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"4 Free Swipe Files And How To Use Them To Write Great Copy!"

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A swipe file is the key to easily write any kind of copy like a pro. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to write an ad, an email subject line, an entire sales letter or any other kind of copy, a swipe file will help you write better copy, much faster and easier.

It’s the copywriter’s best friend and they’re used by any copywriter, amateurs and professionals as well!

In this post you’ll discover how to build your own swipe files and how to use them to write pro-level copy. 

I’ve also linked to several resources containing done-for-you swipe files that you can start using right away… 

Plus on this post you’ll find several of my own swipe files that you can use as well.

You’ll also find a longer video that explains swipe files in complete detail.

This post is part of the free copywriting course that I’ve made to share with you almost everything I know about copywriting. 

Because copywriting is a probably the most important Internet Marketing skill.

So let’s get started…

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What Is A Swipe File

I always open my swipe files when I’m writing any kind of copy.

A swipe file is basically a collection of successful ads, sales letters, headlines, closes, guarantees (and even words or phrases known as “hypnotic” or “magnetic” words) and any other copy. 

In this way if you’re going to write an ad or a sales letter you won’t have to stare in front of a blank screen trying to come up with ideas!

You look at all the examples in your swipe file for ideas and inspiration.

There’s a condition known as the ‘writer’s block’. It’s when you can’t write a single word, your mind goes blank. 

The easiest way to solve this issue is to build have a swipe file that you can look at for ideas and inspiration…

A sales letter is made up of certain parts or sections… like for example the headline, opening, bullet points, guarantee, close, postscript, etc. 

And you’ll find those (and other) parts in almost all sales letters.

You’ll need to add those parts to your sales letter. 

But instead of writing something from scratch, which is time consuming and difficult, you can model the examples in your swipe file.

If you’re going to write Facebook ads it would be awesome if you had a swipe file filled with successful ad examples. 

If you’re going to write a sales letter it would be awesome if you had a swipe file containing several successful sales letters.

If you need to learn how to write a sales letter I’ve made another guide about that…

How To Model The
Examples In Your Swipe File

Here’s an example of how you can model a money back guarantee. Guarantees are probably the easiest to write, because all you have to do is replace a few words with your own.

Here’s a guarantee:

100% Iron-Clad Risk-Free
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Hey, your satisfaction is key.

And if you’re not happy, it looks bad on me. 

So if for any reason, even after 56 Days of trying the techniques in this package, you don’t agree this incredible package is worth 10 times your investment, just contact me via email and I’ll cheerfully send you a FULL REFUND on your entire purchase amount.

No questions asked. (truthfully, I’d be embarrassed to keep your money). 

In fact, you can even keep the book and the bonuses, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Sure there will probably be a few people who try to take advantage of my generous offer, but, I’m trusting you to be a decent, honest person and I’ll take you at your word.


Now here’s the guarantee I wrote modeling that one. All I did was replace a few words.

100% No Questions Asked Risk-Free
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Hey, your satisfaction is key.

And if you’re not happy, it looks really bad on me. 

So if for any reason, even after 60 Days of trying the strategies and techniques in this program, you don’t agree this special offer is worth at least 10 times your investment, send me an email and I’ll happily give you a FULL REFUND.

No questions asked. You can keep the bonuses so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

I know there will probably be a few people who try to take advantage of my kind offer, but, I’m trusting you to be an honest person and I’ll take you at your word.


Here’s how you can model an email subject line.

Let’s assume you find these two subject lines:

Simple, Natural Garden Fertilizers – Free!

Mosquitoes Bugging You? Here’s Help.

An example of how you can model them for a computer related business would be…

Simple, Effective Antivirus Software – Free!

Popups Bugging You? Here’s Help.

Modeling existing subject lines is also as easy as replacing a few words.

The bigger your swipe file, and the more experience you have writing copy the easier it will be to write copy. 

You can also combine several ideas from different examples in your swipe files together… 

So just practice and you’ll get better at it.

Remember the examples in our swipe file are only used as a source of inspiration, to model them and to learn from them. 

We don’t copy word for word someone’s else ads or sales letters, that’s plagiarism.

And your swipe file should contain copy from any niche not just yours.

Swipe File Tools And Resources...

You can see good sales letter examples if you go to http://swiped.co From the ‘All Types’ drop down choose ‘Sales Letters’.

Swiped.co options

A great way to learn how to write each of the different parts of a sales letter is to see a lot of good examples!

You’ll find the best sales letter examples on that website because those sales letters have already sold a lot of products or services. 

That website contains other type of copy like for example Facebook Ads.

You can also find the sales letters of your best competitor’s and save them to your computer. 

If you don’t know who they are just search Google keywords about your niche and see which websites ranks on the first page – and take also a look at the Google Ads that are displayed when you perform the search.

Whenever you hear of a product that’s selling like hotcakes, chances are they have a very well written sales letter, find it and save it.

“The Ultimate Social Media Swipe File” contains 72 of the best headlines for Facebook, Twitter or your own blog.

If you’re doing Facebook Ads you can you can also spy on your best competitor’s (and non competitor’s) ads, so you can model what actually works when writing your own. 

This video shows you how to do that…

Copywriting Software
With A Gigantic Swipe File

I personally use CashCopyInSeconds™. It’s a software with a lot of different swipe files containing hundreds of fill in the blank templates.

Swipe files such as headlines, subheadlines, email subject lines, bullet points, openings, closes, post scripts, guarantees and more.

You can watch the video below to see it in action:

Or check this step by step tutorial showing you how to write headlines fast and easy with its fill in the blank templates!

How To Build An Email
Subject Line Swipe File

An email subject line is probably more important than the email itself. It should grab the subscribers attention so they open and read your email.

It can’t be boring.

To build your swipe file subscribe to as many different lists (ecourses, newsletters, and free stuff you get when you subscribe for free…) as you can. 

Perhaps create a new email account with Gmail to store all the emails you’ll receive.

You don’t necessarily have to subscribe from websites in your own niche.

Once you start getting emails there will always be emails with subject lines that arouse your curiosity – you just want to click them. 

These are the emails you want to save to your swipe file.

In the sections below you’ll find several swipe files for copywriters just like you, that you can download and use. 

Remember swipe files are used by all copywriters, amateurs and professionals.

In my email marketing strategy guide you’ll find 17 ‘fill in the blank’ email subject line templates that you can use.

Swipe File #1:
17 Sales Letter Openings

Below you’ll find 17 different openings of a sales letter, these are all taken from successful sales letters who sold a lot of products. 

Feel free to save these (and the other ones further down) to your computer to use them…

You can model any of these openings. This means you can write something very similar to them. This is what swipe or “steal” means.

You can also build your own sales letter opening swipe file by finding lots of sales letters, and notice how they start the first few paragraphs of their sales letter.

Model what they write, it will be much easier than trying to writing something from scratch.

I’ve also edited these openings, so if you want you just fill in the blanks and use them word for word as they are. But probably you’ll have to re-write them a bit. 

You can combine multiple ones together as well… just use them and with practice your copywriting skill will improve.

Those opening examples are tall taken from successful sales letters. I’ve extracted them from CashCopyInSeconds™ copywriting software.

Looking at examples like those you’ll start to get some ideas as to how you might begin the opening part of your sales letter. That’s the power of a good swipe file!

Swipe File #2:
17 Sales letter PostScripts (P.S.)

The postscript is the last section of a sales letter. P.S. is short for postscript and each sales letter usually has a minimum of 3 postscripts.

Each postscript is like a small recap or reminder of the most important benefits the prospect will receive.

You can write these from scratch, or just like any other copy you can find and model other postscripts.

Below you’ll see 17 different postscripts you can model. I edited them so if you want you can simple fill in the blanks and use them without changing any words.

These too have been extracted from CashCopyInSeconds™

Remember that even the best copywriters use swipe files. It’s not a beginner tactic, it’s just a way to write better copy faster and easier.

Swipe File #3:
"Magnetic" Words

Boring copy can put people to sleep. Interesting copy encourages them to read more.

While you’re writing your copy or after you finish writing try to change some of the words with the following (or other) magnetic words.

Magnetic words can be one or more words, or a whole sentence like for example “like squirrels gathering as many nuts as they can so they can survive through the demanding winter”.

Magnetic words are interesting to read because they force you to use your imagination. You imagine what you read.

When a reader is using their imagination they’re more engaged, and so they’re very likely to keep reading.

Magnetic words have energy.

For example:

A normal sentence:
The cup is full!

A more interesting way to say the same thing:
The cup is full-to-bursting!

A thesaurus can help you to find more interesting words:


Once you’re comfortable using magnetic words consider using idioms as well.

Don’t try to use both at the same time because it will be more difficult. Keep things simple and easy…

Don’t use idioms that are difficult to understand. A confused reader will loose interest.

There’s a “rule” in copywriting that says write so that even a kid can understand you, even if you’re selling to highly educated people like doctors, teachers or psychologists.

And don’t use too many idioms, just use them, where it’s really needed for example in a paragraph that’s too boring to read 🙂

This site has a list of idioms:


Here’s a list of 77 magnetic words you can use in your copy:

he used to balloon his
shoestring budget
no sugarcoating or fluff or kind words
hoards of eager prospects
sleep like a baby
you should crawl naked over glass to get
frozen in terror
scared to death
never have the guts
online herd
hidden mystery
to be “let in” on the
swamping your site with
dragging in profits, hot and heavy!
squeezing more sales out of the
mother lode collection
half-baked theories
get “down and dirty”
boatloads of serious CASH
same friggin’ planet
shoot-fire-aim approach
sweet spot
both guns blazing
draw the line in the sand
completing each simple assignment TO THE LETTER
hem-hawing back and forth
pinpoint accuracy
hidden gems
diving in
serious-as-a-heart attack
waft back and forth
sinking feeling
chained to your computer
energy-draining task
has hit the ceiling
phone was ringing off the hook
I felt like I had just struck GOLD.
you’ll brim with excitement
day-to-day ticky-tacky details of your business
kick open the virtual door
the “meat” of the program
got this problem “ironed out”
will set your mind on fire…
deadly serious
brain-dead easy
put them under the microscope
blistering speed
swing open that door
hard-hitting tactics
has really flown by fast
into a whole ‘nuther orbit!
If you’ve been sitting on the fence about joining the…

Once again remember that you can model what someone else is doing – read a lot of sales letters, notice what magnetic words or idioms they’re using – save these words or idioms in a notepad file and then you can use them in your own copy!

Swipe File #4:
57 Headline Templates

headline swipe file

This is the easiest way to create headlines known to mankind.

With a swipe file you can easily create a headline that grabs and keeps the attention. In the list of 57 headlines below all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

These are all taken from sales letters that have sold lots of products and services.

Here’s how to use them, let’s pick the first one:

_____ and _____! Discover the fastest way!

If I’m selling an anti spyware software, I can simple fill in the blanks with something like this:

How To Remove Adware And Spyware! Discover The Fastest Way!


Remove Spyware And Adware! Discover The Fastest Way!

Here they are:

The Ultimate Copywriting
Swipe File Video Tutorial

Lastly I would like to share this video with you.

It’s a bit long (49 minutes), but if you want to know everything about swipe files once and for all this video could be it. 

Worth noting is that it shows you (with actual examples) how to write copy by modeling the copy in your swipe files and how to build your own…


I hope that I gave you some useful swipe files that you can use, good instructions on how to use them and I’ve inspired you to actually start using them when writing copy! 

They’re very useful in combination with other templates or formulas such as the AIDA copywriting formula.

A swipe file is the copywriter’s best friend 😀

If you have any questions or comments about swipe files and copywriting you can leave them below.

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