a list of Joseph Murph’s books, on his Amazon Profile page, Goodreads page or Book Depository page.

Negative Thinking

Now that you know how the subconscious mind works it makes total sense to avoid negative thoughts, especially the ones you repeat often. 

Through repetition you’ll start to believe them, and when that happens your subconscious will make those beliefs your reality.

It’s very difficult to eliminate all negative thoughts, although if you can do that it’s even better.

The most important thing is to avoid dwelling on negative thoughts to the point that eventually you’ll start to believe them. 

Because when you form a belief, your subconscious mind will act on that belief – using all its power to make it your reality!

Here’s a list of negative thoughts you may be thinking about money:

Here are some techniques to eliminate negative thoughts.

Stop And Affirm Something Positive

If you catch yourself thinking negatively about money (or anything, but in this example it’s money), stop and quickly repeat the words “Success and Wealth are mine now” or “Success, Wealth”

Keep repeating those simple words and your negative thoughts will quickly go away and be replaced by those new positive thoughts.

Use Word Therapy

This is similar to the above technique. Find a word that’s the opposite to the negative thoughts or feelings you have. 

For example if you’re thinking about lack, perhaps that you lack money use the word ‘abundance’. Affirm and repeat it over and over until those negative thoughts go away.

When you eliminate a negative thought, the associated negative feeling will go away too.

If you’re thinking or feeling like you don’t have enough money to buy something, you can use the word ‘Wealth’.

When confused you can repeat the word ‘peace’, if you have a problem repeat the word ‘victory’ and so on…

What Are Feelings?

Feelings arise through your thinking. Negative thinking create negative feelings and positive thinking create positive feelings.

Therefore watch your feelings. If they’re negative in nature it’s a sign you’re thinking negatively. 

Figure out what you’re thinking that’s causing those negative feelings and then choose new, more positive thoughts.

I know it’s not so easy, or even realistic to feel good all the time. That’s not the point.

The goal is to make sure you’re not dwelling on negative thoughts, especially frequently so that you don’t form negative beliefs.

Use the two techniques above to quickly stop negative thoughts and replace them with more positive ones.

Negative Beliefs

Thoughts you repeat often form beliefs and that’s when they make their impression on the subconscious mind.

There’s another common way to form beliefs.

You tend to belief the statements you hear often from your parents or certain authority figures that you trust. 

This is especially the case when you’re a little kid because you lack the reasoning and thinking skills to decide for yourself what to belief.

Your subconscious mind is transforming your beliefs into reality. You need to replace those negative beliefs with positive beliefs in order to experience positive results!

How To Change Your Negative
Beliefs About Money...

You can replace beliefs by creating a prayer (goal or affirmation, whatever you want to call it) and read and repeat it regularly. 

A prayer is just a new set of thoughts that you repeat often in order to form a new belief through repetition.

How To Write Your Prayer
For More Success And Wealth

There are two main ways to do this. Both can work wonders.

You can use a general prayer to attract more success and wealth in your life.

Or you can write a very specific prayer stating exactly what you want, i.e. the amount of money you want, the lifestyle you want, etc. 

Whichever method you choose is up to you, do what your feel inclined to do. Let your intuition guide you.

Here are two examples taken from books by Joseph Murphy. These are classified as general prayers to attract wealth and abundance in your life.

Further below I’ll show you exactly how to use these prayers.

God refers to the subconscious part of your mind. It’s given many other names, some call it Higher Self, Soul, Unconscious Mind, Deep Mind and so on…

Alternatively if you know exactly what you want you can create a specific goal like the following example.

You can make the prayer as long and as detailed as you want.

In Joseph Murphy’s books you’ll find a lot of examples of people who got fantastic results by using prayers like these.

Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subsonscious Powers
Telepsychics: Tapping Your
Hidden Subconscious Powers
Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power
The Amazing Laws of
Cosmic Mind Power

Here’s a prayer you can use for guidance. Perhaps you’re interested in 3 different niches but unsure which is the best one for you.

Or maybe you don’t know whether you should start an Info business, a dropshipping business or something totally different.

Whatever the case, there’s a simple prayer you can use. This is taken from “The Amazing Laws of Cosmic Mind Power” book:

Or this one take from another book of the same author.

Negative Thoughts Or Feelings
Can Neutralize Your Prayer!

Your habitual negative thoughts or feelings will produce negative results just as your habitual positive thoughts produce positive results. 

Habitual thoughts (the thoughts you repeat frequently) or feelings will make an impression on your subconscious mind and the latter will make them your reality.

When you make it a habit to read your prayer every day, or how often you prefer to do it, you’ll start to build more positive thoughts of success, wealth and abundance. 

With repetition these will become your habitual thoughts. They will eradicate and replace your negative thoughts or feelings. 

Eventually they will make an impression on your subconscious mind and the latter will start to attract more success, wealth and abundance in your life.

How To Use Your Prayer
Or Affirmation

Scientific PrayersOnce you have a prayer (or goal whatever you like to call it) written down you need to start reading it several times each day or as often as you want.

In this way those thoughts, by repetition will form a belief and that’s when they make it through to your subconscious mind and make an impression. 

The latter will transform those thoughts into your reality using it’s immense capabilities.

The key is to believe that you’ll get what you’re praying for. That’s more easily accomplished by simple repeating the prayer often.

To believe also means to have faith (to trust) in the how the subconscious mind works.

Don’t overdo it. Read it as many times each day as you want. Twice a day is good. 

If reading your prayer sounds stressful or boring it means you’ve read it too many times. 

Take a break. 

Read it tomorrow or whenever you feel the urge or need to do it. Let your intuition guide you. Don’t force yourself to read it more times than you want to.

Before your read your goal it’s a good idea to relax as much as possible. In that state you are more likely to understand and believe what you’re reading in your prayer.

While relaxed there won’t be any negative thoughts or mind wandering from your conscious mind interfering with your ability to understand what you’re saying. 

You’ll find it easier to believe your prayer when you’re in a relaxed state of mind.

You’re naturally more relaxed at night before going to sleep and first thing in the morning, so those are two of the best times to read your prayer or goal.

Read your prayer or goal slowly so you understand the words you’re saying.

You can read your prayer out loud or silently, all to yourself, whichever works best for you.

If your prayer is for more success and wealth, whenever you catch yourself thinking or feeling lack or limiting thoughts that might be a good time to read your prayer.

So that you eliminate those negative thoughts that can disrupt and neutralize your prayer. 

Or in those cases you can repeat a shorter affirmation such as ‘Success and Wealth are Mine Now’ or just ‘Success, Wealth’ over and over until you stop those negative thoughts.

How Your Prayer Is Answered

The ways of your subconscious mind are mysterious. 

You’ll never know how your prayer will be answered. 

You might get a hunch or deep feeling to do something or contact someone. Your subconscious mind can present some answer, idea or guidance in a dream. 

The answer might be accompanied with that feeling of knowing without knowing.

Just be open, aware and alert for any clues you might receive. However it will come you’ll definitely understand it!!

Take Action!

Action from your part on any feelings, hunches, ideas, insights or other forms of guidance that feel right for you is required. 

Your subconscious mind cannot do all the work for you.

It might give you the ideas or insights you need, or perhaps a hunch to contact someone or search for something, but you’ll then have to take the necessary actions.

The actions you should take will be accompanied by a positive feeling, where you know deep down it’s the right thing to do for you!

How Long It Takes To Get An Answer

You shouldn’t think about or concern yourself with when you’ll get an answer. It can only create anxiety. 

Anxiety is a negative feeling which can prevent you from believing you’ll get an answer to your prayer. Without belief nothing will happen.

In the case studies in Joseph Murphy’s books some people got answers in just 3 days. 

The average is about a couple weeks and the maximum I’ve read about was 3 months. It’s a commitment you’ll have to make to keep reading your prayer regularly for a period of time.

The time it takes for an answer also depends on what you’re asking for. 

The subconscious mind has to put some work to find the right solutions for you.

In some cases, for example when you need to make a quick decision you can quiet your mind, read a specific prayer just once to ask for guidance and then wait for a hunch or intuitive feeling to act in a certain way. 

The answer may come to you right there and then!

An Alternative Method
To Prayer

Your subconscious mind is also suggestive to visualizations you believe to be true, not just thoughts.

Therefore instead of reading a prayer you can create a visualization in your mind. And just like with prayer you perform this visualization in your mind on a regular basis, until you start to believe it’s true for you.

This visualization technique is explained in Telepsychics and other books by Joseph Murphy. There are many ways to perform this mental movie in your own mind.

Here’s an example taken from that book.

So if you’re the kind of person who likes to visualize things that’s another option you can use instead of reading a prayer.


This guide was written to show you how your subconscious parts of your mind works.

However if you want more detail to understand the process even better, you can read Joseph Murphy’s books.

The first one I suggest is ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind‘ because it’s an introduction and a complete analysis of how it works.

His other books give you lots of actual examples and case studies of people using the various prayers and techniques in a successful way.

After that book you can read any of his other books if you so desire.

And of course there are other books on this same topic written by other authors, it’s your choice to make.

On top of reading your prayer on a regular basis you can also use a vision board.

The images you consistently visualize in your mind and believe to be true also act as suggestions to your subconscious mind. That’s why vision boards works.

Another optional thing you can use are Paraliminals. Paraliminals can be used for a wide variety of reasons.

For example you can use a ‘Belief’ paraliminal to help you believe you can get your prayer answered.

Vision boards and Paraliminals are like supplements that you can use in addition to main workout, which is your prayer.

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